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  1. After the "2 or 3 Wind Fracas of 2020," B.B. drops like 12 winds on the thread.
  2. Finally ready to start Gloomhaven. Time to see what all the fuss is about.
  3. I've had and used an SR-16 since high school. The learning curve is never steep, and if you want, you can just roll with the standard patterns and fills to back you - Start/stop kind of stuff. If you have a simple footswitch laying around, you can use it to switch A/B patterns in real time like how Billy Corgan did in the early Smashing Pumpkins days (he just sold that actual SR-16 he used on Gish on Reverb a few years ago). It's surprisingly easy to get a good and inspiring backing drum track with that thing. And they are popular enough that you don't have to look far for a used one, and cheap too. Also, don't discount YouTube backing tracks.
  4. That game looks epic. Never played a long form war game like that. In other news, met up with a friend at Dragon's Lair for a game of Nemesis. The game is pretty hot and rare right now and a few of the employees and many customers would stop and watch us play it. The crew at the next table were playing Photosynthesis, but would pause the game and watch us for bit before continuing. Cant blame them, the game looks cool on the table.
  5. You just got 7th Continent?!? Very nice. Congrats. (It took us about 11 hours to complete the Voracious Goddess. I've heard it's the longest though. The kids have been clamoring to start the next one, so we'll probably do that in a week or so.)
  6. Next up, the super heavy On Mars. I have a bottle of Advil at arm's reach, so here we go.
  7. Team Fantasy Grounds. Let's rumble! Got to meet up with@TexArcher today for some Scythe. I was reminded how much I like this game. Good people, good food, and a tie for the win, so not a bad way to spend a Saturday afternoon. We need to do it again.
  8. He's dropped the character and this is what he's up to now. Why's James crying? 'Cause he just got dunked on!
  9. I didn't need to see this today. 339 is one of the last pieces to the puzzle of life.
  10. This is the national anthem.
  11. BoomMF

    Neil Peart RIP

    Terrible news. Neil Peart dying of brain cancer... yeah, that figures - Dude's knoggin was on a different level. This is some devastating shit. RIP
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