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  1. This fucking game starting at 10:13 Eastern time is no bueno.
  2. Also, seconded that changing from Thur-Sun to Fri-Mon is an absolute bitch move.
  3. That is one white bread ass team.
  4. Loved seeing Shaka and Coleman savor that win, meant so much to them both.
  5. Seriously, they need to just get all the teams in Indy so they can start quarantining.
  6. That fucking charging foul, give me a fucking break.
  7. Haven't watched Baylor much, and yes I know KU isn't great this year, but they are fucking manhandling Kansas right now early on.
  8. Jesus fucking christ, not a flagrant.
  9. Georgia has always been a very Black state, but there's been so much history of suppression through tickey-tack means in the past 20 years and then especially after Shelby County v. Holder. The suburbs here getting insanely diverse and flipping has helped activate a ton of the Black vote you see in the more rural counties. It also helps, unlike Florida, that a bunch of old conservative white retirees aren't coming here.
  10. Again I don't think they've reported how many absentee ballots many of the big counties received today that they can process.
  11. They did the same thing during the general election. Savannah poll workers aren't dealing with this shit after 11pm haha.
  12. There's so much more outstanding vote for Ossoff where DeKalb outperformed it's e-day vote in November that there's barely a chance Perdue wins. We don't even know how many absentee ballots were turned into today that they haven't even processed.
  13. Hahhahahahhahaha, he is a cuck but he likely got death threats after Trump started screaming about Georgia in particular being rigged. I have a little bit of respect for him going on CNN and saying this.
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