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  1. No worries. Next best alternative to posting two guitars.
  2. Damn. I totally would’ve guessed Eric. But I guess as the line approaches “infinity dumb” on the graph, the gradations get very small.
  3. Fano’s done it. Or something very similar.
  4. Great town. Beautiful Mustang too!
  5. Pretty nice ‘57 210 on the square in Grandbury last night.
  6. That no one was defending, obviously.
  7. I could really go for turning a certain family into pillars of salt. Then I could watch them melt as I pissed on them.
  8. My tix just arrived. Three day weekend two. See y’all there. Anyone know where I can get a surly mask?
  9. I also got a week 2 shipping notice but haven’t seen the bands yet.
  10. This. This is what I was reaching for.
  11. He has some great gear videos on YouTube. The guy would fit right in here in that respect. Except you know, he can actually wail on his collection. He comes across exactly as you say. I kind of wanted to dislike him based on the over the top billboards that show up when he’s passing through town. But dammit if I don’t like the guy.
  12. These are options I had not considered. They seem valid.
  13. Truth. And not to break my arm patting myself on the back, but I was the proverbial good kid. I got good grades, was successful in various extra curricular activities. A regular Opie Griffith. But damn that car was hot. Looking back, I'm sure my Dad thought he was doing a good thing giving me the car he would've loved to have in high school. But then later he also told me the various ways he'd nearly killed himself in it during his 20s, and I was like, "WTF Dad? After all that you still gave it to me?" His response was that he knew I was more responsible than he. Which I was. But it still didn't stop me from doing a few irresponsible things. Ah well, youth.
  14. Rolling Stone used to take these lists semi seriously. It is clear that they are now meant solely to stroke the ego and validate the tastes of whatever their target audience may be. I understand that I am now beyond their most valuable demographic. I'm cool with that. I'll just be over here in the corner with my headphones on. RS can carry on carrying on.
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