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  1. Annnnd I have him on my bench lol, fuck sports.
  2. Really want Quinn and Dimitroff gone, probably the only time I was ever rooting for the Saints and the Falcons still F that up. Oh well, at least Georgia Southern's Younghoe Koo has looked good today.
  3. Yeah, laughing about Greenwald is a great look when he just helped Lula get released as a political prisoner.
  4. Yep, we should be reliant upon the generosity of billionaires to solve our health crises, not actual funding of the NSF/NIH and other non-profit entities.
  5. So you're just trying to shit on Hugo for any reason?
  6. It would be easier to just say that listening to a libertarian publication is stupid. The last place I'm looking for good critical thinking analysis is Reason. They'd be publishing piece after piece attacking the New Deal, Social Security, and Medicare if it existed at that time.
  7. Holy shit, I'm guessing she doesn't slap him upside his head?
  8. The zealotry that you claim he has is something that is shared among a lot of young people in this country, especially those who aren't white (millennials are the most diverse group and zoomers probably will exceed that). The idea that we should prevent anyone from earning a billion dollars in this country is not an extreme view of people I know who are around my age (mid-30s and younger). This board's average age is probably in the low 50s, there is a noticeable difference even among Democrats here in comparison to other boards I post on where the average age is closer to mine.
  9. Not really if you pay attention at all to the ideas and politicians that Millennials and Zoomers support.
  10. For everyone one of you who bitches about BT being too extreme, are you just dumb as hell or completely ignorant of how much wealth inequality there is in this country and how it's continually getting worse? Like this shit is going to lead to pitchforks at some point, it is not sustainable.
  11. Anyone who makes a billion dollars has not done so ethically, it's pretty simple. Gates was a ruthless piece of shit early in his career, he's just getting news and media idiots to help rehab his image now.
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