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  1. I don't necessarily agree with SLM. He is right right about very few things, but certainly not all. I owe Slorch no audience. I know what pissed off tech grads at a demonstration are going to grunt and I am not looking to placate them, nor are those grunting tech grads seeking to be placated. There is no middle ground goal there.
  2. Well since you said it I know that’s false. Good to know.
  3. Trump is done guys. It’s all over but the cryin’. And all his supporters can go straight to hell.
  4. Stephen Miller is an evil sadistic racist son of a bitch He’s also the current president’s closest advisor and influencer.
  5. That’s one thing these GOP fucks haven’t quite got their arms around. You don’t get to destroy the rule of law and the social contract and then when you fall out of power get to say, oh well, let’s just go back to how things were before. You see that with McConnell and his laughable defense of keeping the Senate filibuster after the election. Hate to break it to you Mitch, if the dems take the senate the filibuster is dead, and Stephen Miller is going to jail.
  6. Yeah you’re probably right. I haven’t spent much time in Colorado since the mid 90s because the wife doesn’t like to ski.
  7. The trees know they failed. They tried. They just want one more chance.
  8. Plant more trees. Preserve the trees we already have.
  9. Stephen Miller and his fellow evil wife need to be arrested once trump is dragged out of office and made an example out of.
  10. There is no way people in Colorado hate Californians more than Texans.
  11. He’s been making too much money in the oil patch lately thanks to Trump to be bothered with us.
  12. Actually it’s really not. Ayn Rands true philosophy was pretend you’re a libertarian capitalist while at the same time just go ahead and steal everything you possible can, especially from the government since it’s the best thing to steal from. She is basically the founder of the modern Republican Party.
  13. The Ayn Rand institute receiving a PPP loan is too fucking perfect. Fuck that bitch.
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