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  1. did you not see his avatar? a thot like that you have to blame it on the juice.
  2. Viper

    The Stephen King Thread

    Was that the one read by Stephen King? The sound effects were neat
  3. I thought this is what he meant at first. With the OP I should have known better
  4. I'm pretty sure Gerry started talking him up as soon as he got to IT
  5. awesome man, love those guys. can't wait for the next anime house
  6. anyone using rage's uverse subs? i wanted to see how it works and how you're getting it on your tv (chromecast, roku, appletv, etc)
  7. did he have a lot of spelling errors from his fingers being too big to hit just one key? if so then yeah it was probably him.
  8. in my area, houston, comcast 100 mbps is $35 for 1 year.
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