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  1. Holy shit that was a hell of a play.
  2. As a Hawks fan that was quite satisfying to see. Anything else after this gravy considering how rough they looked before Nate McMillan took over.
  3. lmbo, better fire up my GPUs to start mining cryptobuttcoins again.
  4. This is fucking insane, I get COVID and all it's great to see a moment like this with a big crowd with your dude-bros but give the fucking man some space.
  5. God fucking dammit this sucks, like everyone else has said I really feel for Sam and his mom.
  6. god damn these women are so good, what an insane volley
  7. What is the humidity there? Every single one of these player's hair look statically charged.
  8. Lol, Braves got a complete makeup call after review just now. Runner was called safe after stealing second and there was no clear video that he was out, yet replay said he was.
  9. Man, that has to be the call that was upheld by replay this year easily.
  10. This fucking game starting at 10:13 Eastern time is no bueno.
  11. Also, seconded that changing from Thur-Sun to Fri-Mon is an absolute bitch move.
  12. That is one white bread ass team.
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