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  1. Never good when Pierce is coaching.
  2. Deej

    the USFL is back

    Like Fisher could put up 51 on anybody with a pulse.
  3. The things I would do to Parker Posey. I think Everybody Wants Some is less popular than Dazed because everyone had the high school experience. A small fraction had the experience on playing sports at any level in college.
  4. This group of losers doesn't even deserve Tucson.
  5. Deej

    the USFL is back

    We can all agree that that Texas Longhorns would lose to all but Jeff Fisher's team, no?
  6. Much like Jimbo getting sexually aroused by someone else fucking his wife.
  7. Bring back Nigella Lawson and let me be at the judges table for those three.
  8. Deej

    The Recession

    Your guitar buying may single-handedly pull us out of any recession.
  9. Win or lose, people will still make jokes about aggy.
  10. So he's not sweeping her chimney?
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