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  1. Greater LA and NYC also votes dem. Just like the entire country does. Yet trump is the president and the republicans are still a viable party anyway. You’re missing the point.
  2. Should I say highland park instead to make you understand it better?
  3. It is extremely difficult to admit you’ve been made a fool. Even in the face of overwhelming evidence the mind will look for an out, like its all fake. Trump never said that. The media lied and doctored the evidence to make it look like he said that. Or if he did say it he was just joking. Or if he did say it or do it and wasn’t joking it’s not even really a crime at all aka the pedo Dershowitz impeachment defense. Trump and the Russians know what they are doing. If you commit a crime, just accuse your enemies of doing exactly what you did and rely on your sheep followers to believe that and keep you propped up. The playbook is simple to the extreme.
  4. The current state of the Republican Party, a process that has been underway for decades, is the greatest threat this country has ever faced because it comes from within and is being financed by countries that either want to destroy us or at minimum weaken us. And with the Internet and our own reliance on technology has a greater capacity to do harm to our society that never existed before. The power center of the Republican Party for decades has been the ultra rich in New York City, Southern California, and ultra right wing Dallas. They come off as different: Wall Street investment financiers, LA media moguls, and Dallas tycoons of oil and gas and pseudo religion based on prosperity gospel, but the name of the game is the same. Accumulating wealth and power and manipulation of the masses to accomplish that goal.
  5. This is me as well. My wife’s been telling me I’m going bald for over 20 years. So far she’s been completely wrong. I tell her it’s the whiskey. That’s my theory and I’m sticking to it.
  6. Ever been to reed college? Bernie would be considered tucker Carlson at that place
  7. You in DFW? HEB is the best grocery store on the planet. Every time I go to Dallas I’m reminded of that fact.
  8. Starting to see Tom Steyer ads here in Texas. He seems like a nicer guy than the constant Bloomberg “I’m pretty much a stiff billionaire” ads but I really don’t know what he’s doing here as I can’t see him getting much of the vote. And as for the debate, when Bloomberg qualified for the Nevada debate I thought to myself why would he want to subject himself to that when he’s just gaining ground in the polls spending a billion dollars on ads. Guess I was right.
  9. Moscow Mitch is probably overall much worse than trump for the country and trump is the biggest piece of shit to ever walk the planet. So what does that tell you about Moscow Mitch?
  10. Yeah but we beat those krauts in WW2 so they don’t know shit. This is ‘Merica! Not only did we beat the krauts but we elected a reality star to be the president who has only filed for bankruptcy seven times. So obviously we know that their union board member shit is all retarded.
  11. I have served on a board and think it’s at least worth looking at and no it wouldn’t be “sally from payroll” on the board and if she voted like a dumbass she would get outvoted anyway. I don’t know how it would be implemented exactly but to just dismiss it because you apparently think labor is dumb is elitist and ignorant.
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