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  1. Please... https://www.devdiscourse.com/article/entertainment/1611854-mindhunter-season-3-updates-david-fincher-reportedly-in-contract-renewal-talks-with-netflix
  2. It's difficult after not seeing a pitch in the strike zone during the regionals and super regional.
  3. Gonna suck when you lose after 15 strikeouts.
  4. Fall behind in any sport and everyone here turns in to the biggest bunch of pussies.
  5. Empathy is driving a Lexus while some little kid has to walk to the corner store for his parents.
  6. Guys in the stands have already scored more with her than Austin FC will score goals all season.
  7. Deej

    Mad Men

    You can purchase the entire series right now through Vudu for $29.99.
  8. I still think she wins it all. TC is gonna be woke. They are keeping her around for a reason. Shota had the misfortune of this being filmed before all the Asian hate crime stuff made the news. Bravo was catching a lot of shit before this season for its lack of diversity.
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