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  1. Look for the abrieviated episode list up thread. There's no need to watch every episode. Rebels is a lot tighter and shorter so you should probably watch every episode of it.
  2. There's a lot to make fun of with looch's answers to the football questions, but damn those non football questions are just weird. All the losers obsessed with how much partying he did on burbon St, and when he's going out to lunch with the guys again. It's like they're all trying to vicariously live through loochie
  3. how is anyone that was around for the 2005 Rose Bowl selection surprised by this?
  4. Maybe they didn't pick up on the tone of your post
  5. that he doesn't exist anymore. He's now Dwight McGlothern Jr 3* CB Klein Oak, Texas
  6. Harvdog is surprised you got this reference
  7. yeah I'm guessing there's more in the court petitions. anyone know how to get those?
  8. This guy is one of my wife's managers. The people in the office just found out and HR is collecting statements from anyone in the office he's been "creepy" or inappropriate with. Can anyone get their hands on the court documents? Is the case still pending? Does she have a case? I'm not sure if being super creepy is something you can sue over, but I guess there's got to be something. https://abc13.com/5470984/
  9. Well not seen. More like heard rhythmic slapping noises.
  10. From IT, Byrd talking about local schools:
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