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  1. The fundamental tension at the heart of BTC is that if it ever ends up becoming what IV says it will (money), then the people who are HODLing will take a bath. Money is useful only if it its value remains relatively stable (either up or down). Money is useful when it is being spent and circulated. Simply— I don’t mind spending two bucks on a bunch of bananas. I feel pretty confident that when things are functioning normally, I can come back six months later and get about the same bananas for my two bucks. You want to have savings but in general it makes little sense to treat your dollars like an investment. If you’re a BTC bro, then every time you exchange even a bit of BTC for a good or service, then you’re doing a very foolish thing. In several months, I am assured, my BTC will be worth three or even five times as many bananas as it’s worth today. So I’m better off hanging onto as much BTC as I can and using the much maligned “fiat currency” as, you know, “actual money” to buy bananas or haircuts. The argument eats its own tail. BTC is a great investment because it’s allegedly the future of money but the moment it becomes a good substitute for money, it stops being a good investment. And perversely, the people hoarding this shit have every incentive to make sure it never actually becomes money.
  2. https://www.theonion.com/you-people-made-me-give-up-my-peanut-farm-before-i-got-1819585048
  3. We should expect some grotesque show trials of any Azov captives. There will be a full media push around it, too. It is highly probable that some Azov captives will be revealed to have ties or personal experience with some seriously bad ideology. Hopefully there is prep work under way to deal with the messaging fall out. What they won’t have is any actual crimes or atrocities to point to. As I’ve been saying in this war, Nazi is as Nazi does. Only one military is committing mass war crimes and murdering civilians with intent.
  4. The Turks were not just in the F-35 program, they were a major supplier. They got kicked out after doubling down on stupid and buying S-400s from Moscow. I don’t think they’ll be let back in. I think they’ll extract some promises of talks on PKK with the Nordics and they’ll try to wring some money from Europe. I think a lot of it is domestic tough talking.
  5. Sometimes when I feel like killing someone, I do a little trick to calm myself down. I’ll go over to the person’s house and ring the doorbell. When the person comes to the door, I’m gone, but you know what I’ve left on the porch? A jack-o-lantern with a knife stuck in the side of its head with a note that says “You.” After that I usually feel a lot better, and no harm done.
  6. Did not have “Chinese immigrant goes on shooting spree in Taiwanese Presbyterian church” on the horrible thing bingo card. https://www.politico.com/news/2022/05/16/church-shooting-china-taiwan-00032883
  7. This is a hit parade of all the sound fiscal policy stars!
  8. Michael Tracy is a known shit bird. He’s like a low-rent Glen Greenwald with none of the talent or interesting drama. And yeah, “American racist kills ten Black people because of Ukraine” is a….take. Here is Tracy getting upset they corporations make it easy to send humanitarian aid to Ukrainians. He really is just a Putin troll. Most of them hide behind “I oppose the war but….” Tracy is full on “fuck Ukrainian people and fuck you for helping.”
  9. I don’t think anyone who’s won or played for an NCAA or NFL championship as an HC can be said to have failed upward. They can be said to fall off, but fail upward to me has to be reserved for someone who has no to modest accomplishments at every step but keeps getting moved up or remaining at the highest level. Adam Gase is one. He was good in Denver (OC) , mediocre in Chicago (OC), not good in Miami (HC), terrible for NYJ (HC).
  10. They’ve already come out today and signaled they want something done about PKK in Sweden and Finland. My bet is that Erdogan will end up settling for some public assurances of talks on the issue in exchange for admission now. I don’t think that military tech is their main issue.
  11. Really like these. Early Big XII had some great threads in general. I am partial to these modern updates to 90s era.
  12. Jeff Fisher isn’t an upward failure. He’s someone who peaked early in his career. He turned the Oilers/Titans from terrible to very good— close SB loss and then an AFCCG. Then he lost what he had going. He kept getting chances because the NFL recycles anyone who’s had a glimmer of success but he did get close to the peak then rolled down.
  13. Looks like @BearSchlong’s badass kid will be coming back and the 101st will get to enjoy the magnificent Rzeszow airport neighborhood for a few months. https://www.yahoo.com/news/thousands-soldiers-deployed-europe-amid-200734721.html
  14. I have commented on this before— the Kremlin has a different understanding of war than we do and deliberately uses this ambiguity to their advantage. They absolutely believe they are at war with the U.S. and West. Their choice of weapons and tactics is simply a choice that they’ve made because of the constraints we have put in place against their use of kinetic aggression. I don’t like the term “hybrid warfare” because of the implicit understanding that it’s somehow something lesser than just “warfare.” If I was creative enough to think of a catchy alternative I wold be writing for security journals and getting 90 second spots on CNN instead of writing for you assholes.
  15. Embassy Kyiv with shots of those sweet M777s. https://www.instagram.com/p/Cdid51noPa5/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=
  16. Probably beyond Ukraine’s capacity during the war, but it would be incredibly powerful messaging to give them all a dignified burial. Simple markers with names and dates where known. Keep a meticulous cross reference of DNA samples like hire with the burial plot. Name the cemetery “Russian victims of Putinist Aggression Memorial Cemetery” and offer assistance to families that want to identify lost children.
  17. The People’s Friendship Arch has an interesting history. You can see in the photo above that it has a crack in it. That is artificial and was put in place symbolically after 2014 and Russia’s first invasion. It’s entirely appropriate to rename it. Here it is on a gray January day:
  18. My dude @Anastasis, that article doesn’t make the argument you think it does. The instability, increased corruption, and tenuous existence of fake republics that motherfucking RUSSIA introduced caused a spike in illicit arms traffic. The solution here is obvious, and that is bringing all of Ukraine under Ukrainian government control and then rapidly integrating Ukraine into western structures and expanding the rule of law. Russia and Russia influenced separatists are offender number one when it comes to arms proliferation. This is a regime that’s holding a WNBA player who vapes weed hostage in exchange for freeing a man with the street name “merchant of death.” If you have a concern about arms control and any part of your solution involves the expansion of the русский мир then there are only two answers: 1. You’re entirely disingenuous. 2. You’re ignorant.
  19. Sorry, this is some nonsense both sides-ism. The bill isn’t theater. It’s 40 billion dollars that will be used to kill the soldiers of a country that is nuclear armed, has pretensions on being a peer competitor, and that is engaged in aggressively challenging the security architecture and norms in Europe. As you’ve noted, the approval of the bill implicitly contains support for a particular vision of America’s place in the world and what sort of international order we should try to shape. Which is why Rand is a piece of shit for hiding behind “my inspector needs to be part of the bill and not an amendment.” Get out there and make your fucking argument, Rand— “I want to delay this because I don’t believe in the international order we’re trying to preserve and I don’t believe in containing authoritarian aggression in Europe.”
  20. I would vote that elites across the political and business spectrum have mostly successfully defused the potential of real class tension. And to be clear, I don’t think this way in terms of a grand conspiracy of a shadowy cabal, I think instead that they are following their own political instincts and that they even believe they are working against each other. - The left/technocratic/international corporate class has chosen to respond to genuine discontent by focusing on topics of diversity/equity/inclusion but only in a limited way. They encourage focus on injustice directed against racial, ethnic, and sexual minorities to the exclusion of growing income inequity— thereby encouraging lower class non-minorities to view this as “not our fight.” They work to increase diversity within the managerial and technocratic class— but notably they do NOT seek to expand that class or improve overall standards for the class below. Admissions at elite colleges is a good analogy— Harvard and Yale will improve the diversity of entering freshmen classes but they won’t dip into their endowment to simply make those entering classes notably bigger or support real efforts to make other colleges affordable to all. - The right and less international corporate class seeks to encourage nasty right-wing populism and racial resentment among those who are not the beneficiaries of racial/sexual justice reforms but who nevertheless see their real living standards slipping. They much more explicitly frame the fight as “us against them” and prevent non-minorities from asking the question “why don’t we expand these programs to help me too,” and instead just to demand their axe. Please don’t get me wrong, I’m not opposed to racial justice and improved diversity, it’s critical. What I am pointing out here is that the loudest elite voices in business and government are suspiciously focused on those aspects they are notably low-cost to elites as a class or individually. TL;DR for most of the lower class issues of justice and equality have been successfully reframed as a fight between subgroups and that will block any real effort to expand the middle class or improve the lives of the lower class.
  21. Rand Paul sucks. It’s things like this that make people lose faith in institutions. The fact is that he was offered a vote on an amendment to the bill for a special inspector (his demand) and he refused that. He wants to send the bill back to add the inspector to the bill itself which is simply procedural foot dragging and it reveals he just wants to drag this out as long as he can. The bill has overwhelming support. His entire purpose here has nothing to do with spending and oversight, he’s just delaying something that has broad bipartisan support. At a dear cost to the people in Ukraine who are trying to defend their homes and families, and who matter not at all to Rand Paul. @Anastasis and Paul’s beliefs about America’s (non)-involvement in Ukraine’s fight against an autocratic invader are deeply unpopular. So unpopular that they are reluctant to state them clearly and debate them. So we’re reduced to obstructionism and bad faith arguments which is the definition of spineless politics.
  22. Met a Ukrainian journalist friend and got a small souvenir. She said the Snake Island run is all sold out and trading for crazy bucks, but these are still badass.
  23. I agree with you except it’s not really hidden at all.
  24. More in the series “translating Russian diplomatic threats.” https://www.politico.eu/article/russia-threaten-military-technical-retaliation-finland-nato-bid/amp/ “Military-technical steps” is as ambiguous in Russian as it is in English and is absolutely everywhere in Russian angry statements on every issue. It is clearly in an interagency style guide in Moscow. The Ukraine invasion was “military-technical steps” before it became an actual “special military operation.” But asshole fighter pilots buzzing naval vessels and Facebook trolls are also military-technical steps. So is turning off gas and so are cyber-attacks. In Finland’s case, these steps will almost certainly include announcing that the Iskander missiles we know are already in Kaliningrad armed with nukes, are actually in Kaliningrad and nuclear. And some cyber attacks and Facebook trolls. That’s the spectrum we are on as opposed to “invade with 200,000 people and then die.”
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