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  1. “Joe Biden sent the orders.” Good thing SCOTUS gave him immunity.
  2. Yep. They’re full of shit. They fight his attempts at gun control. They think it should be easier for everyone to own a gun. And ironically, thanks to Trump’s Supreme Court, if Joe had sent Seal Team 6 to do the job then Trump would be dead and Biden would be immune from prosecution. That’s the ruling they wanted and Joe condemns it.
  3. On CBS News they speculated that Trump’s SS detail in PA might have been lighter than usual because some of them are in Milwaukee overseeing security arrangements for the convention.
  4. He also got a couple of his cultists killed when he refused to return his stolen classified documents. After the FBI served a warrant at Mar-a-Lago to retrieve them, some nut assaulted the FBI field office in Cincinnati (with a nail gun). The other guy tried to run a barricade near the Capitol, his car caught fire, and he shot himself as the police approached. And then of course there were the 4 deaths that resulted from his insurrection on Jan 6.
  5. Trump is the only one who openly advocates violence, promises pardons to his supporters for carrying out violence, and mocks his political opponents when they’re the victims of violence. That’s the real sickness. Trump. You know, the guy who incited an insurrection and tried to overthrow the government when he lost an election. His goons beat up cops and sought to commit violence against elected officials. Trump calls them patriots and hostages and promises to pardon them. That’s sick as hell. Joe Biden tried to call Trump. He condemned the attack. If the same thing had happened to Joe instead of Trump, you know there’d be no way in hell that Trump would reach out to Joe to show his concern. Trump is incapable of empathy or consideration for anyone else’s wellbeing, particularly a political opponent’s. You know damn well he’d call it a hoax and say it was staged. And then he’d complain about how unfair it was to HIM.
  6. Steve Scalise. Also, Paul Pelosi was assaulted and nearly beaten to death with a hammer just last year by a guy who said he was there to attack Nancy just like the Jan 6 insurrectionists. Trump routinely mocks Paul Pelosi and makes fun of the incident.
  7. That’s a pretty fucked up take. I think we’d be better off if more people identified as independents rather than tying themselves to one or another political party like it’s their favorite sports team. I don’t see the point in considering myself a “Republican” or a “Democrat” unless I’m running for political office and actually joining a party. I’m not running for office. I’m just a citizen who knows what his values are. I don’t get them from a political party.
  8. It’s only 7.1 MB. Shouldn’t be a problem for anyone’s phone.
  9. Maybe he ran out of Republicans to put in charge of the case.
  10. CBS Mornings had a segment about that a few days ago.
  11. “Somebody owes Alec Baldwin a big fat apology.”
  12. Damnit. I just watched that the other day. The full doc was there on YouTube. I bookmarked it. I was just about to post it here but now it’s showing up as private. I hate that. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g9HmV_-EE8g
  13. Dr. Phil’s a scumbag, huh? Who would’ve guessed?
  14. When asked, Clyburn also said he’d support a mini-primary ahead of the convention if Biden drops out. https://www.politico.com/news/2024/07/03/clyburn-biden-president-election-dnc-00166481
  15. I was watching Colbert so missed Fallon’s open. That was kind of cute. I switched over to NBC sometime I guess during Jimmy’s last guest. I woke up just before Phish came on. It was a nice enough mellow song which fit my semi-woke state. Nothing particularly special. Way, way better than Waiting All Night. Sounded Phishy enough. I still love Trey’s guitar tone and still think Mike is an excellent bassist. Obviously you’re not going to get any extended soloing in that setting. I wondered if the lighting design with those rectangular shapes in the background was supposed to be a nod to the old Minkin artwork they used to use back in the early 90’s. I always liked those. While searching for pics, I came across this shot from the Sphere which I feel certain must be a reference to those old pieces.
  16. Hannibal Lecter would be worse. He’s a narcissistic sociopath like Trump but unlike Trump he’s also smart. Why do you think Trump admires him?
  17. Phish will be the musical guest on Fallon tonight.
  18. He cut himself off during a primary debate in 2020 when his time was up.
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