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  1. Deej

    Cowboys @ Lions

    Just seeing who gets triggered.
  2. He couldn't make it because he was pulled over by a racist cop on his way to the workout?
  3. This been mentioned, yet?
  4. My Classic Vibe 50's is the only guitar I regret selling off. They are made in Indonesia, now, so not sure about the new ones.
  5. Deej

    Cowboys @ Lions

    Jason Garrett, next UT coach.
  6. Deej

    Cowboys @ Lions

    Well, he's not a Cowboy.
  7. We should just swap Herman and Shaka. How much worse could it be?
  8. Maybe we could have held him up and pushed him into the endzone?
  9. Fuck OU, but fuck Baylor for letting rapists run wild on campus and not paying any price for it.
  10. SC goes tempo and the aggy "injuries" begin.
  11. Bought a bag today. Barely any flavor. Must have gotten a bad one.
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