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  1. I'm watching this show until it gets cancelled because it is historically bad and I don't want to miss experiencing it. Does Rob Lowe need money for stem cells or a drug addiction? I have no clue why he agreed to be part of this.
  2. So are the chances that Trump/Kushner asked MBS to go after Bezos at 99.99% or an even 100%?
  3. The cleaner your fire burns, the longer it will take to get a darker color. Be it an egg cooker using charcoal or a good offset that draws nicely.
  4. I am very happy we went back to springs. I don't wake up with a backache every morning and it's much cooler.
  5. I bet 99.9% of mlb players know it which is why almost no one has come out in support of Fiers other than Darvish and he's still trying to desperately convince himself it wasn't his glove position that was giving away his breaking stuff.
  6. That picture of Judge with the lump under his jersey is a fucking buzzer.
  7. This is like if one team had gotten singled out and punished for having a bowl of greenies in the clubhouse back in the day.
  8. Altuve routinely swings at balls in the dirt or over his head. That's all the proof you need that he wasn't doing it.
  9. It was a really good season until the last 2 minutes. Why would people voluntarily travel to the the Nazis won universe? I don't get that at all. They're just really nice people and want to help rebuild a different universe?
  10. I think the Red Sox and Yankees should also fire their gm's.
  11. I hate everything.
  12. Gonna cook my first wagyu brisket on Sunday for the Packers game assuming my fil can find one this week. Some friends did one a couple months ago and it was great.
  13. You'll get a former Rutgers coach and like it.
  14. Johnny Cash and The Carter Family were the backbone of the series because they ran from the beginning of the time period all the way to the end. I have no problem with that because it makes sense and because Johnny Cash is fucking awesome. I don't think there was one episode that didn't hit me right in the feels. Still remember riding around with my grandpa is his old work truck and listening to Roseanne sing Tennessee Flat Top Box.
  15. I "After a nationwide search, we came to the conclusion that Drew Mehringer really is the best fit for us. I'm really excited about working with him again. He's learned a lot in the last month."
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