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  1. Reissdorf, can't spell for shit anymore.
  2. Not sure if we will eat a meal there, but we are gonna try to go there for beer and some pretzels this weekend. They have a good German beer selection including one of my favorites, Resdidorf kolsch.
  3. We're not going to do anything until things get so bad that we have no choice. Just like every other time this has happened in Europe, which is at least once a century going back several hundred years.
  4. It's so ridiculous that I laugh at it every time.
  5. The resort is definitely a ponzi scheme involving gold.
  6. It won't be our business until it is, just like in WWI and WWII.
  7. The problem is that his ambitions are going to grow exponentially every time he gets away with this. This will be twice now. Suddenly moves he never even considered start seeming possible. Relying on "They would never make a move on Country X" doesn't work. It's the diplomatic equivalent of wish in one hand and shit in the other.
  8. They've been in Ukraine's shoes twice before, so not surprising. And this is definitely appeasement and will work out just like the previous times. Assholes like Putin never stop at one country.
  9. So Arkie has a chance, but it’s not 100%. I’ll take shit that makes no sense for $1,000, Alex.
  10. Related to the size, the glass is also thicker and the bottles are heavier than normal so it's hard to tell when your bottle is almost empty. A contributing factor is that I'm usually pretty drunk when drinking them.
  11. He's too weird even for this place. We draw that line at Scientology. The asshole part wouldn't be a problem.
  12. You shut your whore mouth. Belikin is delightful. On a serious note, the 2 best beers I have had in South and Central America are Gallo in Guatemala and Pilsener in Ecuador.
  13. Harsin won't fit in anywhere because he's a weird asshole.
  14. Babies don't arrive on a schedule. They get delivered early all of the time. Sometimes the mother has health complications that pop up and they induce early also.
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