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  1. Because of the implication?
  2. Heard That a Patek went for 7.8 million at auction. Was 1 of 11 made.
  3. Vandy and Oregon started this shit. looks like girls softball uniforms.
  4. Can we get a chicken fucker emoji for RD posts
  5. Did the same thing to Solich
  6. They playing 18 games this year? Just read that they have not had a 1st round offensive draft pick since Lawrence Phillips in 1996
  7. Dr. Beeper is Mr. Whitefolks?
  8. I picture Stork leading the new band down a dead end alley
  9. I think Tulo is the reason that the hitting and defense have improved since the 2019 season. He replaced Haig in 2020 and the remaining coaching staff is still in place. I still think Pierce and his Sam Houston staff are at best average and Pierce is a lousy 3rd base coach.
  10. I think Texas, Tech and Houston are the only turf fields in Texas that my son played on with Kyle Chapman. I remember Tech was the worst for melted cleats as that was in late July.
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