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  1. The Yamaha FG series guitars punch well above their weight. The neck on mine isn't too big and is very comfortable to play.
  2. Deej

    Below Deck

    We know for a fact Hanna gets fired? I just can't stand her in the least bit. Just a horrible person with the face of a prairie dog with a glandular issue. Hoping Bugsy send her over the edge.
  3. Adler is done. He can only serve two terms. What votes is he worried about?
  4. I think you forgot that they will still only have an aggy diploma.
  5. Too Beaucoup Country?
  6. How about renaming them "Dallas' Bitch"? Series record 73-45-2
  7. So she'll need to pull her ovaries back off the table? Good luck with that.
  8. Lin-Manuel Miranda is the weakest part of Hamilton. I get he created and wrote it, but that shouldn't entitle him to play the lead.
  9. Except for the guy who only fished, didn't catch anything, then quit after trying to hunt for one day.
  10. "What's a Texas county mountie doing in Rochester?"
  11. Epiphone releasing a 59 Les Paul model with Gibson pups, wiring and hardware, plus a long tenon neck joint.
  12. If a compromise is reached that allows a version of "The Eyes of Texas" to continue being played, can it include a provision that the band play it at the correct tempo?
  13. Visited a great aunt in Pelican Rapids once. Dad was from Fergus Falls.
  14. Well, we likely don’t have football this year, or if we do, it get’s cancelled at some point during the season. Don’t tell me they won’t claim it.
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