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  1. Would they trap door George? If he weren't from Northshore I wouldn't ask.
  2. How many recruits can Alabama take this year? They currently have 26 per 247 and had 27 last year.
  3. Charlie Strong type finger on the Ash Hook'em.
  4. That band is going to need a lot of autotune.
  5. Brady and Rhule getting out while the getting is good.
  6. Not sure why it didn't post the tweet. User error obviously.
  7. https://twitter.com/LongHornFrenzy/status/1216808024209227777 Does a Nick Harris crystal ball carry any weight?
  8. I doubt we are serious about Lupoi, but if we did hire him it would be a nice Fuck You to the sec and Ohio State.
  9. He is playing, and unfortunately looks pretty good.
  10. Looks more like the AA couch potato team.
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