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  1. Well he would have stopped it earlier but Obama got in the way again. That darn Obama.
  2. Maybe they’re just joking like trump likes to often do, at least according to the Trumpkins when he says something really stupid or racist. Getting really tired of all this winning.
  3. I cant wait for those two scammers to get what’s coming to them.
  4. I don’t think pointing out that you’re posting like a dumbass again is all that great of a trick.
  5. Testing could have slowed it down, a lot. And the richest country in the history of the world could have pulled that off with a competent president. But we will never know because Trump sat on his ass for three months and him and his right wing sycophants, such as yourself, called it a democratic hoax for three months and so here we are. Are you suggesting the dems should have passed an anti-coronavirus bill in the house back in December? Not only is that suggestion ridiculous, Moscow Mitch’s senate never would have taken it up because Trump and his sycophants were calling it a democratic hoax anyway. Stop thinking we are as stupid as you are or at least pretend to be.
  6. It started with Reagan and continues on to this day. Hell one could argue it started with Nixon and continues on to this day.
  7. The tea party got formed because a black man got elected president. The end.
  8. Well I am an internet bully. At least some of the trolls say so. I hone my skills on this board. You are my prey. HAHAHAHA (evil laugh).
  9. I don’t know, don’t care and it doesn’t matter. Unless Joe dies of the Corona he will be the next president.
  10. The election is so over Trump won’t even have the chance to steal it anymore, not that his incompetent team of boobs would have done so anyway sans Manafort. It won’t be Reagan/Mondale because Trumpkin idiots but it won’t be close.
  11. How old are you? I was under the impression that you were somewhat older. Well anyway let me tell you something that may come as a shock. Sometimes politicians say things to get elected that they may or may not really mean or may or may not really do when the nut cutting time comes. OMG!!!!!!!
  12. What’s silly is to think that Biden would veto a M4A bill passed by a democratic congress
  13. After this is all over with Fox News will be off the air and bankrupt and the Murdoch’s will be fighting extradition to the United States to face charges for premeditated murder.
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