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  1. working for Five Tool now instead of just the big tool.
  2. The quick nexus reference in the commercial seems like it's going to be a big deal going forward.
  3. Yeah I solved it by deleting tapa
  4. That's too late to reach out for transfer that oklahoma wants.
  5. It's not optimal, but I feel a lot more confident about flipping a player from SMU than OU so I think it's still a positive.
  6. I thought they just had Loki on Wednesday because the day is named after Odin.
  7. XXL's will usually end up in the bargain bin anyway, might as well send some out as advertising.
  8. BoB: Arch I can't wait to get you here at Alabama. Can you just imagine the G5 RB I could get for you in a trade?
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