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  1. Turn it down a few degrees and that should do it. right now the temp in and outside is the same so it doesn't run enough.
  2. Seems like the Texas link should be good. Hound senators and congressmen. Gov sites are tricky. Look at the Texas bidding site and dshs/hhsc.
  3. Are they all open like that? Might need to get out and play
  4. How crowded was the course?
  5. Unfortunately Houston fans will keep selling out reliant. That's all that matters. The Texans take in cash, until that stops cal won't do shit
  6. So now we have to lie to get tested,
  7. Yep. I've noticed a lot more families getting out in the evening s in my hood lately. A lot more dog walks are happening. Dogs might end up living this
  8. Updawg

    Below Deck

    We're those guests real or were they staged. Holy shit
  9. Dr Sanjay Gupta on CNN and others were saying to stop children playdates.
  10. You are giving them too much credit
  11. Bob felt sorry for sports talk radio and gave them something to talk about
  12. Getting crazy but I'm not surprised. Been following this thread since January
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