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  1. no, that's crazy unless you actually work at the store. I was just saying there's nothing wrong with milk. https://hal.inria.fr/hal-01667476/document Basically, most everyone in Europe and America, along with Iran and India speak a language (Germanic, Celtic, Greek, Latin, Hindi, Persian) that comes from what are called the Proto Indo-Europeans. They lived somewhere north of the Black Sea 6,000-8,000 years ago. One theory on why these people were able to conquer or at least dominate such a wide swath of land is that they were the original population that developed lactose tolerance as adults.
  2. Geoff Ketchum is a(n) (fat) ass.
  3. lol milk is literally one of the reasons why we speak English and Spanish is one of the most spoken languages in the world
  4. Yeah they said it was a German cruise ship full of mercenaries to come attack them
  5. Their Navy just tried to hijack a cruise ship. It didn't end well for them. Venezuelan naval boat rams passenger cruise liner, damages itself, sinks
  6. What's the difference here? They're just two slightly different imaginary lines based on guesses
  7. Just saw that Artemis Fowl will debut on Disney+ instead of the theaters this summer.
  8. Now that we all have a lot more time at home with our kids, I'm interested in what list everyone has of movies that they have made their kids watch. I've got this list so far, Back to the Future Princess Bride Bill and Ted Jurassic Park Karate Kid Goonies
  9. this must be why we kept shaka smart.
  10. anyone used https://gridplus.io/energy ? they're giving me rates of $.09 /kwh for 1000 kwh ($.095 for 500kwh)
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