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  1. Pet Sounds documents a bona fide genius at the very peak of his game. Hooks and bits that werent good enough to make it into the album became Good Vibrations and God Only Knows is the greatest pop song ever created by man, second only to Ode To Joy as greatest song period. Regardless, that album the bible of the state of the song-crafting art at the height of a 15-or-so year period that gave us the most musically creative our culture has ever been or ever will be again. Pet Sounds will be among the examples we show aliens on why we should not be exterminated. And they will probably agree.
  2. My 5E book collection is almost complete, but the one I'm missing is a pain to find. So if anyone has the ins on a Volo's Guide to Monsters with the Hydro cover, holler atcha boy.
  3. The title immediately make me think of the goober in this video (6:44 mark). What a fucking nightmare.
  4. Well, well, well, how the turntables... https://www.guitarworld.com/news/fender-has-sold-more-guitars-in-2020-than-any-other-year-in-its-history
  5. Lauren down at Strait filed the buzz out of the roller on my Deluxe. That was my only complaint. Now that prices on those years are starting to climb, who knows what I'll do with it...
  6. That code comes with a cool message from eBay listing milestones like your first purchase, first sale, first watched item, etc. Turns out I'm not that much different today than I was 20 years ago.
  7. Has Girl You Know It's True already been mentioned?
  8. The Dance version of Silver Springs is one of the greatest moments in live rock music ever. EVER.
  9. Visiting the GOAT has been on my bucket list since I found out what a bucket list was. Did not disappoint. Chills, man.
  10. Dummy loads are the secret sauce. Switching away from a live amp without some way to absorb the load could ruin your weekend.
  11. There are only a few products on the market that do what Kahayan does, and Kahayan does it cheapest. Their amp selector is tits. The dream is to have one totally weaponized 1960 cab and just collect heads. I just need to find one on Reverb or eBay...
  12. Running a 10GB LAN with the brains of the whole operation being a Netgear XS716T 10GB switch. Netgear XS716T switch Netgear ReadyNAS 626X, 10GB bonded (round robin) connection, stacked with 10TB x 6 WD Red Pros housing media (Plex server), backups, and general storage (including 4k video I am able to edit across the network to a 10GB-enabled PC in my office) Netgear Nighthawk X10 (R9000), connected via SFP+ to the switch Netgear EX8000 Extender (Orbi-based mesh) Google Nest thermostats x 3 7 Smart TVs (6 Samsung) pulling media off the NAS via Plex Samsung Smart Fridge (Family Hub model with the screen on the door that can show who's at the front door, among other things) and Samsung FlexWash washer and dryer that is accessible by all the TVs (you get notifications on the screen when the refrigerator door is left open or when the clothes have finished their was cycle, for instance) Rachio 3 smart irrigation controller Ring Pro doorbell LTS 5-security camera hub, networked and accessible from anywhere, and Brinks security monitoring everything from the door locks to the garage door, with activity updates pushed to the phones Pioneer mini-split AC system, wifi enabled, used to maintain and monitor temperature and humidity in a music room with wooden instruments Amazon Echo Show x 4 (along with smartphones, used to monitor the Ring doorbell, irrigation controller, a split AC system in the music room, and the wall unit in the game room) Weber Genesis LX II grill with bluetooth temperature probes I check with a tablet on the kitchen counter for monitoring my sweet sweet meats (but an even smarter grill, like some pellet variety, is probably in the near future) I've been thinking about moving over to a Unifi backbone - The Netgear handles handoffs from the base router to the extender well enough, but I can't help but feel it could be faster. I do love, however, the Nighthawk X10 router, though it is getting long in the tooth. If Netgear, or anyone, made an updated router with SFP+ I'd probably jump on it (If the AX12 had SFP+ this would have been done yesterday, or do I just bite the bullet and upgrade to a 12-stream Wifi6 and aggregate a couple of CAT6's to the switch? Decisions, decisions). As it is, the Nighthawk X10 runs 802.11 ac/ad which still hums right the fuck along.
  13. I was just looking at these, so that hits close to home. https://www.kahayan.es/selector-8x4
  14. No, that was a lie la-lie-lie lie la-lie.
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