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  1. Welcome to the Guitar Pron thread.
  2. She's been plowing through cheese puffs. Do you really want a pic?
  3. That pimiento cheese is going to make their chicken even soggier. No thanks.
  4. Thanks. The gold guard complements my gold strat nicely.
  5. It's 1.75" at the nut. I was concerned the string spacing might be a bit much, but the neck is butter.
  6. Today's Stupid Deal of the Day is a G&L Tribute J Bass in Turquoise Mist for $299. https://www.musiciansfriend.com/stupid?source=3GOA5A9A
  7. I sat down last night and watched the entire thing. "May have contributed" is quite an understatement. Sickening the people in charge let that happen.
  8. That's both awesome and disgusting at the same time. That’s awesome. This is disgusting...
  9. Austin Vintage Guitars is just taunting me today...
  10. Still relatively cheap, too.
  11. Deej

    Below Deck

    5? I would guess 2 or 3. Some charters go for multiple episodes Maybe, but that was just week 16 of the TV season and usually the go for about 12 or 13 episodes. Seems like he's been there some time now. Kiko feels like ages ago. Either way, that bitch has no business being in the kitchen that much for 2 days.
  12. Deej

    Below Deck

    He’s done what, five? That’s two weeks of your bosun living in the galley.
  13. Deej

    Below Deck

    Yeah, but your bosun has been hanging out in the galley since your new chef arrived, through multiple charters. It’s been going on for at least a few weeks in real time.
  14. Buddy is trying to talk me into a Traynor YBA-1. Friends love to spend your money.
  15. Deej

    The Reggae Thread

    Old school Liberty Lunch fans remember. The white guy in the band with the blonde dreads lived across the street from me when they were big. I’m still high.
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