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  1. Was thinking sweet hour of prayer, but guess he didn't write that. Not important enough to google. Aw, what the hell. W.W. Walford, 1845. The more you know.
  2. Bears repeating. Isn't that a hymn by Charles Wesley? No, they are waiting at the docks, so they can seize the goods there, add them to their own stockpile. Forfeiture of assets, right?
  3. But Kimmy Schmidt was a mole child, she turned out alright.
  4. Kush would make a great cloris leachman drag queen Trump, Falwell and Graham all trying desperately to be consequential in their fathers' shadows. Ted's working for the 2020 VP slot. I doubt people who live off shoe or titty money are going to drink responsibly. You folks really need to watch a few seasons of Shameless. Plus the Frank to Trump comparisons are spot on. That woman is only concerned about herself and her cronies. Her PPE is her god. Anyone else too dumb to not immerse themselves in her god deserves to die.
  5. I prefer they be forced into enforced servitude to the group they despise most. Big white supremist.. end up a maid for some person of color, for example. A little "walk a little in their shoes" would do these assholes a world of good. My son and I were talking about the scuba mask conversion (Italy) for a ventilator, using compressed medical oxygen and some sort of timed valve for intake and exhaust. Probably easy to convert the SCBA masks firefighters use too. Seems pretty similar to this hood. People can be pretty ingenious for good causes too now and then. Nice to see after all the reading about the crooks in the senate doing self serving deals and price gougers. TornACL beat me to it.
  6. I honestly did not know that site even existed anymore. People, I need you to pray for me! Your best president EVER is under prosecution from the evil liberals. I am just like Jesus was, maybe better or worse...a lot of people say. See this cross I'm hanging from? Made in JiNAH. Called coronavirus, but who knows what it really is? Nailed up here by the fake news, yes, fake news did this to your best ever president, look at the polls, the ones great people like Lou Dobbs work. All their early unnecessary panicking. Where's all the toilet paper, people? Can't wipe your ass? Blame the nasty fake news fakey fakers. Lou Dobbs, one of the greatest...always in my corner, not like some of those evil nasty fake reporters at Fox News. Yes, nailed up here by those liberal, god hating fake newsers, who just want to see the greatest president EVER (did I mention the polls?) want to see Stumbling Bumbling Joe take my place. Can you imagine? Pray for me, for your excellent Leader, I'm the only one that can save this country. I don't say that. Big strong men kneel at my cross and cry..big tears, praying for me. Begging me to ask for your prayers. I don't know why really, since I'm already smart like Jesus and God. But You should too! You should pray for me, because it will make you feel better. Oh yeah, and send your 59.99 to that blonde hottie I got doing the white house praying now. She prays the best, and their all for me! She touches me, you know. All over. (My only stab at Trump speak. I'm kinda proud I don't do it better)
  7. Right. I was going for texans more prone to wear the bandana than a scarf.
  8. Hope they are red and he sells them to his MAGA cult. Once the stories about how horrible a death this is, maybe they'll take notice. Right now idiots listen to Patrick and figure it's like drinking the KoolAid. Honestly have to wonder if they relax euthanasia laws for those who can't make it into a hospital. A good site to see who's staying in. https://www.unacast.com/covid19/social-distancing-scoreboard Like Drew said, its the rural and smaller cities ignoring this. I think some of them look at this as a big city problem, like rat infestation, will never make it out of the suburbs. Actually I think a lot of it has to do with the state wanting to avoid paying unemployment any sooner than it has to.
  9. Yeah, I read the decree our county judge put out. Pretty much boilerplate stuff. Not much shut down in our county by this. Maybe a few antique shops and florists. Hell, it even lists liquor stores as an essential business. Just seems to me if they are going to let business continue as normal, basically, then change how they do business. Let people take numbers outside, or give them (sanitized) pagers to let them come in to normally crowded stores like grocery and convenience. Hire extra workers to be runners who can deliver food or supplies right to vehicles, like HEB is doing. But yeah, mandating this SiP is worthless and a way the leaders of these basically trumpkin counties can cover their ass (to insure gov't assistance during and after) without pissing of the trump base.
  10. Red Logic: Republicans are human and have no empathy Corporations have no empathy Ergo, corporations are human. Our healthcare went to shit when it shifted from a profession to a business. https://www.sltrib.com/news/2020/03/30/intermountain-is-cutting/
  11. go to the tweet you want to post. Copy the address from the address bar. Paste it into the text box. Wait for it to open up, which takes a few seconds. If you post before it opens in your comment box, or in your reply box, it won't show up.
  12. Go to the website in the tweet to see what all makes up the model. This graph is based on social distancing only. Shelter in place drops the percentages drastically from over 70% to 3% and 9000 deaths. Total lock down goes to <1% and 1000 deaths. Not sure of the length of these actions to get those results.
  13. I remember when the Illinois Nazis were a spoof.
  14. Hell, try the 70s when you had to pay the nerdy EE student to hook you up an HBO descrambler.
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