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  1. It is a triumph of the art of production, performance and writing all in one. But hey, if all you want is to rawk, it's not your album. And that's fine. But there are multiple reasons why this album scores high on these kinds of lists consistently. Anyhow, enough about Pet Sounds
  2. The fact that you are taking a complete work of art and trying to break it into its' component parts tells me you are framing this all wrong. Do you look at Starry Night and say, "You're just remembering the blue. Its' really about white strokes. I bet you can't get enough to make a real painting." No, because that would be foolish. Also, taking a hyperbolic position about subjective works of art are totally what these threads are about. Aren't they?
  3. I just got here, but you guys slagging Pet Sounds are off your fucking rockers and completely stupid and your taste in music sucks and you suck and should reevaluate your life choices.
  4. It’s clear Rand wishes he was one tenth the pro Fauci is. And he’s the kind of idiot who thinks he’s so smart that his long distant time in the medical profession equates to decades of specialization like Fauci. In short, he’s an arrogant cunt who deserves the serving he received.
  5. I get it. You should see DC Cab.
  6. I'm actually digging this.
  7. You'd better figure out what your wife needs in exchange for keeping them in the apartment. A friend of mine - working musician - just had all his gear stolen from a self storage. Probably an inside job. This is not uncommon.
  8. I’d post that in my yard, put a pic on the neighborhood fb page and ask any one who had the balls to claim to come make their case. Show the world what cowards they are.
  9. And there’s no arguing with success (though musicians make a masochistic go at it all the time). They did stay relevant in the 80s. I did not know they existed before Eliminator. Plus Frank really really liked his drugs so...could’ve been equal parts necessity as inspiration.
  10. That has to be a trick in Phoenix, where basically every guitar is coming from somewhere more humid.
  11. On the seventh hour On the seventh day On the seventh month The seventh doctor say "He was born for good luck And that you see I got seven hundred dollars And don't you mess with me But you know I'm here Everybody knows I'm here Well, you know I'm the hoochie-coochie man Everybody knows I'm here
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