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  1. You have to get there early, like before 9:00.
  2. I think we may do that. We made reservations at GW Fins tonight to fill in another open spot.
  3. The problem is that most people don't want to go to jail and that happens to a surprising large number of people who lie for Trump.
  4. According to Republican logic, you can kill someone as long as you don't refer to it as murder.
  5. Casper is way too firm for me also. I have heard Leesa's are even more firm.
  6. Alton Brown just did turkey legs the other day on his show. His cooking method was ridiculous because he made a smoker out of a cardboard box, but the brine recipe was nice and easy. All it was was brown sugar and kosher salt.
  7. Flying in tomorrow afternoon. Right now we have reservations for: Brunch at Brennan's Dinner at Irene's Dinner at Domenica Brunch at Willa Jean Dinner at Saba I think we may go to Parkway tomorrow night and will hit up Drago's at some point for oysters. I think this should be our best food trip yet.
  8. I cooked 2 turkeys over coals on Sunday. They were both around 11 pounds. We split them and then I injected them with Tony's. Seasoned and mopped them just like I do chicken after that and they turned out great. I don't think I'm ever making one in the oven again.
  9. Roger Stone is going to be getting a cellmate at some point because the money laundering stuff by itself will send Rudy to jail. I bet the feds also found lots of good stuff on Parnas' 5 cell phones.
  10. Yet she still kisses Trump's ass whenever possible.
  11. And they say it with a straight face while the Trump children pretend to be important government officials while making millions off of foreign countries currying favor with their father.
  12. Jackets impede his ability to ignore sexual assault accusations.
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