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2020 ATP/WTA thread


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15 hours ago, ss13 said:

Some interesting details. Will be weird to not see any Q on the draw sheets. 


Don't need line judges on the two largest courts, but I guess that that is more for the TV audience than for the sake of tennis.

...or maybe they still want to be able to sway the momentum in the biggest matches/ distrust timing...

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How cute, Novak’s mommy & daddy are mad because everyone’s being mean to their poor little dumbshit. 


Djokovic's father blamed the cancellation of the tour on Grigor Dimitrov, one of three other players to test positive in the last few days. There is no evidence to suggest Dimitrov spread the virus to others.

"Why did it happen? Because that man probably came sick, who knows from where,'' Srdjan Djokovic told RTL Croatia TV. "He didn't test here, he tested somewhere else. ... I think that's not fair.

"He inflicted damage to both Croatia and to us as a family in Serbia. Nobody is feeling well because of this situation."


Djokovic's mother said both her son and his wife, Jelena, are feeling fine but are suffering because of the widespread criticism.

"It is horrible what is being written, but we are used to it,'' Dijana Djokovic told the Belgrade Blic daily newspaper.


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On 7/8/2020 at 2:29 PM, ss13 said:

We need a real tourney like this, clay & hard right next to each other. That would be some shit. 


Whichever Jensen that is is trying real hard to stay motivated. 

Anyone else read that as "Stetsasonic?"

Did I tell you my Murphy Jensen story?


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