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  1. I’d be willing to bet that Donald Trump has never tasted an enchilada. Edit: Unless it was from Taco Bell.
  2. What’s your point? That just because Trump is a worthless piece of shit with no taste in food, not to mention fashion nor every other thing down to simple human decency, that there are still some people in this world who can cook a decent meal? Huzzah! Let’s celebrate.
  3. If you would refrain from bearing children then that would do a world of good.
  4. Not to mention that he had a nice hotel just down the street that could’ve catered an event during his government shutdown. But no, he went with fast food. Twice.
  5. Nothing like being kept up to date on Twitter rumors. I’m content being patient to see what actually happens.
  6. They didn’t even know what human sperm and ova were. And the religious nuts follow a religious text that never recognized an unborn fetus, not that “fetus” was a concept they understood, as a person with rights. But they didn’t even know where the sun went at night. They thought the world was flat. Jesus thought that stars could fall to earth. These are people undereducated in both their scripture and in science. Stupid people making stupid laws.
  7. How much does his debt really matter if no one intends to make him pay?
  8. If only we had publicly available documentation to prove that. If you have the proof then I’d love to see it. He has assets. Most of the buildings that bear his name are just licensing deals. But he owns Trump Tower. He owns Mar-a-Lago. He owns a number of private golf clubs (and paid himself with millions of our tax dollars to vacation there while he was President). I should be so poor.
  9. He was born rich. He inherited millions of dollars, managed to make a lot of money pretending to be a successful businessman on his reality TV show, and is a pretty successful grifter. Since he entered into politics he’s found that the rubes will just hand over their money to him and all he has to do is preach hate. He’s taken more than $250 Million in donations since he LOST the election.
  10. Go Joe. I’m pro-Patty who was assaulted and raped one night as a student walking alone. If she had been impregnated and forced to bear the child of her rapist, it would’ve wrecked her. Not to mention how the child couldn’t possibly have dealt with that reality. If you support the victims of rape being forced to bear the children of their rapists, don’t you dare call yourself a Christian. You are pure evil. You are an instrument of hate. Ignorance -> Fear -> Intolerance -> Hate. Jesus taught love. You are an agent of hate. You should be glad that Saint Peter won’t be waiting for you after you pass because he’d have some serious questions for you that you wouldn’t be able to answer. I mean this euphemistically, but go to hell. All of you.
  11. No one waves the Confederate flag for the party of Lincoln. Call out any Republican who tries to call themselves that.
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