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  1. I've been thinking this as well lately
  2. The DQ on Burnet is good and run well. I tried to eat at the one in Alpine a few years ago. It was dogshit, I threw it away after a couple of bites. At least I didn't get food poisoning
  3. I might try and go TMR at some point
  4. Could have been a Kermit Rudy t incident. NFL got lucky but needs to come down hard
  5. Should be out for the season
  6. How does a pitch trim runaway happen?
  7. Other plus is if the AC craps out in the summer you still have multiple rooms that work instead of being married to one or two systems
  8. Those people are lucky to not have to listen to them anymore
  9. Russia probably showed him the pictures they have on him is my assumption
  10. I doubt there will be spots there, pedernales and most state parks that weekend. State parks reserve quick. Check out the lcra parks or other Travis county parks. Some of those are overlooked.
  11. not go cr here, most of them have mental issues and don't know how to help themselves. Those are the ones I feel bad for. Not the dipshits that fucked themselves. They can live in a field in cold rain.
  12. I do feel for them, it's going to be shitty weather time to lose your camp.
  13. The one I'm thinking of is east of William cannon on 290 next to that Shell station across from the park and ride lot. I'm sure there are a ton in that area and especially around the mopac/290 area
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