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  1. Some controversy. https://www.comingsoon.net/movies/news/574376-searching-for-sugar-man-true-story-or-the-making-of-a-myth
  2. It's for sale. Listed it at 1800, which is more than fair after looking at Reverb. I told him if one of you guys bought it, he's gonna get 1700. He was good with that.
  3. To be fair, the second person in the photo is Rob Lowe. But, yeah...
  4. Damn it. Now I need to come up with the scratch to buy this thing. He is going to pay me a commission if I sell it, so I figure I can take that off the top. Ran the serial # and it's a 2015.
  5. So, guy at work just brought me his guitar. It's a 339 . It's the Custom shop model. Need to take it home and clean it up, then try to sell it.
  6. This should be the center square of any "JHawk post" bingo card.
  7. She probably gave him some play just for trying to fuck over the dying kid.
  8. Do you not care about our intramural ping pong team?
  9. Slapped her on the ass and rode the first wave in.
  10. Even Russell Simmons wouldn't rape Oprah, and he rapes everyone. (allegedly)
  11. They will be missing an opportunity if they don't have Johnny Football floating around out there in an inflatable swan.
  12. Back when she was married to Chris Martin. It's got double the pussy smell.
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