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  1. Luckily I am not a big toll road user.
  2. This seems like the best thing to do. Just get a tag from Houston or Dallas. They are all statewide right?
  3. I feel for the stations. I used to listen to 1300 a lot during my commute. But now with no commute and probably never again it’s going to be tough for them. I just listen music now on my short trips aground town Feel bad for them, surprised they are still standing to be honest
  4. Years ago I bought a home phone system with answering machine. Unpacked it and set it up and it was full of some lady’s voicemail. Quit buying from them after that
  5. It does seem like a ransomware event they can’t recover from or a switch between contractors. But knowing their track record it is probably just incompetence
  6. Time to bend over. These next rounds of bills are going to suck.
  7. So should this switch to hot water heater vs tankless. Seems like tankless have had the most issues. I need to get a new water heater and was thinking about tankless. But maybe not now. In a attic with gas.
  8. Ha, good luck. As someone who had their license plates stolen that won’t do shit. Police reports/Txdot saying the tags are dead/stolen. etc don’t mean shit. You own those licenses until some other poor fucker gets them in his name. They are the most fucked org ever. Fuck them. They lie out the ass. It’s craziness
  9. How much winterization is involved on those big tanks? Don’t forget that
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