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  1. higher? I thought Ash wanted to be the very best... like no one ever was.
  2. how often do you upgrade phones? 5G won't be ready for mass adoption till 2021 probably. Tmobile has a more widespread mid-band 5G coming out next year but the speeds are more 4G+ than the millimeter band 5G others are using. Of course millimeter 5G won't go through walls and only reaches about 50 yards or something. Anyways, if you really want 5G to future proof your phone, wait till next year. Pretty much every flagship should have 5G next year - https://www.droid-life.com/2019/12/05/your-new-phone-in-2020-is-going-to-have-5g-whether-you-are-ready-or-not/. The Snapdragon 865 chipset should cover just about every band that will be used for 5G. I think the ones out now don't have complete band coverage.
  3. if that shitty non-existent game planning took up too much time, there's probably not enough hours in the day for him to do competent game planning.
  4. how else am I supposed to get my vegetables in?
  5. he's probably more of a sensible chuckle kind of guy
  6. plus bacon and jalapenos. and dominos has shredded parmesan asiago as a "topping" which is great. The boy always gets pepperoni and mushrooms, though he's not really a picky eater, that's just his favorite. So I got him that and the wife and I the large 8 topping with the specialty pizza trick. He went straight to that one and hardly had any of his "favorite".
  7. I thought he already had surgery. Was this to clean up the scar tissue?
  8. needs a better title here. how about "Fresh Droppings from the Roach Motel"? "It's 1am on a wet night. There's an old moldy smell in the air, the a/c is dripping and the floor is sticky. However the walls are thin. So grab a glass and join me in holding it up to the wall as we see what juicy droppings we can overhear at... The Roach Motel"
  9. I haven't gotten any, wonder why? because I bought my phone unlocked with no carrier software? or because I technically live outside of city limits I guess?
  10. hey man, enjoy paying $20 for pizza when you could have almost as good for $5 with a little forethought. I will admit I don't have a bunch of little kids in my house so it's certainly easier to placate my one preteen while it thaws. though if you do order, I found a trick on the dominos app for cheaper 8 topping pizzas. If you get a large 8 topping regularly it will be over $23. But if you instead order a pacific veggie pizza, then remove the veggie toppings you don't want, and replace them with meat or whatever toppings you do want it comes out to $12.99 if you use the specialty pizza coupon.
  11. I thought Moffs were more region governors. The Grand Admiral is the equivalent to a 5 star general. Edit: https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/Grand_Moff
  12. To me Navy says, I'm here for business, while Orange says I'm here to party.
  13. The whole mold scare was mostly media hysteria https://skeptoid.com/episodes/4494 Maybe he had an allergy or weakened immune system? The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention describes the possible health effects of mold:
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