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  1. That's a good endorsement. I thought she might endorse Warren and perhaps she was waiting until right before Iowa to see who was leading between Liz and Bernie.
  2. There's kinds of fucks are why I'm all for Bernie to shame them in their own states to drive support.
  3. This is some weird heinous shit. Won't be surprised if Reid jumps on the "he's an anti-semite" train soon.
  4. She's absolutely positioned herself as such, otherwise why start releasing plans where you're already set in a compromise of negotiating before even the first primary or caucus. At this point it's moot because unless polling is extremely inaccurate she doesn't have a chance. If Bernie is antagonistic then that's fine, because a lot of us young people are tired of a party that refuses to adapt without someone from the outside mounting a tremendous amount of pressure on the party apparatus. He absolutely has a moment of behind him if you bother to look at any of his rallies or pulling among people who are less than 40.
  5. Love the extremely long history of the Democratic party really improving our lives with incrementalism. It's why DSA candidates aren't becoming more popular!
  6. I'm just going to be livid if Pete and Biden get a noticeable boost come Feb 3rd because of this. I really really hope his strategy of going at disenfranchised and first-time voters (that don't show up in polling numbers) is going to pay off.
  7. @bad_teammate do you think it's going to hurt him being basically stuck almost the entire time in DC through the early states?
  8. nm, fuck Derty Berd looks like he's someone's sock. We've been through this a million times
  9. I think it's overblown, but it is a primary. 2008 was significantly more nasty
  10. Lee Carter, the Democratic Socialist in the VA House, is going to stay a safe house on Monday because of the numerous death threats. The saddest part? You stupid inbred gun-fucks are threatening an ally, someone who is very pro 2A and thinks a leftist movement should have the right to bear arms (which I don't really agree with all that much), but uneducated knuckle-draggers see socialist and have been conditioned to think gulags for anyone who doesn't support liberalism (which is different than real leftism).
  11. Could we just go ahead and call these militia groups terrorists?
  12. Not surprising, the front-runners are spending their energy in the earliest of the early states and Steyer, the billionaire, is running non-stop TV ads in the later states where he has a longer amount of time to influence opinion.
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