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  1. Breakfast tacos rock with homemade tortillas. I'm looking at you, gringo taco places.
  2. So it's the slurping noise that's the problem.
  3. Nothing like 90+ after a few weeks of rain to really make it pleasant outside.
  4. Non-runny eggs are the equivalent of a well-done steak.
  5. Pan-fried crappie and some runny eggs.
  6. How bad is your medical condition that you're willing to risk taint cancer to correct it?
  7. Just exactly where are they holding meetings? In a 7-11?
  8. My basset/heeler mix will shred just about any toy in minutes. The only ones she doesn't are the ones made out of the latex material. These last forever:
  9. We know how poorly they handle competition.
  10. I'm sure it was less than the recommended daily allowance.
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