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  1. Everyone has a camera on them at all times, now, yet we can't catch legitimate images of ghosts and such. "It's because everything is digital, now." Fucking analog ghosts
  2. Geez...Daytona News-Journal... "Ryan Newman, who was trying to win his second Daytona 500, had a wild ride as his No. 6 Ford flipped and caught on fire in a crash at the finish line."
  3. What if we just change the locks?
  4. FYI, if you want to catch up on the new season and more, you can get HBO through Amazon Prime Video for the next three months for $10 a month.
  5. Deej


    Is it a feel good story about a UT basketball coach changing the life of a Pflugerville kid?
  6. Deej


    66 years old. Damn.
  7. Deej


    Christie Brinkley says "Hi!"
  8. Ok, really digging the white binding tape with that red. Plus, I wish Fender would use more of that darker Pau Ferro on their necks. Seen some really light, streaky necks out there.
  9. Looks like I need to move to South America or Siberia.
  10. Deej


    Yep, but she's turning into Carla Tortelli.
  11. This is never a problem with vintage-style split shafts. Leo Fender was the best.
  12. "Why would they make the strings that long if you aren't supposed to use all of them?" - tbone
  13. So, is this not correct?
  14. I always just get two wraps on the top two strings. I ain't fucking with trying to get a third.
  15. https://www.guitarplayer.com/technique/keith-richards and as you can see from the following, the 5th string is the root, and the sixth string is just in the way. https://www.guitar-chord.org/articles/open-g-tuning.html
  16. "So, guys, what did you think?" "WHAT?!?!?!?!"
  17. Low. Fat one. Top string. not necessary and actually lets you attack that 5th string harder.
  18. If you play any open tuning regularly, it's just easier to have a dedicated guitar for that tuning. Particularly for an Open G tuning. It's easier without the low E string, so it's not like just re-tuning. I keep a Tele in 5-string Open G at all times.
  19. They are fun guitars. Much greater than the sum of their parts. Dirt cheap, too.
  20. Not a single person on this thread would encourage you to buy that guitar. We would demand you buy it.
  21. Is it supposed to work any other way?
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