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  1. Trump's methods have awoken a lot of Americans to injustice and need for reform in a lot of areas. The BLM is the most obvious one, so let's start there, implement reform...then progress to the next issue. Pick one: Wealth/Income disparity, Healthcare, Criminal Justice (which should be addressed with BLM), education reform, Climate Change, et al. We need change, we need it soon. We have been lulled and duped over the past 60 years by corporate America into trusting DC to do the right things by us. To correct their greedy/nefarious actions quickly is going to be hard to do. Maybe this is the start. We as a nation are waking up to the fact that the presidency can't be filled with a reality TV star. That we need to pay attention to all these crooks who are elected and the crooks they surround themselves with. We are beginning to think that yes, our vote can make a difference. These huge numbers are giving hope to that idea.
  2. "On the morning of May 30, 1921, a young black man named Dick Rowland was riding in the elevator in the Drexel Building at Third and Main with a woman named Sarah Page. The details of what followed vary from person to person. Accounts of an incident circulated among the city’s white community during the day and became more exaggerated with each telling. Tulsa police arrested Rowland the following day and began an investigation. An inflammatory report in the May 31 edition of the Tulsa Tribune spurred a confrontation between black and white armed mobs around the courthouse where the sheriff and his men had barricaded the top floor to protect Rowland. Shots were fired and the outnumbered African Americans began retreating to the Greenwood District." https://www.tulsahistory.org/exhibit/1921-tulsa-race-massacre/ The massacre began over Memorial Day weekend after 19-year-old Dick Rowland, a black shoeshiner, was accused of assaulting Sarah Page, the 17-year-old white elevator operator of the nearby Drexel Building. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tulsa_race_massacre
  3. I know some of you have seen this, and some haven't. It's a year old and uncanny how they picked Minneapolis and their police union for part of the expose. Explains a lot of the problems. NSIAP. This thread moves so fast and it's probably already here, and props to any who have already posted.
  4. Yeah, the Clinton denials are hard to believe. And my anger with Dersh starts early on because I am convinced he has lied his teeth about not having sex with that girl. So in a way he was defending himself as well as Epstein. I still think there are too many high level people worldwide involved with Epstein, that he had too much compromising evidence against them. I think he got off on total control, being able to dupe or intimidate people into doing things against their will. And he found younger women malleable for just this. It wasn't just the sex for him, but the power he had over them. He pushed the envelope of the law to prove he could, that he was too clever to get caught. And if caught, he'd get released. Released because he had used the same tricks on people of influence and wealth to entrap them, just as he had those girls. It was doubly devious because he was using those girls as bait. There is no telling what else this fucker was involved in, but espionage and money laundering have been mentioned. He didn't commit suicide. He wasn't the kind to do that. He always felt he could talk himself out of anything, there'd be a window he could jump through. To commit suicide would have admitted to the world he wasn't as clever as he thought.
  5. The police unions are organized and exist to represent the police officers collectively and I agree with the concept. Our local governments are organized to represent the citizens of the community when dealing with things like police unions. One is smaller and better organized, more specific in its mission. The other is more fragmented in its base and mission and has a lot more issues on their plate. How you balance this out is the issue. But I think our local governments need to seriously look at the suggestions in the Sinyangwe post. This would be a good place to start.
  6. I finished this recently. I really like the historical dramas. I kept thinking through the whole thing about the cycle that keeps repeating, someone trying to make the world a better place with change, and always some dark sinister fucks fighting to change things back. Season two will jump ahead several decades and the last two seasons have the different characters from season one, different actors, except flashback stuff. It takes a few minutes to sort through who is who that first episode of S2. I thought it was a pretty good watch, and touches on a lot of people who later went on to their own fame.
  7. Necro bump. If you didn't already hate Alan Dershowitz enough, the new Epstein documentary on Netflix will add some fuel to your fire. It's a damn good look at the whole thing. Although with everything going on, I can't watch more than two episodes at a time, or it just fucking depresses me to no end.
  8. Maybe like our teachers and first responders, we should pay these people a salary commiserate to their responsibility to protect and serve the community. Pay more, get better quality applicants. But no, we keep heaping money at the feet of CEOs and CFOs. I thought Rizzo was from Louisiana. Seriously, first glance, second look...this guy look more incel or antifa material to you? I would think that most of those DC historic buildings have sprinkler systems in them. Would have to have a whole lot of fuel to get past those and do any real damage.
  9. Abbot and Paxton should both be in jail themselves.
  10. No reason for shame. Remember, the victors write the history. I had never heard of it either, or maybe i had, but have already forgotten about it. Point is, it was never included in probably 99% of our curriculum.
  11. Like this has ever stopped him before. But then you know that, mister sarcasm. I agree with this. He should be holding town halls on Zoom in all these communities.. Start some sort of think tank to put some thought into how to assess what, why and how this is going on, and how to not only mitigate current happenings, but eliminate as many as possible going forward by actually addressing and fixing the problems. He could be doing all that without going a lot. Show the country that cooler heads, logic and compassion can solve issues, instead of exacerbating them. And all the while, call out Trump for his stances, his inactions or his endorsements of certain ideals. Hell, throw in doing the same for COVID19 at the same time. Show America what they could have, vs what they do have.
  12. Remember when the Clinton staffers took all the keyboard W's with them and the right thought it was the most petty thing evar?? This thread needs to be pushed hard. I am sure there will be studies that compare the violence/loss in cities that have invoked some of these actions against those who haven't.
  13. Let them roam free so you can hit them with tear gas and pepper spray. Rubber bullets are fun too, they tell me. Drive over them or let your little wannabe militia pull out their bow and arrows, or assault rifle. One thing we don't have to worry with Trump doing is shutting down the internet...oh wait...
  14. It is Lubbock, defense is not very important. in his own words: "what does he have to lose?"
  15. White guy looking to make things look bad and start some looting would not want to get arrested, but do as much damage as possible. I can easily see where someone could break the glass out of a business, pry open the doors of a Target, then move on quickly. Maybe down the block he tosses a molotov cocktail into the hardware store. He's gone, long gone by the time the cops show up. Who is there when the cops arrive to make arrests are locals who are committing burglary. Notice how none of the arrests are for breaking and entering? Because the fucker who did that is long gone. Check out the vid in the tweet above to get the idea how it could go down. Therefore the arrest records could definitely be skewed to locals plundering, the instigators having fled already. Not saying plundering is good, nor arson, but to dismiss the idea of people from outside doing this shit because they weren't caught is pretty naive. We are seeing this unfold all over the country, and the outsiders aren't of one ilk, but of several, from both sides of the spectrum, apparently. Making hasty snap judgments on spotty records/data is dangerous. I think we will see more to support this, but the 80% was a very ill advised shot in the dark. From what I have seen some LEOs were tracking social media to get an idea what was headed their way, right? This one idiot basically caused a short-fused situation into something the police deemed a riot, who then reacted predictably.
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