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  1. Northwestern is winless in the United States but they’re undefeated in the B1G.
  2. That’s information I can use.
  3. What a weak ass onside kick. Hey! Let’s kick it so it spins sideways with no chance of bouncing up in the air!
  4. Little Herbie is in the game! And his dad is making fun of his ‘stache.
  5. He made plays like that for the Huskers but he also made some really boneheaded mistakes. It was a huge recruiting success for Frost when he got Martinez to commit but then he never recruited anyone else to challenge Martinez and make him compete to keep the job. I don’t think Frost did Martinez any favors. The kid’s obviously got talent but he could’ve been developed better in Lincoln.
  6. Of course there’s always that.
  7. Remember that Adrian Martinez has a knack for committing late turnovers that snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.
  8. Back-to-back false starts. Nice.
  9. Oh, man. Tough hit on the UW TE on the first play after they made a nice pick. He’s done. He got hit on the knee right when he planted that leg. Probably broke something. Best wishes to that kid. That was harsh.
  10. But it is the defining characteristic of a dead university president.
  11. Because Mertz can’t beat you with his arm.
  12. I’m not in favor of alternate unis for the Bucks. But they’ve done worse than the all black unis. And the contrast against the all whites of Wiscy looks pretty good. That’s how you want to starts your opening drive. Now shut down that Badger running game. Make Mertz beat you with his arm.
  13. It’s looking like “Cougin’ it” is still a thing.
  14. That ball wasn’t remotely catchable. Like the announcer just said.
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