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  1. I would think the third in line of succession would fill the VP slot for presiding over the Senate and thus breaking tie votes. Once the VP is approved then speaker would return to their role in the House.
  2. Why not? If aggy can make up national championships and mount them on their wall, this should be acceptable. Honestly never paid attention to that.
  3. Good question. Also didn't realize that point about being the largest political forum. Source?
  4. It won't be Patrick, he's in the more powerful seat anyway. But beyond that I think the DNC needs to mount a campaign on Texas being tired of carpetbaggers running our state. The idea of West thinking he has a shot at the governorship would never have formed 20 years ago. He needs to go back to FL. I mean wasn't it GR going on about the importance of his bloodline reaching back to the Texas Revolution or some such? Why the hell have any pride in being Texan if you keep turning the keys over to shysters like Goeb and Allen? More false platitudes.
  5. Definitely the south Texas pronunciation.
  6. I like this, but you have to wonder how many of these workers who come to work sick with the flu/whatever do it because of the shitty sick day system their employers have, if they even have one. You'd think employers would be wise and want infectious workers to stay home, but noooo...come in and give everybody your shit, make sure we're all flat on our backs next week. Not if Mitch McConnell has anything to say about it. My paramedic friend who caught Covid at work is now a long hauler and has been in and out of the hospital and rehab 5 times since contracting it in Oct. They fi
  7. https://www.heb.com/static-page/article-template/Our-History An even deeper history: http://www.fundinguniverse.com/company-histories/h-e-butt-grocery-company-history/
  8. an investigation into what caused the fire is ongoing..... sigh https://www.wgal.com/article/biden-barn-burns-down/35753496
  9. While I understand this, there is no attempt to mask their powerplays anymore. They do this shit in the open and crow about it, how they are screwing over the Dems. It's a lot like OU holding all the time, blatant and unchecked by refs.
  10. He left out the prayer rugs. White Republicans are by far the most suspicious of the vax and those areas are full of white Republicans. There's a glut of vax east of 45 and west of 35 because of it. Go use it. Yes, Houston CBS news last night did an story on Orange and Hardin County offering vaccines to whoever wanted to come get them. They were practically begging people to come get shots. No classifications anymore. Exactly for the reasons elfenix is proposing. Vidor is Orange County. Enough said.
  11. I watched this earlier this week as well. Excellent quality on content and production. I subscribed like 3 minutes into it. Thanks and good luck with your productions! Edit add: I liked it spoke in language I understood, and didn't try to sound too young and hip, or too technical, like someone trying to impress people with knowledge they may or may not have, by simply using 25 cent words. And when there was technical speak, it was usually done in a context the layman like me could pick up on.
  12. Kagan has been awesome Her line of questioning: Let the floundering begin! And then it became art. Country clubs! Carvin began to backpedal so vigorously that it’s a wonder he didn’t end up out on a sidewalk somewhere. Kagan kept at him, turning him into a pretzel on the subject of polling hours. Me neither. If the VRA survives, Justice Kagan gets the save. https://www.esquire.com/news-politics/politics/a35702370/elena-kagan-question-arizona-republican-lawyer-voting-rights-act/
  13. Yeah, I realize that. Was really just speaking about Texas voting in that rant. Good point though. It's odd though that there was so much publicity about this in FL but most Texans don't have a clue it's a thing here. Elfenix beat me to the punch, but here's the entire post I went back and dug out before I realized he'd done the cliff notes on it.
  14. I'm curious if anyone else is using the online tracker for side effects? Seems like pretty good way to obtain a lot of data about various aspects of the vaccine. I'm sure a lot of people would tie this it big brother and Bill Gates, which is sad. We now have the technology to obtain and collect mass data that is instantaneous and will be beneficial to research going forward on similar viruses/vaccines. But unfortunately we have so many instances of people or groups gathering our data for nefarious means (trying to get us to vote a certain way, or buy a certain product/servic
  15. Where is his fake concern when it comes to ranking 34th in the nation in education overall? Not to mention providing healthcare to those same children at the stellar level of 37th out of 50! There's a reason I keep GR on ignore, but sometimes his idiocy slips through the defenses. Our little school is politically savvy. Sent out an email survey to find out what parents want them to do. Mask or no mask? No self awareness of the morons cultivating more morons. Instead the school system could, I don't know, maybe follow science and use critical analysis to do best for the whol
  16. If you are going through the Brazos County hub at the Brazos County Center, I would fully trust them. Took my mother in for her's last week and they were organized and efficient. They were looking to add drive thru to their walk in, not sure if done yet. Personally, I had Moderna. Sore arm for a few days and some listlessness after the first dose, second dose was same, but not as bad. My mother hasn't suffered from the 1st Moderna either. But as far as efficacy or anything pfizer, I can't speak to that, sorry.
  17. a) Not everyone in jail is there for a felony, nor have they been convicted. Many people cannot raise bail, so they sit incarcerated until their case is brought. They have not had their voting rights rescinded simply for being charged. b) "debt paid to society" once a person goes 'off paper', they have fully repaid the debt. Their voting rights are reinstated. It was never intended that losing voting rights for eternity would be like the scarlet A a former felon would have to bear. c) "taxation without representation." Wasn't that the driving issue to rebel against the monar
  18. They have normalized the deaths of half a million people to the point that who gives a shit about another couple hundred thousand? Sad part is many of these jackasses won't be affected, nor know anyone personally affected, so they will continue to push this shit and feel justified. They can not fathom that others wearing masks around them just might have kept them from contracting Covid. Emboldened enough to keep the whole "hoax" conversation alive.
  19. Men in Kilts on Starz is only two episodes so far. Two of the leads from Outlander do a light hearted travel doc on Scotland. The Goes Wrong Show is just classic British comedy in short 30 minute takes. Horrible Histories is truly horrible. Take a pass on it. Edwardian Farm was an interesting look at living the agrarian life of a common farmer in 1850ish England. I had started One Night in Miami and got about halfway through it. I started getting caught up in more of the black history shows. I had enjoyed 'Hitsville: The Making of Motown" which pushed me to watch seve
  20. The Resistance Banker is ok. Dutch movie but dubbed. Not horribly though. The actual mechanics they use to develop and run a substantial underground bank during WWII is a little hard to follow, which took away from the movie. Just a lot of people doing something you knew was dangerous, so you just took their word for it. Finished Knightfall. Always enjoy a well done Templar series. Mark Hamill trades in his light saber for a broadsword. Call My Agent was a fun series with lots of good cameos. French dubbed. Family Business sucked though. Mudbound is back. Great
  21. These viruses are just going to become fiercer and more frequent, unfortunately. Because enough people are essentially stupid. I've read several articles that propose we may never be entirely rid of masks. Like southeast Asia after SARS.
  22. I agree. Looks more like he's polishing his televangelist bit. He's preaching like one. Like some sort of mixture of Rush and Pat Robertson. I would imagine there's more money and less oversite in a gig like that too than being a senator. He knows now he'll never be president.
  23. Willfully, arrogantly ignorant. That little recording of her walking and talking about the bible and the koran is a good example. Ignorant: Not knowing that anything can be used for a swearing in ceremony. Willfully ignorant: Having multiple ways to quickly research for an answer, but choosing not to. Willfully arrogantly ignorant: Making a video of yourself for the internet of yourself being willfully ignorant.
  24. RELEASE: Texas Democrats Step Up to Provide Food, Shelter, and Water to Texans as Texas Republicans are Running Away, Nowhere to Be Found AUSTIN, Texas — Democrats are providing the bulk of volunteer relief aid to Texas households impacted by boil water notices/water shortages and/or those suffering from food insecurity as a result of the deadly winter storm that knocked out power and water for millions of Texans. Meanwhile, Texas Republicans abdicated their duties and either fled responsibility or fled the state physically. Here are a few examples of how
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