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  1. Luckily i had the hair for that when I was younger. No more.
  2. I posted in CR yesterday. I thought I was posting in the Daily Texan covid thread. Didn't take long to realize my mistake.
  3. No on Russia or China. Even here what percentage of cases will be confirmed? The numbers posted are positives from test taken 4 days ago. How many people who are positive will go untested?
  4. We're #1 https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/#countries
  5. Arkansas finished ahead of A&M? Hilarious if correct. Less than half of UT's revenue also.
  6. In Williams 247 pic, he looks douchey enough to play qb for ousux. As does Ewers.
  7. I cook them 2 hours at 250, then sauce and wrap for an hour.
  8. Before watching that video I rarely did ribs because I sucked at it. Now they are my favorite on the BGE.
  9. I was surprised to see that 247 still has Stone rated higher than Milroe in the composite.
  10. This video really kickstarted my keto experience. I started in November and have lost 30 lbs. so far. Intermittent fasting seems like it will be hard, but once you are in Ketosis it becomes much easier. Get the urine strips so you will know when you are in ketosis. Knowing I was in ketosis helped motivate me to stay with the diet.
  11. https://theathletic.com/1090554/?source=twitteradsbc&redirected=1
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