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  1. https://music.youtube.com/watch?v=l0EiV423j0M&feature=share So many good songs and so many funny lines.
  2. Well, at least he left us with one last perfect record. Fair skies and following tailwinds.
  3. All the best to your friend AUTF.
  4. I’ll take care of that for you.
  5. Our band was talking about doing this. Playing a show with "X"s on the floor six feet apart.
  6. I've been listening a lot of J.J. Cale lately. It comes and goes in phases. Anyhow, he had some interesting takes on guitars. This is a good live video, but around 4:20 he starts showing some mods he did to a Harmony. Reminds me a lot of Les Paul in his desire to tinker. His wife talks about it a lot here. She's a guitar player too, so it's about as well informed as you can be on his guitars: https://www.musicradar.com/news/on-jj-cale-he-would-buy-a-dollar100-guitar-then-if-he-messed-it-up-by-drilling-holes-it-was-okay-that-was-the-cost-of-educating-himself
  7. Great interview/song stories from RS: https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-features/john-prine-secrets-behind-classic-songs-976587/
  8. I read that last one as by Asleep at the Wheel for a moment. Too much ACL conditioning on this site.
  9. Exactly the opposite of how I like the wimmenz.
  10. My understanding is you go on the ventilator so they can keep you breathing long enough to figure out how to help you. If they knew already, you wouldn’t be on the ventilator. Most of the time they don’t find a way out.
  11. Remember when Trump let a murderous sociopathic SEAL off the hook then denigrated his prosecutors? That’s the kind of guy Trump wants in the military. Guys who care about the sailors they’re responsible for? Not so much.
  12. Impeachment. I'll let you research how many times judges have been impeached: hint = not often.
  13. Oh yes. That beauty. Now I remember.
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