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  1. Twelve, man, that's the number.12 chipmunks twirling on a branch......eating lots of sunflowerson my uncle's ranch.Υou know that old children's talefrom the sea.
  2. Audi like 5 G's Lyrical gangbang but it's just a G thang Audi 5g to leave, to take-off.
  3. 66BUFF


    Owen Wilson
  4. His success came from the Tulowitzki hire. We are now seeing the results of his players without Tulo. Feels like a repeat of 2019.
  5. Here, it's some plastic dry cleaner bags. Oh, and a book about SIDS.
  6. Slick Rick. Snoop just ripped him off.
  7. 1 dyBurntOrange&White changed the title to 2023 Spring Practice to Fall Camp Thread - The Ach Era Begins
  8. Hey! I don't want any of you Italians drinking out of my water bottle! Damn Wops.
  9. Because we thought Big 12 south minus Baylor was coming with us.
  10. Bohn grew up in Boulder, but he is not an alum. he played football at KU.
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