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  1. I'm a leftist, I want Biden to quit punching left about how he beat the "Socialist," acknowledge we need to literally get this country to be emission free in the next 15 years if we want to prevent the biggest mass-migration we've seen in a century, as well as acknowledging we need a single-payer government ran healthcare system where health insurance companies don't have a say in denying your coverage over the most flimsy of reasons. Biden's campaign has pushed hard towards the center, yes despite whatever his campaign website has said, and his body of work as a legislator has only hurt the poor and non-white. They need to quit recruiting former Michigan governors that helped poisoned their own citizens to save money to speak at their conventions. That all said, this is a harm reduction vote because the GOP is going to completely eliminate whatever Trump is a fascist and would be exiled from this country under a just governing system, he's an evil human being and doesn't deserve to draw breath into his lungs.
  2. Finally back after a looooooooong needed break from this shit. Given how many of the posters in here are lawyers, I hope y'all are talking to your law friends about the potential for a Brooks Brothers riot at every major polling place since the Consent Decree has expired. I'm expecting every swing state to see crazy shenanigans to basically block counting of all absentee/mail and ballots. Georgia is polling basically dead even and I know Texas is close as well. I despise Biden but I'll be damned if I don't vote the second my ballot comes in. I just saw my parents for the first time this year and I cannot believe how much more brain poisioned my dad is from just watching Fox news all day.
  3. I took a long break from this board and just checked in today after watching the longhorns piss their pants and blowing the lead. I turned the game off and only kept checking the score on my phone and couldn't believe they won. I hope Herman is gone if he doesn't win the Big 12 because this is pathetic regardless of the win.
  4. Holy shit, Biden couldn't keep straight who was his sister and who was his wife.
  5. I follow tons of Bernie "bros" on twitter and never have seen this guy from my recollection. It's a shitty take, it's not something I'm seeing repeated all over the official bro talking points.
  6. Whereas our shitty and very corrupt Governor who didn't resign as SoS and his newly appointed SoS got us some similar machines, BUT you do not see the names of your selected candidates at all. It's up to the system itself to decode the QR code properly meaning you literally can't have a third independent party verify your votes.
  7. One primary in one state, Bernie will probably get a huge popular vote lead after all of California turns in and they are on track to break turnout records too. That doesn't mean anything come November right now, there's going to be so much shit flinging between the convention and the general.
  8. If South Carolina flips in the general election or even more districts because of Joe then awesome, the whole ballgame will be changed in electoral politics. I grew up right next to SC and live in Georgia, they don't have the kind of electorate that you saw which flipped suburban districts in Texas, Virginia, or North Carolina.
  9. My point is that it will take a perfect storm of chances to lose the House regardless of whoever is at the top of the ticket, winning the presidency is a whole other matter.
  10. I definitely went through that stage of grief last night, going to still work like hell for Bernie but I'll reluctantly vote for Joe if he gets the most delegates.
  11. We can argue fairly about Bernie's chances against Trump, but there is probably just as much of an equal chance (that is damn near zero percent) that we lose the House with Bernie or Biden at the ticket. You aren't going to see huge turnout for Biden either. Edit: B_T pointed this out too, Biden actively shit on the youth movement in this country. They aren't going to be enthused to vote for him no matter how much Trump is worse.
  12. God damn, there's a reason he hasn't done but a couple of rallies in Super Tuesday states thus far.
  13. Yep, going to be tough if she stays in past Super Tuesday.
  14. God damn I love Sam Seder, I think he's been friends with H. Jon Benjamin for a while now.
  15. It's a big deal because Bernie could get a huge lead or have only a very modest lead depending on how many candidates get above 15%.
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