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  1. My mom was as well - until she broke her hip 2 weeks ago See what masks will get you. -Aggy logic
  2. If you want a day trip to Mesa verde I’d stay around Durango/purgatory. Could also do the train to silverton (take the bus back, one way on the train is plenty) Then move on to telluride. The bus will give you an idea of the road you will be towing through
  3. Agree and I didn’t have too much of an issue with Harley on this one. He is a complete asshole though.
  4. Fwiw. Wife had a test last Friday and go the results on Sunday. They initially told her it would be 5-10 business days
  5. You’ll get nothing and like it
  6. I’d go with salomon. My old merrells finally fell apart and I bought some north face ones off of steep and cheap because they were really cheap. Seem ok but I don’t expect them to last very long
  7. Updawg

    Below Deck

    Yep. It’s a young persons lifestyle. Once you have a family it sucks.
  8. Just switched yesterday to yttv and am switching internet to google fiber. Pissed could have just stayed with uverse for about the same
  9. Damn. Old dumbass Aggie was lucky they didn’t whip his ass. Wtf
  10. I was hoping that was a troll but it’s not
  11. They should. And they should be looking into his supervisors as well. That won’t happen though. One day this could be a movie I guess
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