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  1. Christopher Miller. The SecDef Trump installed after losing the election. He’s also one of the people working on Project 2025.
  2. That doesn’t really support your argument that the Dems will be more likely to feel they need someone like Shapiro on the ticket. I’d say it suggests the opposite.
  3. Yep. And if Joe had given an explanation then Reince would’ve criticized the explanation. He was there as a naysayer, nothing more. He’s a craven political hack.
  4. Totally. They say power corrupts. Joe’s proven to be incorruptible. Trump otoh is the most corrupt individual ever to hold office and he would never in a million years willingly give up power.
  5. Reince Priebus is on ABC complaining that Joe didn’t address “the elephant in the room,” (ironic choice of words, Reince,) and say why he decided to drop out. Then he said we all know why he decided to drop out, that it was a political decision. Then he bitched again about Joe not addressing the elephant in the room. Fucking dolt.
  6. He just wanted it to look like he was more seriously injured than he was. The bullet barely grazed his ear. His shirt didn’t even get bloody. But he talked about how much blood there was, how much the ear bleeds, how he “took a bullet.” It was all for show just like everything else he does.
  7. No, there’s nothing wrong with him using the teleprompter. Every president does. It wasn’t a comment on him, it was a comment on the production. That’s not his jurisdiction. It was just an observation. Don’t get your panties in a bunch.
  8. I can see the reflection of the teleprompter in the window behind him.
  9. I don’t think that’s correct. If not for the function of his autonomic nervous system, he’d probably suffocate and die.
  10. It’s tricky because from what I’ve read the roll call vote is t automatic since Biden dropped out so they’ll have to look at that. Back in May, Mike DeWine called for a special legislative session to make sure Biden would be on the ballot and technically the deadline has been extended to Sep. 1. But I’m not sure the Dems trust Ohio Republicans to stick to that so they may still go ahead with the roll call vote. Maybe there’s some communication going on behind the scenes. Maybe the Dems still have some flexibility. I’m just here with my popcorn watching to see what happens.
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