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  1. I checked back into respond to the mod thread and saw this. fattyflattie is one of my very favorite people here. I like a lot of folks, he's top 10 easily. Mostly because he's kind to me, like really kind. He's correct about the license plate thing, took care of me without me knowing it until I did. He's also really helped me with my truck, my RV, my fishing obsession. Some of my best friends are like him, and they have come a long way even when they fuck up a word here or there. The fact is, I love the outdoors, I love guns, fishing, boats, camping, rving, sailing all of it and there's a type of guy that I get along with where bridges are built. I know he's a work in progress, he told me so, he said he's trying. I believe him. I don't know what he said here and if it was something that was really bad, and I read it and messaged him, I know he would listen and he would learn. That's a lot more than I get from most everyone else in his political camp and if that's where he's started then that's more than I can ask for tbqh. and that's why he's my friend while the other shitsacks aren't. and this isn't to say others disagreeing with fatty aren't also good guys. @Captainant is one of them. And those two are friends for different reasons but they both matter to me.
  2. hi. for the record, I didn't send imma a message about any of this. I decided to dial back my participation by more than 99% because, well, this world is a shit show and I don't need to find refuge in an online version of it. The primary defense to being a raging asshole here is that we do it to everyone. That worked when I was, well like 28, but cruising toward 50 years old, that shit makes zero sense anymore. You know what make sense to me? Realizing people on this board have real lives, with pressures, hurts, sorrows, unmet expectations, losses, real fucking losses, the kind that could make you wish you were dead. There are people trying to make it in a world where divorce has them reeling, where alcohol calls their name every day, where mental illness is unrelenting, where kids break their hearts with drug abuse and failing grades, where spouses cheat, where parents die, where jobs are lost and dreams are broken. The folks I want to be around now are those that are self-aware, authentic, struggling and trying their best to be kind people. those folks are here, but they are mixed in with people like some on this thread that just aren't my kind anymore. I went on exactly one neg raid in 25 years and decided I'd had enough. I'm not going to nuke my persona here or permaban myself because truthfully there are actually people here that I care deeply about, even if I only know them on line. So without any message to imma I said my peace to my friends, I asked them to stay in touch, told them I would do the same, and I moved into the background where I will stay barring something that truly warrants my input. There's really nothing imma or anyone can do about it, too many people here think it's ok to make fun of others and I'm simply not down for that anymore. So if you think I'm a whiny bitch, have at it. you do you bro. I'm simply not down for hate, whether in the form of a joke or otherwise, not for anyone. be kind, have fun, the rest is background noise.
  3. Ok I have left the building for the most part but I made an exception to come back and say I am THE queen of the fly rod. It happened! thank the good lord above and all my living right, it happened. GT on a mother fucking fly rod!! BOOM!!! special thanks to my fishing homies @Pescado_Rojo @fattyflattie @justhookit@DefinitelyNotHollywoodColt @Pato del Muerto @Jerry Callo for sincere encouragement, advice and support. I am certain I have left someone out. Thank you to all of you. interestingly enough my guide was Marlon Brando’s son, Google Teihotu Brando and it’s known he is living a low key life as a worker at the Brando. Well, he’s the guide here in Tetioroa - spent most of his life in Tahiti and at one point was the only person living on the atoll staking his family’s rightful claim to the island after his father died and the first hotel failed. Today the hotel has a vibrant community of workers and tonight he invited us to share in their experience - more of a small Mexican fishing village beach bar than the villas that Obama called home for a month to write his memoir. We drank French rose (it’s French Polynesia after all), ate smoked chicken and listened to the favorite party music of the locals. My - now fiancé (yes we got engaged this week) - was patient for two days while I fished and fished and fished. But tonight we celebrated with Tahitians proper style. Today was full of memories I’ll never forget.
  4. The bullshit folks are allowed to post in the name of cheap humor - it’s disgusting. @immamac @hayden_horn and whoever else is in charge should be ashamed. Reasoned discourse isn’t wanted. And before anyone says I’m butt hurt you need to read what I actually wrote - I said things need to change. This isn’t about the swimmer it’s about allowing people to post vile crap about my people which means me. Fuck all of you that post vile garbage. Fuck all of you that allow it. Fuck all of you that don’t call it out. Y’all are assholes. For real. I’m out. This is the only place in my world that I have to listen to vile bullshit. Not a boat or RV thread, a fishing story or a baseball thread that warrants me sticking around. I’ve got people in my life to love and raise, I have people that love me and think I’m pretty fucking cool. this shit is nothing but a distraction and it’s become a toxic one. I’m tired of being reasonable. Y’all can have it. Hope y’all enjoyed the laughs. Close to 30 years on these boards. It’s not worth it. I’m out. Goodbye and good luck.
  5. Against one of God’s teams to boot.
  6. I used to worship Jesus so this hits close to home too.
  7. Might catch the Sunday game with the boys for now showing them the greatness of Luck and a Jason Isbell concert but we checked in and saw this: holy shit.
  8. Yes!!! Thank you I was too lazy to find it!! Panama Meyers!!!
  9. You know at this point it’s all we can do, but play D like today and offense like today except the first 10 mins and we’ll be in a dog fight. Started down what 6? Before the refs took control down the stretch texas was almost plus 25 points? Play like that Sunday and I like our chances.
  10. Hell yeah, let’s remind Purdue of their place in texas history. One solid game away from a legit elite 8 chance. Holy shit.
  11. Picked up tix for me and the boys trying to rally. Going to skip the first show catch his act. Assume 9pm if first set is 7pm.
  12. I've shared my perspective, y'all have fun.
  13. @Cheeseweasel once again your avatar man. how that guy made it? facepalm for sure!
  14. and you parsed one bolded phrase out of my original post which was not in response to anyone. Here's all my bolded comments from that post: the answer is no, she should not. I've not said that outright but I damn sure made it clear changes are needed, including at the governing organizations on the rules to compete. I guarantee you I won't get similar respect and answers to the questions I raise. you want to really and genuinely solve this issue? go to the root cause. it's not Lia Thomas. It's discrimination against kids and families.
  15. @Brisketexan it's way more complicated than what the economist says. some trans women respond to hormones in ways that put them clearly in the typical female range on physical attributes. but for those in that class, it could take 1 year or it could take 5 years. there are at least 4 ways I'm aware of to take estrogen. how a body responds to a similar dose can be different based on how they take the treatment. even some, despite trying the highest doses and all treatment methods simply can't feminize enough for their liking and in this case to compete. I honestly suspect that's what's going on with a lot of these trans women who compete for medals. they have the right hormone levels but the hormones themselves did jack squat. I have friends like this. it's brutal for them. I won the lottery that way I guess, I lift weights and can't have manly muscles if I tried. I've lost friends because hormones worked for me and not for them. sucks but biology is intricate and nuanced, not black and white like the Economist is making it out to be. The Economist is a disaster on trans issues, haven't read one editorial that was positive (may have missed one). their statement is gross as a blanket statement, even if true for Lia Thomas.
  16. If it's not a right, it's about as close to it as you can get in a free society. it's impact on mental health, self-esteem, personal empowerment, etc. etc. suggests it's pretty close to sacrosanct - and I'm not talking about ultra competitive, I'm talking little league and rec leagues. As for the trans versus poor community. Last I checked, the average income of a trans adult was under $20,000. you're talking intersectionality now. make it better for poor people you make it better for trans people, unless you single them out as I've said - no help for you, you're too young. oops, now you're too old. sorry. as for the distinction between well to do middle agers and breaking records, my original comment I suggested a solution was needed. I also think we should separate out all competition (i.e early youth sports, rec league dumbassery, etc) from the ultra competitive (NCAA high level, high school high level, olympics, etc.). if we make that separation then we are talking about a small percentage and that helps everyone. I think the first solution is fix the problem for the next generation - not with a ban - but with a green light for families to take care of their trans kids. and for right now, the sports organizations should be more stringent, not an out right ban but the rules as stated aren't working.
  17. with all due respect it's not a separate discussion. the root cause of the complaints about unfair competition is discrimination by the very people complaining. until that is seen for what it is, this is not a problem with a solution except to say fuck the trans people. we shouldn't say that to ANYONE. not girls, not women, not cisgender women, not trans women, not trans kids, not black men and black boys, not mexicans, ukrainians (I mean fuck the russians), disabled, people, etc. the root cause is discrimination, not at the point of who gets to compete but the power and agency of the individual and the parents to do what's best for them. that's the beginning and the end and why these conversations are infuriating. it's two faced bullshit. you can't transition, well, too late now you can't compete. and it's a very easy answer brisket, don't do this. families should be the decision makers about the health and wellbeing of their kids. science should guide them, doctors and mental health professionals should guide them. you, politicians, and anyone who has not one single stake in that family's well being should be 100% excluded from the decision. it's pretty god damned simple actually.
  18. objection, non-responsive. this is what I'm talking about. don't quote me when you aren't talking with me. don't quote me when you are talking at me. take your dog whistle and shove it up your ass.
  19. you aren't saying this. but the start of the solution is with the politics of transition. Fix that and most of these issues will go away. Right now it's 50/50 on which is easier - transitioning earlier or later. for me it was 0/100 I had to be an established adult then destroy my life to do it. that needs to be 90/10 in favor of early transition. maybe when society isn't fucked up about transition we can say sorry, you transitioned too late. But until we fix the root cause, this talk about athletics comes across as nothing but more discrimination.
  20. I'm sorry, but don't you get it? this isn't about baseball, this is about life. don't you fucking get it? /Augism. more seriously, sports is everything to a lot of people. I'm an aging 46 year old with a bum shoulder, tendonitis in my elbow, I have lower back pain and am resigned to the fact that tennis will probably lead me to knee replacements and worn out elbows when I'm older. and you know what? my pursuit of happiness demands I keep playing. Everyone has a right to play. EVERYONE. There is a solution here, an easy one and for most trans athletes the answer is LET THEM FUCKING TRANSITION AS KIDS EARLY AND COMPETE.
  21. there's a lot of bullshit in this thread. there's a fair amount of reasoned thought too. I was planning to stay out of it because this is a dog whistle issue for the haters and my comments will be parsed, taken out of context and the most extreme examples will be used against me. But I'll play. If a fair discussion can be had, I'll provide an anecdote and then some additional commentary. I play tennis. Men at my USTA rating smoke me every time - every time. My coach almost laughs when I say something like I could keep up with him. I win and lose against other women. I work harder than most and pay more to learn than most, I'm improving and moving up. When I move up a level, I lose most matches. Once I figure it out, adjust, learn the new skills and strategies, I start to compete. 18 months after moving up, I start winning more. Then I move up again. I'm at my ceiling almost and will be an above average club tennis player. Mostly because I obsess over it and I work my ass off. I still face women - stay at home moms - that hit harder than I do. Some have more mental toughness than I do. Many don't. What's the point here? Almost all non-professional, non-world class athletics are about competing, playing, learning physical skills, learning life skills, metaphor for life (RIP Augie), and having fun. you can't take that away from people, and that's exactly what a lot of you want whether you admit it or not. second, politics. you can't say on the one hand a trans kid can't transition and has to wait until they are older, then say oh sorry, you didn't transition early enough, you can't play. that's infuriating bullshit. complete fucking bullshit. fuck every last politician doing this. this is the webster definition of fucked up discrimination, othering, systematic discrimination, exclusion, and attempt to erase and eliminate. hell is waiting for all in power that take this position. from there, I think trans folks can compete in their gendered class but I think the organizations in charge are probably not stringent enough on who should be able to compete. I think it's even more of an issue in the individual sports that are purely physical and less mental/strategic. singles tennis has so much more than strength (I've been smoked by a team with two ladies over 65 years old more than I care to count (doubles)), but the core Olympic sports like running, jumping, throwing, swimming, cycling, not so much. It's hard not to see that. not sure what to do about it. I don't think it's an outright ban, I think it's something else. But again, this is totally fucked up unfair when coupled with the red meat politics of banning early transition. finally, it sucks but no trans athlete can ever win for any reason other than they are trans. I play on losing tennis teams so I can avoid this issue. despite the fact that I'm a middle of the road competitor - winning and losing in my competitive bracket. my worst nightmare is being on a winning team. in the end, most of this is about letting kids ... and middle aged adults have fun. if you want to dog whistle I can't do anything about that. but if you want to look at this issue for what it is, we are talking a very small percentage of cases that might need to be dealt with, and I don't have the answer but can support a closer look at it.
  22. that's half our summer these days with the kids. 630pm - 930pm. been harder living in town, but we get to move into our place this summer. I was made for the lake after work lifestyle and it's sucked massive donkey balls the last two years not to have that like we did before covid.
  23. wait, 4doorsmorewhores is immortal is kyle?? that explains A LOT! ugh. * doesn't change the compassion for life's circumstances, even though he's been on my ass since the beginning.
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