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  1. Aggy losing to LSU once again… tale as old as time
  2. Facts! Fuck Columbus. I visited once and have no intention of returning. Blue Jackets fans are shitty as well. Columbus Crew SC fans are okay though.
  3. You should have been on the other side of the stadium. Big Noon Kickoff is kicking ESPN gameday's ass once again.
  4. Harbaugh by the second half. Prepare to be 0-6 as Bitchagain head coach.
  5. It'll be close in the first half like it was in 2019, but by half way through the 3rd quarter the Buckeyes will flex their arm and start to pull away.
  6. Iron SKillet game from now on is hella personal!
  7. True about all that Lakers rubbish. Then the hockey scene you'll see a shit ton of LA Kings and Anaheim Ducks gear around town.
  8. They should be okay with Lashlee. Also, thank god Tanner Mordecai is coming back for one more year.
  9. Plus Riley hast to live with the fact that he probably can’t get past Saban. He won’t win the SEC West anytime soon…
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