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  1. Is it the real deal, or Hill Country Fare coronavirus? https://www.fox7austin.com/news/austin-heb-employee-tests-positive-for-covid-19
  2. He got another job in the building, though. They need to get rid of Dale. Bob, Matt, and Chuy are actually much more listenable when he's not there.
  3. Cheap? The one by me advertises 10 piece legs and thighs for $14.99. Their catfish is legit, though.
  4. Ignoring social distancing, though.
  5. Deej

    Bread Thread

    Jalapeno cheddar beer bread.
  6. Deej

    Bread Thread

    Judging by the lack of yeast and flour available, most people's gluten allergies were complete bullshit
  7. "What's the deal with this coronavirus?"
  8. I thought I read they concluded is was just residual.
  9. Jordan, Bird, Magic wouldn't have pulled shit like that why they will always be ahead of him.
  10. Remember Kobe being a bitch and only taking 3 shots in the second half of game 7 of the finals to prove some kind of a point? Duncan wouldn't have pulled that shit.
  11. Defeated? https://www.irishpost.com/news/cat-belgium-becomes-first-feline-planet-catch-coronavirus-182424 Just another reason not to own a cat
  12. 30 year old American strat? PM me.
  13. You should stick with acoustic and tell me how much you want for the old strat.
  14. Bird belongs in any top five. If you think Duncan was a product of the system he played in and couldn't be depended upon to step up in big situations, you're being foolish. That guy would have been great anywhere. He suffers from not being flashy. Plug any other power forward in his place and the Spurs would have been a slightly above average team.
  15. Deej

    Eddie Sutton

  16. And then I thought to myself, "When am I going to be in the Philippines again?"
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