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  1. You and your 1%ers.
  2. From 0.065 to Tree Fiddy!
  3. I really hope he is right. Between BSS and RCRanger FRSX has become one of my favorite stonks.
  4. IBIO taking some of the sting out of the IDEX dip.
  5. I've heard rumors of a huge offering by WKHS. I'm not in it, but if that happens it will definitely give you your dip opportunity.
  6. Happiest part of my day was getting rid of my TTNP bag! That and the IDEX comeback of course.
  7. Shelf offering, I picked up more under $3. FRSX making me smile. @RCRanger03
  8. I hopes Yates is as right on IBIO as he has been on IDEX so far. Loaded up on both.
  9. Or at least 44 cents
  10. Hopefully we'll be keeping an eye on IBIO for a while.
  11. Another Friday afternoon and $BIOC trying again.
  12. That takes away my reason for adding a Webull account. If I could trade OTC without the charge, it is worth it.
  13. Lot's of people pumping NSPR.
  14. I know some people like him, but I can't remember anyone being wrong more on TV and still keeping their job than the local weatherman.
  15. If ALPP hits $1, we should ask blacklab and immamac to immortalize Ranger on the header for a day or two.
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