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  1. Oh look at the Iowa State fan telling us about disappointing football seasons
  2. It's LSU right now depending on their coach. Once again all the Texas players are looking for a reason not to go to Texas
  3. Paul sounding great He forgot he had a plastic baggy in his guitar
  4. so Jones is saying the white guys are only playing because racist donors are making Sark? The problem with that is we've seen their non-white backups and they're not obviously better and in fact, the ones that are marginally better are starting now.
  5. I guess we'll see if that's true if Xavier and/or Bijan hit the portal
  6. this was my take as well. He was talking about the whole QB room not just Casey. You don't advocate for a transfer QB if you think there's a starter quality guy in the room already.
  7. It's also the correct response. Stuff like this getting out is the reason JSN isn't on the team.
  8. I'm an old millennial and I certainly remember who kriss kross is.
  9. does he get a new one done or just reuse the old one?
  10. so will saban try to push him away from sark or jimbo?
  11. seems to me Harris is trying to fake it till you make it, but still hasn't made it yet.
  12. There's just no way I buy all this recruiting sunshine the services are selling right now.
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