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  1. Depends if you want hbo. 100 is fine though
  2. They would have entered saying they thought she was in danger
  3. That’s confusing as shit. Seems easier to go back to cable
  4. So the fucker is up for re-election ? Hope he loses
  5. We used to chase the trucks on our bikes as kids in Houston Probably explains some of my life decisions
  6. Im thinking they sink at some point. I’m enjoying it and glad I’m not on that boat
  7. This drives me crazy with coworkers. They think Leander/CP is the middle of the universe and circle c/sw Austin is super far out. Nope
  8. Updawg

    Below Deck

    They sure did edit out Yankee Pete
  9. I did the exact same thing this last time. Battery was like half the price and can’t be any worse then the others. Will see how it goes. The ones I was buying before went out like clockwork every 3 years and this has happened on various types of cars
  10. Seems like whenever my batteries die- they die all of a sudden. Usually at the beginning of summer every 3 years. What should I notice to warn me? How do you service your battery’s every few months?
  11. Amazed bullock is still in the league. Although probably not anymore
  12. After reading what happened that night there has to be some more obvious suspects but they just zeroed in on this guy
  13. I just bookmarked Barry’s law blog right next to bob loblaws law blog
  14. Updawg

    Below Deck

    But she did text her friend to diagnose she was ok and took her blood pressure.
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