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  1. How many people did Benny Hill abduct? He seemed like a real perv.
  2. Deej

    Below Deck

    I don't think what happens on "Below Deck" is indicative of what would happen on a regular charter without Bravo pulling the strings.
  3. Fuck everyone who thinks this shit is over. Mask up.
  4. Can't it be? They were off pretending to win wars for a good chunk of that.
  5. Deej


    Only reason for the seeded bun is so you can identify which shit contained the burger you ate.
  6. Deej


    They're really skimping on the fries. And did you have them hold everything on the burger? WTF, man?
  7. Deej


    He played like a wet fart last season.
  8. Deej

    Below Deck

    Eddie didn't get re-signed because of the n-word controversy last season, I bet. He wasn't sensitive enough about it.
  9. Deej

    Mad Men

    "Pete Campbell's plane was shot down over the Sea of Japan. It spun in. There were no survivors."
  10. Deej

    Below Deck

    I watched it this morning as I was getting ready for work and that popped when I was brushing my teeth. I literally ran in to the bathroom and dry heaved in the sink. Fuck you, Peacock.
  11. I thought it would hurt more to sell mine. It didn't. Already culling through more of my gear.
  12. They better remember to clean the lint filter or those tanks will catch fire..
  13. Berkowitz's defense will be that his neighbor's dog told him to do it.
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