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  1. Takes her "client's" payments and transfers it to recruits?
  2. Throwing the ball away, or taking a sack on a 4th down attempt.
  3. Go back to A&M tomorrow with Blue. If blood work looks good, we should be done. Wish us luck.
  4. Every loss is an SEC loss when you SEC, even if the opponent isn't.
  5. The trainers we had in high school in the 80's were better than that staff.
  6. Mack was so fucking timid in his approach to OU every year. That tells you everything you need to know about the man.
  7. Please direct me to the place that sells pedals for $8.99.
  8. Two of my dogs eat Pro Plan. They are just as healthy as when I fed them food that cost twice as much. My third dog had a liver shunt that had to be surgically repaired and will be on prescription food (Royal Canin Hepatic formula) that runs me about 160 bucks every five weeks, for kibble and canned. FML. I also make her a mix rice, chicken thighs, green beans, cottage cheese, and canola oil to help slow the amount of dog food I'm buying for her.
  9. However long dealer prep time takes on an F-250.
  10. Next season will be Texum Bulldogs with Jimbo Fisher. "Wait, we thought this was Blinn."
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