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  1. We need Mike Bloomberg because women love abusive bosses who tell them to abort their babies.
  2. Here's what I said that you got mad about: "This is the "vetting" that the centrists have been foretelling for years. This is what they have. Decorum and aesthetics. They don't care about poor people, vulnerable people, they care about their Thanksgiving dinners being nicer." If you're not a centrist, why would an insult against centrists offend you personally?
  3. White people on the center-left and the center-right have basically the exact same beliefs about minorities.
  4. Proud Boys showed up to the 10k+ Bernie rally in California today. We have the on-the-ground infrastructure to beat the CHUDs. Join the good guys!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. One of the powerful things about becoming a supporter of Bernie is that it makes you white and male. It's like magic. And we are unified, bearded, and 21-32 years old.
  6. Absolute scum. A disgusting, disgusting piece of trash.
  7. Two black women. One Jewish fishtank afficionado. Terrifying.
  8. I really hope Bernie wins the nomination. If that happens, I'm going to be so excited once we inject you guys with the virus and you guys become Bernie Bros because it's fucking awesome to look at the world and have a seed of hope blossoming in your soul that we can work together to build a beautiful future.
  9. I will demand that whoever got the most delegates out of the field become the nominee and I will vote for no one else. I like democracy. I think the expressed will of the people is supreme.
  10. "I love Bernie and am appreciative for everything he's done. I, however, see things slightly differently." "The energy in Bernie's movement is exactly what we need to defeat Donald Trump, and I hope I can convince all of his passionate supporters that I share their goals for..." Sure, let's choose the candidate with the highest favorables, great head-to-heads against Trump, and great head-to-heads against the other Dem candidates. The one who is a fundraising juggernaut. The one with an army of passionate devotees who will advocate day and night for his victory. I agree. I'm glad you're feeling the Bern, too.
  11. What is it you have to say? I mean this sincerely. What are you concerns that are remaining unaddressed?
  12. If true, this should leave those worried about turnout very very satisfied.
  13. Sanders would've won in 2016. He will win in 2020.
  14. Bernie does better with independents than any other candidate.
  15. I gave you evidence of Bloomberg buying influence. I gave you evidence of him being a Republican. You have the truth, you just don't want to see it.
  16. Dear Tom Perez, I am not going to vote for Mike Bloomberg. Hundreds of thousands, probably even millions of progressives like me are not, either. Most of us are going to actively encourage others not to, either. Go ahead and cry about it if you want, but we are letting you know ahead of time so you can plan accordingly. Best of luck! b_t
  17. In your mind, is the only way to buy influence with a politician to hand them an envelope full of cash? Because if so, you're wrong Bloomberg, an independent candidate, has spent $245 million of his $16 billion fortune on this and his previous two mayoral campaigns. He has also come under fire for using political leverage to circumvent term limits that would have precluded the third term he is now all but guaranteed. Why did you put quotation marks around "sexual assault"? Who said that? It's very sad that you're doing all this for Mike for free. So many out there getting paid by him but here you are... it's pathetic, really.
  18. The evidence for his "Republican leanings" is that he was a Republican his whole life and "changed parties" (whatever that actually means) in late 2018. Is this a joke? Did you notice the GIANT fucking circle directly over NYC? I explained it in the post. He funded projects for local officials via his charity and bought their allegiance doing so.
  19. Mike Bloomberg isn't running to beat Trump, he's running to beat Bernie. Don't get confused.
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