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  1. Mine was originally 3 speed.
  2. Beautiful work. Really outstanding. Of course the rivet counters would let you know that the red dot in the US roundel was nixed in 1942. But that looks like an homage to Belushi in “1941” so it gets a pass.
  3. Damn straight. But it was well worth $25 to go in and check out all the cars. Last time I went there was a fellow selling one of every Impala from 58-68. Everyone black with a turquoise interior. Very cool.
  4. For every dollar you put into a classic car you’ll get a cool $0.50 back. So pick one that someone else has made that losing bet on. Doesn’t matter if it’s the wrong color or doesn’t have some whistle or bell some other car you saw had. I guarantee that wish can be fixed for less than doing your own resto. Also, go to Meacum to look, not buy. Get a feel for what you’d like and enjoy the scene. Because it is a scene. But don’t compete with all those other morons to buy it. Watch BAT until someone is selling their dead Dad’s pride and joy from the other side of the country and just want rid of it. Buy THAT car.
  5. He can’t say he wasn’t on notice. I told him.
  6. So slowly, over time, Mexico will regain all the territory they lost in the Mexican War by adverse possession. Kind of like Niagara Falls slowly eating it’s way back up to Lake Erie. It’s irony on a geologist’s time line.
  7. This. Although, he's not the first guy to run a little wild in their youth, then grow up and say, "Don't do that!"
  8. My brother has one of those and also recommended.
  9. I have to say, I got a good strap for my SG and it's like a new guitar to me. Just having the right strap cured the neck dive and now it's my new favorite. That said, I may have to hit the road during all this...unpleasantness. Anyone have a suggestion for a good travel-size/parlour guitar?
  10. How about leaving it to Willie? Jesus hair having Willie.
  11. Money doesn’t make people assholes. It frees them to be who they were all along.
  12. We knew it was true when it was reported. They've just confirmed it. Now anyone who supports him straight up supports treason.
  13. What are the chances a sizable portion of the “somewheres” voted Brexit just to keep the “anywheres” from trotting off to the continent for their fancy pants jobs? I’m thinking it’s in the high 100s.
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