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  1. That big boy kicked the fuck out of the ball to get them into OT only for the QB to make an awful decision to throw into double coverage.
  2. How are we feeling about Sark? I didn't get to watch much of the Arkansas game but it seems like the offense is getting their shit together. Obviously the secondary getting burned repeatedly is a big concern, but I can't remember the last time the offense put up this many points in three quarters.
  3. FUUUUUCK, damn near got that
  4. LOL, Robinson going to get Tata fired and have him go back just to get coached again at Atlanta United. A-T-L HOE
  5. How was that not a red?
  6. Us Hawks fans are familiar with that as well.
  7. God damn, jesus lord that was the most anti-Atlanta thing I've ever seen. Fucking Nate McMillian has absolutely unlocked our dudes. nate_mac.mp4
  8. Holy shit that was a hell of a play.
  9. As a Hawks fan that was quite satisfying to see. Anything else after this gravy considering how rough they looked before Nate McMillan took over.
  10. lmbo, better fire up my GPUs to start mining cryptobuttcoins again.
  11. This is fucking insane, I get COVID and all it's great to see a moment like this with a big crowd with your dude-bros but give the fucking man some space.
  12. God fucking dammit this sucks, like everyone else has said I really feel for Sam and his mom.
  13. god damn these women are so good, what an insane volley
  14. What is the humidity there? Every single one of these player's hair look statically charged.
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