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  1. You don't have to live in your district for some really stupid reason. She doesn't even have to move.
  2. For all his faults, Mack was really good at special teams. We almost always had really good kickers and our coverage and return teams were nasty.
  3. If he gets drafted high, we'll know it was bullshit and that he's probably going to sign.
  4. The people I know who do it say a checked bag is actually the safer option.
  5. Everyone knows it's a really good idea to sleep next to streams. Flash floods are really cool to wake up in the middle of.
  6. If a dude couldn't beat out King or Calzone at qb and switched positions, I would assume he's a fucking terrible qb. That's just me though.
  7. I think we'll be ok until another nasty variant comes along. The new case numbers are steadily dropping.
  8. Ohio St had a defensive player quit the team during the game on Saturday. He was escorted off the field.
  9. Yeah, that contributed to my estimate of 3 or 4 losses. They have enough talent to get by a bunch of crappy teams even if their qb is terrible.
  10. I thought the same, but then I looked at their schedule. There's a good chance they are going to end up with only 3 or 4 losses.
  11. No 9 on the run is a tenacious little guy. He got drug for about 10 yards, but never let go.
  12. He has an arm like Case McCoy, so Hamm was close.
  13. That's true, but Tucker changes the calculus for it. With most kickers you wouldn't try it, but his odds of making it were probably higher than them scoring on a hook and ladder or hail mary.
  14. They lucked out on the schedule this year. They are going to win more games than they should because they get to duck the good East teams this year.
  15. It was the end of the game so it was either a long ass field goal or a Hail Mary.
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