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  1. Yeah. I got a great deal on a new 2019 4Runner sr5. I can sell it for more or close to what I bought it for.
  2. Prices are crazy right now. New model is supposed to come out in a year or two.
  3. A lot of places think they do until the shit really hits the fan.
  4. Yep. They must have been pretty fucked considering they probably had every resource helping them
  5. Ha, what country do you live in? All politicians thrive off of pork.
  6. Can never have enough TE’s I don’t see too many wins on that schedule. Thursday night game against the panthers might draw the lowest viewers ever
  7. Even with that I am amazed it passed. Whoever the restaurant lobbyists are, they did a good job
  8. I did as well. Was at a quarter tank and need to drive up to north Austin in a few days so I did it. But I think we are probably sitting on a shit ton of gas since it can’t go up north. Oh well, I learned my lesson in the ice storm so I’ll be a little more cautious on this shit.
  9. Updawg


    Damn it.
  10. The top political consultant to Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller was arrested Thursday on allegations that he participated in a scheme to solicit money and campaign contributions for state hemp licenses issued by Miller’s Texas Department of Agriculture. The consultant, Todd Smith, ultimately took $55,000 as part of the scheme, an arrest warrant affidavit obtained by The Texas Tribune says. Smith and others involved in the scheme are alleged in the warrant to have solicited a total of $150,000 to guarantee a license, including a $25,000 upfront cost for a survey that they said was required
  11. It really is bad, or I am just paying more attention. It’s infuriating
  12. Just a matter of time before west Austin gets burned bad
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