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  1. If only he could have held out until Fitlump had time to fix everything.
  2. Haha. I have a heeler/basset mix. She was a whole lot of heeler, albeit with short legs, until she turned 5. Now she's like your photo.
  3. I built a 16x20 foot colonial-style shed and had everything delivered by Lowe's. Not a bad piece of lumber in the whole lot. YMMV.
  4. Couldn't you just give me one token, please? I can't do that. I may lose my job. Well, who would know... exactly? I could go to a party, get drunk, talk to someone... who knows
  5. Just remind her how many purses and pairs of shoes she has. Then start looking for an apartment.
  6. No, but some dumbass started a "Surly got Mike Stoops" fired thread.
  7. Not as amusing as believing a bunch of people bitching about the hire on this board in the middle of the night nixed the deal.
  8. You, Goredho, and myself all have 2019 Standards that we love. Small sample size, but Gibson seems to be moving in the right direction.
  9. I say we get Pole Assassin on the board and groom her for a council run. Out-Fitlump Fitlump.
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