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  1. I am almost done with The Good Shepherd which is the book the movie was based on. It has been a really good read. I haven't read many books were the tension was palpable, but it is in this one. Worth reading if you were a fan of the movie.
  2. Don't get me wrong, at the absolute worst he can take over Joe Smith's role. I just don't know how much more useful than that he's going to be. He was pretty rough last year.
  3. Unless James has better control, he's not going to help that much.
  4. Wife just renewed hers and didn't have to interview. Her friend's husband drew the short straw though and has to go in. They didn't move, but they travel a ton internationally for their business.
  5. He'd misread the tide and end up on a sandbar.
  6. We make everyone who refuses to get vaccinated wear a piece of flare.
  7. Now if we can only convince them they need to move to another country to be truly safe.
  8. That dude could make a hipster piss themselves with just a look.
  9. He od'd on a cocktail of hydroxychloroquine, zinc, bleach and ivomec.
  10. When I was last hunting shots for some friends, there were a bunch pfizer appointments available at HEB's in San Antonio and Corpus.
  11. No drunk bros on Magazine St, but it's one of the top 5 tourist streets in New Orleans.
  12. Don't forget preventing non-existent election fraud. He might as well be a Trump wind-up doll.
  13. Gonna be really depressing watching this pack of fucknuts try to out Trump each other. Abbott might end having to get a Trump tattoo on his chest during a debate.
  14. It's like a blind man bragging about successfully crossing the street during rush hour. Congrats, you got really fucking lucky through no skill of your own.
  15. Miley's no hitter was a nail-biter like JV's last one because it was 0-0 until the top of the 9th when the Reds finally scored and took the lead.
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