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  1. New Lorna Shore. The breakdown at the end is on another level.
  2. Checking in from Nueces county. Voted straight Dem. Not a lot of people at 7am but most of the crowd were college age kids which I found encouraging. Fuck Trump
  3. Recently started listening to Lorna Shore. Kind of a blackened deathcore style.
  4. Still a chance to get to 10 wins and a decent season. Herman going to have to rethink his coaching staff if he wants to win big.
  5. I hope someone has had the foresight to hide the launch codes.
  6. Horns would fucking murder both of these shitty teams.
  7. I'd like to join Herb Hand fan club. He's got our guys playing some nasty, physical football.
  8. Watching warmups. Whatever we're paying Yancy. Pay him more. Our guys look jacked.
  9. Sipping on coffee and eating a breakfast taco. FIGHT!!!!
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