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  1. I played a bunch of Ultima Online back in the day, but Star Wars: Galaxies became my religion. There is an emulator that's pretty active (for a 20-year-old game that wasn't all that popular 20 years ago) called SWG:EMU, and I still play it from time to time.
  2. These are from an Amazon seller (search "graded sports card display") and they're great quality. I'd like a few more to house the pro Longhorns collection (which would need about two of these displays). And I'm the same way, too sentimental for my own good. Most of these cards take be back to the precise moment in time when I got them and I can still feel that little twinge of excitement when 10-year-old Boom managed to snag them. I mowed lawns all summer for that 1985 Mark McGwire Topps Olympic Team rookie, which I got at a flea market on Harwin in Houston - (Funny-to-me story, when I wa
  3. It's fucking Jeff Beck.
  4. BoomMF


    A hobby is only such when you are allowed to take something cheap and simple and make it expensive and complicated, so back off.
  5. BoomMF


    Girlschool?! There must be something in the air because I was just listening to an all-girl band too. And as a PSA, if you're into vinyl and want an end-game cleaning solution, you need to check out iSonic's ultrasonic record cleaners. The body is the same as Kirmuss (sp?) But go for about 1/6 of the price of his machines. The way this thing has quickly rehabilitated some grungy records is almost magical.
  6. Coincidentally she was the first one played.
  7. Today's haul. When converting your jazz CD collection over to vinyl you need to start at the top, imo.
  8. The way Shaka is during the NCAA tournament you'd think he was a women's weight room.
  9. BoomMF


    Looking at the local Walmart I noticed a ton of 180g pressings of boner-inducing titles for the middle-aged set, but also saw a bunch of "Walmart Exclusive" records with colored vinyl, all of them thematic to the album. I know vinyl is hipster central and a lot have a religious need to only buy from mom and pop stores, but, hypothetically speaking, if someone couldn't care less about that, objectively how is the audio quality of these discs generally? I picked up Metallica's black album Walmart Exclusive version, because I'm middle-aged and it induced a boner, but should I go back and buy with
  10. Username checks out.
  11. This is a shot of the display case with the important cards and sports figures from my youth as well as cards I picked up recently of players that were important growing up but I didn't have the funds then to collect the good stuff. (Cutoff to the right is Magic and Texas players collection. The Magic collection, for value, absolutely dwarfs the sports cards total in about a 10th the quantity of cards. But that's another story for another time.) If it's in this case and PSA graded, it's a 9 or a 10. And speaking of crazy prices recently, about 3 Super Bowl wins ago I picked up a PSA 10 (hologr
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