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  1. Well, it would be a whole lot easier to do if they'd just tell us who it was, dammit.
  2. See now, this is the issue I'm grappling with...
  3. What I'm constantly amazed by is that human beings have been on this planet for millennia, yet there's always some asshole who thinks he's going to game the system with the intellectual equivalent of the old grade school playground standby of "force field!!!" You're going down son. Ain't no new tricks the FBI hasn't seen.
  4. Yeah that's my only hesitancy as well. If I were playing out more often, I'd probably hang the R8 on the wall for home use (in its' proper place in the LP temporal spectrum, of course) and make the HP the regular player. But I haven't the need for it. Not that that every stopped any of us... Anyhow, fun to muse over.
  5. That's where I am. Though I think the HP is likely a better long term player outter. I'm a fan of modern upgrades to vintagey looking standards across all the classics (Strat/Tele/LP). Straight vintage guitars are like vintage cars. There have been so many improvements over time that they are not for journeyman's work.
  6. Seems like the perfect place for an aviation fan. If I only I had some actual skills to work with and didn't have to make my living off my UT liberal arts degree and dreams.
  7. That last sentence...Not sure you understand how Fox works.
  8. Me too. My buddy is trying to get me to flip the R8 to make this a better deal. I’m not sure I want to do that.
  9. Chad Fuck


    Watch your cornhole, Poland.
  10. It seems to me, that if you're going to engage in hanky panky, you'd best do so with someone who has more to lose than to gain by it being made public. Of course, that's probably a much smaller pool of potential applicants than the good Secretary wanted to search out. In any case it seems that Peggy is enjoying the spotlight a great deal. Free advertising and fifteen minutes of fame to boot. It's a win win for her.
  11. Had not seen this before. In. BTW, I had a sunday school teacher who passed through one of the same POW camps as Zamperini. They had remarkably similar stories.
  12. I remember. They had a modification outfit there that did all sorts of custom aviation work. I had a scoutmaster who worked for them. One day they'd be putting in a turntable in a tricked out Boeing so the Sultan of Brunei could face mecca. The next they'd be muscling up a Huey for parts unknown. Anyhow, the days of cheap avgas when you could see 50 Texans do a flyover at once were awesome.
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