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  1. He's not dumb. He's evil.
  2. Well since the Governor of Texas is trying to kill you, I'd say everyone is in 1B now.
  3. In case you had any doubts, Greg Abbott cares more about his political future than the lives of Texans.
  4. So local mandates are unenforceable. Polio made FDR a better person. That live oak tree made Abbott a fucking monster.
  5. You know that Paxton is going to sue any city our county that tries to do that.
  6. This is why I told everyone I know to get the vaccine if you can. It's every man and woman for themselves.
  7. This is why we can't have nice things.
  8. It's what he does. He sounds reasonable and then votes with the other Republicans.
  9. And every one of those deals and trades save for resigning Uncle Mike were done before the scandal. They have lost 3 huge pieces the last two years and done nothing to offset them. You can't lose a Cole, JV or Springer every off season and keep winning for very long.
  10. I'm not sure what the future payroll of the Astros is going to be. I worry that Crane has been spooked away from spending what is necessary to compete. He has taken a bite from the every shit sandwich MLB has stuck in front of him without so much as a whimper.
  11. We usually hang around the fringes of bourbon st and day drink at random hole in the walls around the quarter. There is a pirate bar right off Jackson square in an alley behind the church that has always had outdoor seating. It's a good spot to drink a couple of beers in relative quiet.
  12. Last thing I read on something like this pointed to there being a particular neanderthal gene that some people have that may make your more likely to get a severe case of covid. We are far enough in to this where I would think we would know definitively if blood type matters.
  13. It's like setting a plate of cookies down in front of a child, leaving the room and then yelling at them for eating them when you come back later. Of course Dusty Baker is going to bat Myles Straw lead off. It's as predictable as the sun rising. I choose to blame those who are giving him the opportunity and letting him do it. Either we still believe in analytics or we don't. Half-assing it does not work.
  14. Nope, same exact shot both times. I'm curious where you heard this. It's a new one to me.
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