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  1. There was one of those in the neighborhood I grew up in. Awesome Fuck dick and Carol. They need to just sell that house and move while his property value is good enough for him. What a complete asshole, Stephanie on the HOA board must be hating life.
  2. I assume Bob had an issue with him so he was fired. Is that new England guy still supposed to be the next gm?
  3. Yeah, she looks weird. Like an elf or [emoji89]
  4. Thief, smuggler, owner - they are all interchangeable
  5. I sacked groceries at that store back then.
  6. But I'm sure his neighbors enjoy his company
  7. Look at the facade of 5th & West when you drive in to downtown..... Is that the PWC building? It looks like prison. It's terrible
  8. So it will still look bad during the day
  9. What is this light show? Are they improving the top?
  10. Circle c is open currently. Everyone is here getting ready for a hurricane or something
  11. It really is especially if you release it during peak off-season, like August. If you need filler just throw in a bunch of SEC bullshit and talk about the 100 year decision and Johnny football beating bama
  12. Updawg

    2020 Rain Thread

    No offense, but that's a little disconcerting knowing a surly poster runs a daycare.
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