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  1. After Bligh's crew mutinied, he and 18 others sailed 3,600 miles in a 23' boat using only a compass, quadrant and pocket watch.
  2. The thing that really aggravates is that storm surge predictions are still a little iffy and just 1-2 feet can make a huge difference in how much of an area floods. There was no way to be sure, but you're still an asshole because reasons.
  3. What site has the rainfall maps with county lines?
  4. That's pretty ridiculous even for a woman to be mad about your very legitimate concern about her being stranded because of flooding. I would drop an "I'm sorry I was worried about your well being, I won't make that mistake again." There are times that being irrational crosses the line and this is one of them I think.
  5. HGH or something like it I would imagine. Same thing happened to Barry Bonds.
  6. Yeah, while Jimmy Stewart was flying a bomber over Germany.
  7. Oh there's gonna be one hell of a tweet storm in the morning after Trump sees the hotfire Uncle Joe was spitting tonight.
  8. I didn't know that either, but she lost a baby last year apparently . Might have to do with that.
  9. Gonna disagree with you here. You don't get to scream about how voting by mail is rife with corruption while voting by mail in every single election. That is not acceptable and they need to be called out on it at every opportunity.
  10. No, I think that is her full sister. Sig only has one other daughter that is their half sister, but she is estranged.
  11. American Standard Champion 4 https://www.lowes.com/pd/American-Standard-Champion-White-Elongated-Chair-Height-2-Piece-Toilet-12-in-Rough-In-Size/1000247221 It will never clog. It can literally flush golf balls. I've had one for 7 years and never had to plunge it even when we were having septic tank problems.
  12. Not an ounce of shame. Do everything you accuse your opponents of with a straight face.
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