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  1. nope. he is playing him to get aggy to fire his ass soonest. get the hell out a that shithole. I would assume that aggy is going to pull the ol' #6 on Jimbo same as Tech did to the Pirate.
  2. You also have another home and home with CU starting in 2023.
  3. His dad is the director of baseball operations at aggy.
  4. 66BUFF

    2020 MLB thread

    Win a title and they are the 90's Braves.
  5. 66BUFF

    Uniform Pron

    ??? Air Force was the Army Air Corps in WW2
  6. Pretty sure he was already in The Pink Ladies
  7. More of a husker Dan Hawkins. UCF is still crushing it just Like Boise State did with Peterson
  8. 66BUFF

    Its happening

    This man has upper management written all over him.
  9. Still looking for a burnt orange CU shirt for my collection
  10. Hey man I know you go this thing out of a comic book. I saw the ad, two ninety five, it's right next to the sea monkeys. You see that over there? That's white lightning. You see the shoes on that thing, you've got to get some tires for this it's a pizza cutter man.
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