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  1. Yep. Wrote a book about raping sex slave kids. Hired a guy that raped sex slave kids. And fathered a guy hired by trump to be the attorney general, who apparently views his job as running interference for a criminal president. Nothing fishy to see here.
  2. So have Anastasis and trump figured out how to eliminate all this FISA abuse yet? Because I have full confidence that with the backing of our get things done president trump we can get this one done.
  3. Fox News needs to be shut down and its executives criminally prosecuted for formenting lies and disinformation to the extreme detriment of the US, all in the name of profit and making a bunch of old people incredibly stupid. The time for putting up with this bullshit has long since passed.
  4. Tariff money will fund social security and Medicare in the future! Winning! - Trump
  5. Bill Barr’s dad gave Epstein a teaching job he was clearly unqualified for. Launched his pedo career. Coincidence? I think not. There’s a larger story here not being told or discovered yet.
  6. Just read the articles of impeachment themselves. Pretty devastating and if proved would definitely warrant removal of any president. The dems are on the right side of history here and trumps defenders are clearly in the wrong. Even the trolls here know that trump is unfit to hold office. They just don’t care and/or are paid to espouse out their bullshit all over the net.
  7. The right is getting better at comedy and the dems are scared about it blah blah blah. So does this mean Obama was the bomb, that he bombed, or that he liked to play la bamba. So many clever options here.
  8. Zavala, GRhorn and the fozz all posting at the same time? Today must be an important day to spread the “nothingburger trumps gonna win again because you impeached” narrative.
  9. Trolls are working overtime this morning. Must be something happening.
  10. Is there anyone here who actually believes the hammer ever favored impeachment? What a fraud that guy is and Always has been. You messed up troll.
  11. Give it up shithead. Your god king will be impeached. Then you can bitch about that as well.
  12. We have a president taking a wrecking ball to the centuries old established norms of this country who has expressly “joked” about becoming a dictator and you’re worried about FISA warrants? What’s the matter with you?
  13. And once again you avoided the question. How are they different?
  14. Of course it’s not your job to educate me. I’m just to see if you might try to validate your opinion on the matter. Which you apparently aren’t gonna do. While you have points on FISA warrants, it’s just a lame red herring. Criticize trump on anything and you might have some semblance of credibility.
  15. Well maybe you can educate me. I’m very familiar with the standards of probable cause on a regular warrant. How exactly is a FISA warrant standard different, because if it is, I would truly like to know.
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