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  1. The neighborhood seems pretty locked down, so that's a good thing.
  2. I had three weeks of being beat down by some respiratory shit from late February to mid-March.
  3. I'm at Rundberg/Lamar in 78753. Up to 7, from 5 two days ago.
  4. Great atmosphere, but menu is a bit stale after all these years.
  5. I think I spent more than that on Chrystal Waters at the Yellow Rose once.
  6. I had two Don Juan tacos takeout from Juan in a Million today. No regrets.
  7. "What is something never said by Wuhan residents?"
  8. Maybe you'll lose a bunch of weight during the quarantine?
  9. Best part of this pandemic? I still have the Gibson Custom Shop 339 in my possession. I can unload it for $1500 at this point. He's getting desperate. That's $1100 off the new price.
  10. Still working, but every other day. Fucking with my sleep schedule, so my mental health is suffering more than a bit.
  11. Deej

    Tiger King

    Makes it easier for her tigers to catch her husbands.
  12. When I was at UT, tuition was $16 an hour. I didn't feel too badly about missing a class. If I was paying today's prices, I'd be there every single day.
  13. Looks like the "aggy stages of grief" girls are getting the band back together.
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