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  1. I thought the same thing, but if he's a PA, then he could have written the prescription, I would think. I sure as fuck hope both of these idiots are stripped of their licenses/certifications, at the very least.
  2. The best I can figure is there is a group of big investors who are going to invest anyway. Possibly PACs in that as well? Anyway, if they have earmarked 100K for a particular candidate, then the candidate's campaign uses that pledged money to make these matching donations. So if they come out and say 5 times your donation, and you donate 100 bucks, then they match it with $500 from the already pledged $100,000. Basically using it as bait for the additional funds, 20K from small donors in this case. There are a lot of D PACs and candidates doing this too. End Citizens United is one of them.
  3. He's safe to double down and secure his white supremacist vote since Kanye's going to suck away half of Biden's votes. OR He's going to wait until all the Republicans start jumping off the Trump train, then he'll bow out and endorse Kanye. I mean it could happen. He does love chaos.
  4. These people must have rooms full of clothes that they only wear like one time. Those fucking boots still have the labels on them. Probably didn't pay for them either.
  5. Ego. Someone owns him and won't let him leave. He has to tie up loose ends that could end up biting him in the ass if he retires. The idea he might actually have to turn his office over to a D never occurred to him. Always figured it would just go to the next white republican. Any or all of those?
  6. csb. I met the guy who was in charge of the VFD who led that fire fight. He told me the paperwork on the incidents took months to complete. Every one of those cars was a separate but related report.
  7. Goosebumps. When I think military bands though, I think of this guy first.
  8. I have no problem with this. But even if we are thrown into some revolution to oust him, we still need to repair the system that got him there. Up until this administration we had always expected people to play by certain unspoken rules, like tax return disclosures, timely appointment of judges, actually confirming appointments, etc. Even if we go full tilt civil war over this piece of crap, we need a government to be standing after it's over. I think more than enough loopholes have been exposed to get a good start on fixing what is broken. We won't see that begin with the Senate under the red thumb.
  9. Like Francisco said, they would convene and immediately ask the House to begin an impeachment investigation. I would bet Pelosi already has enough to open a new one already, not even considering the shennigans from now until then. Even if he were to get the election thwarted, I would assume that he and his VP being impeached to be replaced by Speaker of the House would be in play. The problem there would be if he were to replace Pence with Haley or whoever. Then the House would have to dig up stuff on the replacement VP, when they already have it on Pence. But we don't know if Trump will take the risk of putting Pence out to pasture. The GOP has been masters at gridlocking our government, so much to the point that our country is more and more running on "acting" appointees and Executive Orders. They held all three branches of govt. in 2016-17 and did nothing but that joke of a tax reform package. Gridlock is choking us. It's time to run this country for all Americans and not just the ultra wealthy puppet masters.
  10. The biggest point people keep missing about this Trump/Barr takeover is it won't happen if we have a Senate that isn't in his pocket. Taking control of the Senate again is as big or bigger than getting Trump out of the WH. If we had a Senate with any moral fiber, Trump would already be gone. People need to be reminded on a daily basis that Trump would not be Trump without McConnell, Cornyn, Grassley, Cruz, Graham, Collins, et al. Those guys are the real villains here. They are the ones who need to be castrated and stripped of all power. And the EC has no bearing on those people staying in power or being cast out.
  11. Patriot Act had a good episode on our elections. One of the points was that our two party system has evolved into us more often than not voting against someone we don't like instead of for someone we like. Issues and plans are to be attacked, see ACA, Green Deal, and a myriad of other things. Dems by their nature often want to moreso be elected for the things they can do, than be elected simply because their opponent is dog shit. But the GOP gets this, and thus keeps fueling the hate vote. I think they need to find a way to get voters to hate Trump and his enablers by pointing out what all these people haven't done, how their inaction over the years has brought us to this point, greatly accelerating our decline by allowing Trump and Barr to run unfettered through our constitution. He also does a great job of describing ranked choice voting as a way to take down the two party system.
  12. I'm not your Negro was better than I expected. Followed it with Selma for a double header.
  13. Season 3 really gets so much crossover from time to time, place to place, it really got to the point where I felt it wasn't worth finishing about episode 5. But I hung in there, and glad I did. The last episode really ties it all together nicely, the next to last episode sets up all that up. They didn't rush the series, nor fill it with fluff just to stretch 6 episodes into 8. Nor did they try to cram 12 episodes into 8 either. I could not imagine being the guy who had to describe this story to sell it to the studios. It's as interwoven as a Clive Barker novel with all the twists and turns, the interplay. I have a few questions, but I will wait until more of you folks finish.
  14. He shot a 74 after he took is presidential handicap of 45. And still had to do some pencil whipping to get there. I was so going to go here, but now gotta go here....
  15. Sounded like a Larry David spin off of a Shameless episode.
  16. Finally caught up and went and bought some of you guys' recommendations. Culinary Cowgirl is all I've tried so far, the smoked bacon jalapeno poppers, but I got the plain too. One thing I haven't seen mentioned is their buttermilk pancake mix. I have tried so many different box mixes and scratch recipes to get that light fluffy pancake and kept bombing. But this stuff is easy and awesome. Just mix with water. The secret is to let the mixed batter stand at least 10 minutes at room temp before starting. Then don't flip but once. I made the waffles too, but didn't go by their recipe. Still was pretty good. Especially with some blueberry syrup we made this year. TL;DR Anybody try the whataburger mix yet?
  17. Please spoiler that gross thing! j/k. How am I going to get a nap without dreaming of that nasty image?
  18. But that's what they want to hear, not the truth. That's where this guy and trump fill the void. Morals don't matter, just making bank.
  19. But according to this guy, black people are not involved with BLM, it's apparently really just another Soros funded globalization plot. This came to my attention because it ran front page on our east texas local weekly rag that probably prints 2000 papers a week max. But this crap is what's filling the heads of lots of rural rubes. The shit this guy writes is a prime example of what I was speaking of in the Trump thread. Here is a black guy who is ignoring the injustices and inequalities done over centuries to black americans. Instead he repeatedly points out how it's their fault, they are just too lazy to overcome the canted playing field and make it out of the squalor that decades of oppression has built in our country for blacks. No, I guess they should be like him and Diamond and Silk and sell out, start propping up the continued oppression of the blacks by writing this garbage. Wypipo will pay good for token blacks to carry their banner. He also wrote a piece on how COVID was a hoax when that was starting, so it's an apparent pattern of pandering to the trumpists. http://tmp.americanthinker.com/articles/2020/06/the_black_lives_matter_movement_is_the_enemy_of_africanamericans.html
  20. I don't think it's completely ignorance, at least not for all. There are an awful lot of people out there who feel they have won their position in life by hard work and grit. They have been bombarded with the 'welfare queen' story so often that it is 100% truth. There is no other side to it. There is no white privilege working against the minorities, only their laziness to improve their station is to blame. They are completely sure the Democrats will take away their hard earned things and redistribute them to those lazy people who refuse to work. You see it every day with messages from the right. All this 2A shit dotard keeps spewing. The common message about it all is the Dems are going to take it away from you!! And it's not solely whites who feel this way. We see it more than we'd expect in the hispanic and to a lesser extent the black communities. Not sure about the asian/pacific american bloc. All the while, a lot of the churches have turned their message to justifying greed over sharing and caring for others. It's like a good lot of Americans (you could actually go beyond our borders to India, UK, etc), I'd say around 40%, have been led to firmly believe in the "I got mine, screw you" mindset, and not only feel good about it, but righteous about it. What's so sad about it is "mine" for a lot of these people is a single wide, a flat screen, and a dually that rolls smoke. But somehow, hanging onto a system that has produced the uber wealthy is their ticket out and upwards. Maybe that's ignorance, but I think ignorance is the byproduct of the overall brainwashing. Proud, willful ignorance. This is an excellent point. I think Biden should be asking these questions. Go on the offensive for this asshole's unfounded attacks. Press him relentlessly for straight answers, not innuendo. On everything. Do it on twitter, his weapon of choice.
  21. Making it a holiday would be a gift to the R's but they can't see it. Then everyone would be expected to vote on that holiday, not by mail or early. It would further add to suppression like we saw in Houston during the primaries.
  22. That anger was there long before Rush. He just capitalized on it.
  23. If you guys haven't gotten a chance to watch "I am not your Negro" on Prime, I strongly suggest it. 1. Trump was the breath of fresh air that was making extravagant promises through lies. Hillary was old entitled DC government everyone was weary of. And frankly, she acted like it, came across as condescending, like she always has. 2. Everything she was throwing at Trump concerning Russia and his other corruptions had not gained enough traction to be taken seriously. Now we know much better. In Texas they have extended early voting by a week FOR THE PRIMARY, doubling the opportunity to vote early. Since they won't give us vote by mail, then they can extend EV for the November generals, and also allow provisional paper ballots for curbside voting during election day. Early voting is the answer to fight the voter suppression. We need to encourage employers to give everyone a half day off paid to go early vote, when it best fits their schedule.
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