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  1. Ha, of course Tate Reeves was a KA. The only shocking part of his bio was that he didn't go to Ole Miss.
  2. The only Americans who work for them are in the offices they have in the US. Almost every crew member on the ships are from 3rd world countries so that they can be paid next to nothing.
  3. kevwun

    Tiger King

    I saw a meme the other day that if Lt. Dangle and Joe Dirt had a kid, it would be Joe Exotic.
  4. If they were capable of planning a head, they would be doing everything in their power to save their aged voting base.
  5. They are scared of stepping out of line with Trump. This is all directly his fault. There are a lot of Republican governors who will trade the lives of their citizens in return for not pissing Trump off.
  6. Florida is going to experience a great deal of pain because DeSantis is a Trump sycophant and refused to initiate more strict measures.
  7. Yeah, it may be something they knew would happen but they had to have a way to force him to leave the country so it was the first step.
  8. Right, they had to change the plan. Now they need him out so that he will flee to Mexico where they can presumably have him killed somehow. Gus said they couldn't touch him while he was in the US because the cartel would know it was them.
  9. The scene in the park makes me think it's some version of Ed Harris. That predator speech was right up his alley.
  10. kevwun

    Tiger King

    There was no way they could make this a serious expose with the people involved in it. All of them are lying and figuring out what is actually true is impossible.
  11. The next time we go to New Orleans, I am gonna drink enough to end up on an episode of Cops.
  12. kevwun

    Tiger King

    He was the inspiration for Tony Montana. And yes he was the most normal person out of the cat people. I feel that the park using out of date Wal Mart meat in the pizza place in the park is being unfairly glossed over. I hope none of you fuckers who visited the park ate there.
  13. Madame Guillotine was created for situations like this.
  14. We're gonna have more cases than the rest of the world combined in short order at this rate of growth.
  15. It's just like Obama to sabotage the development of tests for a virus that didn't exist during his term of office.
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