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  1. Yes it did. I don't kiss anyone's ass because of who or what they are. I never have except in certain work related situations when I had to and I had to defer to some pretty obnoxious people. That happens when you work with congressional staff. I guess I've gotten numb. I grew up the son of a very prominent person in a small town. I heard some unbelievable shit about friends and relatives. I never asked for breaks and favors and didn't expect any. In fact, people were tougher on me because of who I was. As a result, I guess I just don't care. See ya.
  2. Hahahaha. Always suspected that this site is infected with some "journalists".
  3. I've always thought there is some kind of connection between Kurt Bowels and Cow Chip Brown. Fuckin' press fags.
  4. Determine why my spouse was arrested.
  5. There were probably nothing BUT fat chicks at that riot/party.
  6. I only feel better when I realize that I already know this team sucks and the only reason I watch them, at times, is because I have nothing better to do and almost everything else on the teeeeeveeeee sucks worse than the Texas Rangers. If there something interesting on like a good nature documentary or Naked and Afraid: Midget Circus Acrobats in the Amazon Basin, I'll change the channel every time.
  7. Well, it's once again time to mention that the Rangers, as expected, are a bunch of noddle brained, meat heads and pussies at the plate. Goddamn they suck. Let's see if that works.
  8. Yeah. I think that is probably part of it.
  9. Viewership of "the Oscars" down almost 60 percent. That's a good sign. Even Americans are realizing how shitty and moronic Hollywood has become.
  10. What is the logic behind shortened games at this level? Seems unnecessary. Oklahoma State can put up a lot of runs. These could be intense, high scoring games, much like the TCU/Oklahoma State series.
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