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  1. Austin Pop Warner league has had the venue booked for months. They gave us a non-refundable deposit.
  2. If I remember correctly he had gotten up to about 240 after his sr year. Even if he dropped to 215-220, it would be pretty easy to pop back up. I just question if the UT medical staff would ever clear him to play.
  3. If he is 230 lbs and cleared to play I say we take a flyer on bringing him back at LB. It would certainly be better than.. checks notes.. all the LBs.
  4. They are going to be a quality opponent as long as Jimbo is there, but on the flip side, as long as Jimbo is there they will be systemically flawed and beatable.
  5. Pretty sure it is the Utah linebacker with the volleyball sister. Sister just transferred to Texas.
  6. He can bring his Clemson approach to Bama's recruiting as well. What could go wrong?
  7. You achieve loyalty by your mere physical presence? That is impressive.. and yet.. I find myself wanting to follow you just typing this.
  8. It seems like Vasek is down our board a bit, I think we view him as a safety valve and he likely views us the same. He is a good player but I just don't see him having the same ceiling as Burke due to how much he is already developed. A common problem with the Westlake/Lake Travis kids.
  9. Clearly he was a straight shooter with upper management written all over him.
  10. Have they rigged the game though? I hear your arguments as to why, but if I am Addison, I watch all of those guys who I beat out for the Biletnikoff this year go high in round 1 and think to myself that there is really no way I fall out of the top of Round 1 next year. So if I can get an extra (fill in the blank) amount and have guys who will prohibit me from being game planned on the other side of the field, that would give me some serious pause. Obviously Bryce Young is a stud, but I would argue that Addison made Pickett as much as Pickett made Addison last year and it's not like we don't have a guy who is a first round talent in our own right.
  11. As much as people bitch about the defense, Sark has said more than once that he wants continuity and he didn't want to go making wholesale changes after year 1. I can respect that, and I think PK got the memo, but the players will benefit from an offseason in the same system with the same coaches.
  12. You could do some pretty unique things with lineups, one I was thinking about earlier would be an empty set with an inline tight end that could block or release. That would be Worthy, Addison, Whittington, Neyor, and Sanders 4 wides with Bijan obviously Worthy, Addison, and Neyor plus Bijan and Roschon in the go-go 5 wide with Worthy, Addison, Whittington, Neyor, and Hall or Thompson That is just a scary amount of options. Good luck doing anything against that offense but playing 3 high safeties and giving a 5 man box to Bijan all game.
  13. Me thinks they doth protest too much. Any cursory investigation into the shit they are doing would end up with the entire AD getting fired.
  14. I think Sark sold Hall on the fact that we will likely lose Neyor and Whittington, (and Addison hypothetically) to the draft and that even if he wasn't a full time starter this year he would be next year opposite Worthy.
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