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  1. I have a funny feeling there's never going to be a Trump Tower in Moscow.
  2. Repeating what others have said, but it just amazed me how many people kissed his ring without question. From his family and outwards. How he deflected time and again. How he squirmed out of everything. I still think there is kompromat on some, but overall it's not. One thing that I felt really sick about was the abandoning of the Kurds. I still see no reason for doing that except to appease Putin.
  3. Thank you. I figured something was out there. But when I googled bill tracker, all i got were quickbook and excel templates, lol.
  4. At first that made me kind of ragey. Thinking all that effort put into messaging getting sidetracked by Bernie (unintentionally). But then I got to thinking how things were so weighty yesterday, not necessarily somber or depressing, but how many of us were coming to grips with remembering what we are about, and what we had lived through the past 4 years. None of that escaped, it all rang true, but we also needed a laugh to help us heal and move forward. Mixing humor into the message would have been wrong, but we needed it nonetheless, so we found it in bernie and Lady Gaga and oth
  5. I don't see how you could vote on every bill, unless you are referring to only those that make it to the floor. Most die in committees or get left in the majority leader's inbox right? There should be a simple way to get information out on bills so everyone can see what is being proposed, buried, delayed or championed and by whom. Something akin to a lege twitter where each bill written gets its own @ and people can follow. I'm sure something exists, but it's probably so staid and dry that no one uses it. Which would be convenient for those in Washington and statehouses that don
  6. He loves it because he thinks she's playing into his hands. Every comment makes him the martyr for the upright anti socialist 'Murican. But only fools will martyr a fool.
  7. Yeah, I think it gets squashed at the state level. A bit like Kanye did this last cycle. Where the hell has he been anyway? He got his buds pardons and he's left town?
  8. I would imagine it was the same team as what put together the convention last year. Very well constructed. Message about the same as well. Pretty neat that it was Dr Jill who discovered her.
  9. Wonder if he even realizes there is a Pittsburg, Texas? This guy really has lost it.
  10. Happy memories? Srsly, wtf? Project R next? I think the feds are on to CodeMonkeyZ and Q enablers and he knows it. All the sudden they are all Eddie Haskell-ing all over the place. I wonder how much LSU had to do with TD trying to rein in their Q faction? It's interesting to watch all these fucks who have flown signs flags, wore the shirts and attended rallies to fall silent, waiting to see what happens next. But also removing so many signs of who they support. All the flags are now gone from my street. Are they seeing through their own foolishness in fall
  11. This aged well. Say that, but after spending about 20 minutes tying up their rep in a bunch of dumb questions and deliberation.
  12. While that's funny, we know Trump didn't have any more than a passing interest in the bulk of these people. What did they do and how much did they pay? That's all he was after. He's not bright, but he's sharp enough to know his legal bills are about to grow astronomically, so the pardons like the "stop the steal" fundraising has been about the dollar.
  13. Hell, half of them you can't even find what they were originally sent up for. The one thing most of them seem to have in common that they have money to do a lot of philanthropic work, or employ a lot of people. Reading between these lines, they could afford to pay for their special dispensations. I figure that most of the prosecutors going after Bannon and the rest of the Trump grifters held back a few select cases that could be opened after Trump's pardon powers were gone. Not just state, but federal too. So I imagine we could definitely see Bannon, Flynn, Stone, etc be br
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