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  1. How long before they have a show on OANN? If we go there, then we need to install ranked voting.
  2. Replace the FREE spot with "many people don't know this" It's a gimme. I think he feels it gives him the air of aggressiveness, invading your space. Always on the offensive. Same as ALL CAPS!!!!! Real in your face stuff. I'd bet Axios used fluff numbers to get Trump to do the interview.
  3. Those on the hand hurt like hell. A nurse couldn't find the vein in the crook of elbow for a blood draw, so did one there. Never again if i can help it. Next time i got a good stick in my arm, I took a pic of it, so I could at least give them an idea where to look. That top stick hurt for a week afterwards.
  4. Nope, the three with boobs are definitely not ladies. Women, yes, ladies no. Pretend ladies, yes. Real ladies, no. Ladies to me have some class, compassion, empathy, maturity and intelligence. Most Karens to me are not ladies either. Decorum maybe is the term I am seeking? I guess I should withhold opinion on TIffany, but she's decided to be part of that, so going with non-lady.
  5. Here's a couple of thing about the rural counties when it comes to Trump's army of intimidators: 1) Most are so red, that they feel the blue votes are a joke, so they won't put much into intimidation there. 2) Many of them aren't concerned with anything other than Trump getting re-elected. 3) A lot of precincts in rural Texas have no Democratic presence in working the polls as judges or workers. Therein can be enough misdirection and intimidation in the polling place. Since poll workers can only work in their resident county, it limits who can be drawn from. We can't pull in workers from other places. So if you live rural, please consider being a poll worker or poll judge. We will also have a small group of poll watchers who can monitor polling locations for intimidation by poll workers or others outside. 4) The TDP is pushing hard the "your vote matters" message to get out the vote in the rural counties, because they know they need to win all the way up and down the ballot, and personally I feel a lot of red voters again won't take seriously that blue vote, feeling secure that everyone is focused solely on Trump. 5) One thing about the COVID is that a lot of us in rural counties are getting more interaction with and exposure to all the candidates. We will be having Zoom meetings with all the candidates for judges, for example. We are now not the 'drive through' counties, but the 'zoomed into.' So instead of people passing over candidates they don't know, now there will be more connection there, thus more votes. Hopefully. 6) Thirty years ago in our county people who voted in the Democratic primary were threatened with job loss or other means. The party bosses intimidated that way, not at the polls. And I am sure some of that still applies. But fortunately there is no declaration during the general, like there is in the primary. 7) Lastly, early voting and vote by mail are key components. The more who vote before Nov 3, the less potential for confrontations at the polls.
  6. And I know what you speak of, mine is the same and I'll raise you one bonafide flat earther. But I don't envy them, not in the least. It's already a proven fact that those type will be the first to whine and cast aspersions the first time they themselves actually incur any inconvenience, much less actual hardship. They sure af won't take any blame themselves for their actions/inactions and will push responsibility to god, since their decisions are his.
  7. Epstein was pretty creepy looking himself with that huge ass chin and beady eyes. That little smirk. Yeah, not someone I'd ever feel comfortable around.
  8. No, no you don't. Just because Q was talking about it a lot doesn't mean it was their pressure that caused this case to be pursued. But they will take credit for it. Pretty sure your comment was tongue in cheek, but I know a couple of Qtards that will spout that this is proof of all the Q conspiracies. I had this one guy who used to be a friend who told me last time we spoke civilly that i would "give him a big hug in 6 months because Trump was going to save America." That was 3 years ago.
  9. But Jimmy for a good bit of them it's not failed. In fact it's working great. They are living better off than their parents and can not see that the system that allowed them their station in life is rigged against others, that white privilege helped them get there. Then you have the others, like a lot of those in the video Md posted below that just aren't bright enough to see the game that's been run on them. They are proud they have more guns than Daddy did, and they have a double wide, not a measly single wide. People who shop religiously at Walmart without understanding how Walmart has affected the economies of their small communities are too stupid or ignorant to realize that the corporations like Walmart are more likely to take their money through corporate welfare like tax abatements, than the welfare queens they've been programmed to hate. That brainwashing goes back to the Civil War where the southern elite led the poor whites to fight a war to retain the slave economy which kept those elite in power.
  10. Snakes won't do it. Like sharks and lawyers, professional courtesy. Although cobras are natural enemies of the mongoose, which resembles a weasel, which resembles any trump.
  11. Sorry, HIPAA. I knew that didn't look right, but was too lazy to double check. I still think the little garden gnome is faking though.
  12. I'm going with Gohmert really doesn't have it. He's faking it, just like he's faking taking HCQ. Then after two weeks he'll spring out of a box and show everyone how right Trump was about HCQ. It'd be pretty easy to get by with that, who would be able to hold him accountable. And no one is going to ask to see the test results. A FOIA on it would be awesome, actually. But HIPAA would prevent that, I guess.
  13. See?? I'm not the only one fucking this up! EVERYONE is fucking this up, tremendously, beautifully!!!
  14. Here's an article that presents a pretty solid hypothesis on the resurgence of the HCQ popularity among GOP: https://crooksandliars.com/2020/07/ugly-reason-why-republicans-are-pushing The Ugly Reason Why Republicans Are Pushing Hydroxychloroquine Again Spoiler alert: All the GOP cares about is money, and they don't care who dies from COVID-19, as long as it keeps flowing into their pockets. By Mark Sumner
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