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  1. so he was named after the inhabitants of an ancient Greek city in Turkey?
  2. yeah I get that, but there are (were?) a small supply of vaccines. Every young healthy person vaccinated means an older vulnerable person remains unvaccinated. I'm guessing (but not completely sure) that the numbers say protecting the vulnerable will lead to fewer deaths than reducing spread from grocery workers and teachers or else, why would +65 have priority in the first place.
  3. You keep saying that without any supporting data whatsoever... Without robust contract tracing, that study is rather useless. Throw in kids largely being asymptomatic and how the hell can glean anything meaningful. It's nice that you know so much, but I, personally, don't have time to do an in depth study of all this stuff so I have to usually just trust the science in these cases.
  4. wouldn't putting all these young healthy people in 1b just result in more old people dying of it?
  5. so are all these available shots pent up supply from the snow storm or a sign of a mass production ramp up? or a little of both?
  6. I liked it. Worth a watch if you've got nothing else going on. It was really early in his career so he didn't have the whole Jessie Eisenberg shtich down yet.
  7. I don't know if it will be that in particular, but whatever it is, I'm betting it directly leads to Dr. Strange 2.
  8. plus what good is testing that takes 3-4 days to return a result?
  9. yeah that's what I was getting at. I could buy that theory but I think it's too late to reveal it now with only one episode left and so much already explained
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