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  1. Have been able to try out a lot of games these past few weeks. All good stuff. In fact, spent last weekend visiting family and they insisted on playing Detective: City of Angels back-to-back-to-back (I was the Chisel, sort of the game's GM, for all of them) and even I was starting to suck wind. Rebellion Horrified Tiny Towns Quacks of Quedlinberg Lisboa Cloudspire Glen More II Chronicles Edge of Darkness Detective: City of Angels
  2. I'm surprised the Armada didn't become more popular. I thought Ernie Ball really came up with something unique and stylish. I get the Dorito or pizza slice thing, but in black and white livery, as well as a few other color combos, it works. Like, in a if-ZZ-Top-went-to-church kinda way.
  3. Here is my One Year Anniversary Shelfie[emoji769]. Started from the Trivial Pursuit variants and Bed Bugs and now we here. The Milton Bradley types are not long for the world. Shelf space is becoming precious. Sorry Christmas Story: The Board Game but I'm not the man I used to be. The 4x4 Expedit is about to get replaced with a 5x5 Kallax to help tame the beast. Pour one out for yet another retired Expedit. What started with Battleship has become an obsession with grand epics like Nemesis, Tainted Grail, and 7th Continent, thinky Euros like On Mars, The Gallerist, and Barrage, and quirky yet compelling oddities like Too Many Bones and Edge of Darkness. In fact, the latter two are on my desert island list, along with Scythe, Rebellion, and Root. Well, they all bow down to Dungeons and Dragons, but, to me, that's really a different animal. Here's to the next 365 days.
  4. The 3rd known photograph of Robert Johnson JUST surfaced. It was in the collection of his 94 year old stepsister. Kind of a big deal.
  5. Gorgeous guitar, Paul. Full disclosure on the black Strat, it is the '92 Deluxe that came with gold Lace pickups. I liked how they sounded, but I like gainy dirt more, and those single coils were just too noisy when the pedal stack gets more than 1 deep and I need all the crutches I can find. So I opted to swap out the Laces for some Fender Gen4 Noiseless which reviewed well. But, Fender only offer Noiseless pickups in white in the Clapton signature so I went ahead and changed over the plastics to "aged white" to match the pickups and churched up the pick guard too. I fired it up and it sounds like shit. I'm pretty sure I screwed up the grounding. I'm gonna just tear it all down the redo all the electronics, solder and rewire with thicker gauge while I'm at it. TBC
  6. It's everyone's favorite guitarist's birthday today.
  7. I'd rather see Chef Boyardee over there drunk post more pics of pasta.
  8. I probably read that same article. When I went down to pick up some Jazz III all they had were the EJ signature versions, as if by kismet, so I picked them up and have been using them ever since. I collect Gravity picks as souvenirs when I travel and have a handful of the 003, which are their Jazz III clones. So now, when I'm playing in a tux or on a first date, I use the Gravity version instead. But I always keep a trusty Dunlop EJ in my wallet for when someone fucks around and wants to get dunked on.
  9. Same, but the EJ version.
  10. Was able to get a few more games off the shelf of shame, Tainted Grail and Too Many Bones. Both live up to the hype. Tainted Grail is very similar to 7th Continent's exploration mechanic and the story/narrative is second to none - you play a "B team" of tragic heroes attempting to save the world after King Arthur, and his A team, have gone missing. Too Many Bones is the more accessible. Throwing a literal handful of dice will never get old. It's surprising how robust an RPG can be with such a simple playfield. Component quality is off the charts.
  11. I own an ESP Eclipse (in Reindeer, better recognize) and after having played an LTD 1000 Deluxe I'd have a hard time telling the difference. Those Deluxes are so damn nice. Tons of guitar. Play like an ESP should.
  12. Blinged the Katana a bit. It was easier than I thought it would be. Inspired, I looked at maybe doing something similar with a Marshall or two but hell no, those grill assemblies were designed by human-hating demons.
  13. Might I suggest you take this opportunity to stop fuckin' around: https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/G10Gold8--celestion-g10-gold-10-inch-40-watt-alnico-replacement-guitar-speaker-8-ohm
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