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  1. Bullshit. This is their problem with Swalwell:
  2. That is pretty stupid. Maybe it’s an indicator of the listening audience at the time. Maybe he didn’t gain widespread recognition for his work until later on. I don’t know. I do know that any electric guitarist worth his salt had better be able to throw down on Johnny B. Goode.
  3. He claimed it was a case of mistaken identity. It was actually his brother Daryl who placed the cell phone in the tanning salon.
  4. Why did you hold “when to sue?” Wtf does that have to do with anything? Yes he does have to win in court if you’re going to make the claim that statements rode to the level of defamation. He didn’t and they didn’t. The question is, why are you defending that little racist shitstain? Do you sympathize with his motives?
  5. I liked this line: ”And if you can’t trust an unnamed official who worked for Trump, who can you trust, right?”
  6. <sigh> It’s all so tedious and predictable. I know that politicians from both parties go on the Sunday talk shows to tout the party line. But the Republicans are just so devoted to spinning pure bullshit. Little Marco Rubio was just on This Week and he was claiming that we know China’s intent for sending this balloon over just prior to Blinken’s visit. They knew the U.S. would see it and have to publicize it and shoot it down, preferably sooner than we did. (Of course he had to get that little dig in.) The reason, you see, is to promote the idea that we are a fading former superpower and we can’t even respond adequately to a Chinese balloon. So you in, say, Indochina can’t rely on the U.S. in a crisis. They’re weak and aren’t a reliable partner. Hey dumbfuck, I’ve got a one word response to that suggestion, one that everyone in the world is watching: UKRAINE.
  7. And she’s now a member of the Russian Parliament.
  8. Toasted bagels with cream cheese have been in regular rotation since I heard during the pandemic that there was a cream cheese shortage and then I found cream cheese so I bought some. Before that I never had them at home, just when dining out or at a friend’s place. I started out with the usual toppings. Mainly strawberry or red raspberry preserves. Then I went with an old favorite from my youth. Apple butter. This is a perfect marriage. Do you do apple butter down south? I was curious so I googled it. Looks like it’s mainly a thing in Appalachia. Elsewhere it seems to be more the exception than the rule. Anyway, this goes great with coffee or milk but I think it pairs especially well with a cup of Earl Grey tea. That’s become a very frequent start to my day, followed by a banana or an orange. It takes some will power to limit myself to just half a bagel per day. I could easily eat two. Of course I’ll occasionally go with lox and capers with a squeeze of fresh lemon juice and a sprinkle of fresh ground black pepper if I’m in the mood for something savory. That’s good too.
  9. A 7-month-old article saying that racist dirtbag and darling of the right Kyle Rittenhouse’s lawyer “plans” to sue. Well? Did he bring those lawsuits or didn’t he and, if he did, where do they stand? Planning to sue for defamation isn’t the same as being defamed. Even filing suit isn’t the same as being defamed. He’d actually have to win a case. It’s a like how Trump filed dozens of lawsuits alleging that there was voter fraud in the 2020 election and that’s why he lost. They were all tossed out because there was no evidence of voter fraud costing him the election. His claims of voter fraud were the real hoax. Like voter fraud, anyone can claim defamation. That doesn’t mean it happened. You’ve got to prove it. You were asked to “Cite examples of statements made that rise to the standard of defamation/libel.” So far you haven’t done that. Unless/until a court rules that any of those statements count as defamation, you can’t claim that little racist piece of shit has been defamed.
  10. This is not the Chinese balloon you are looking for.
  11. Is it really fair to call him a racist when he’s hanging out with the Proud Boys and flashing the white power sign? (Yes, it is.)
  12. Not a rumor. CBS News reported tonight that military leaders want to do that so it can be done safely.
  13. If there had been video of OJ expressing his desire to kill Nicole, I’ll bet judge Ito would have allowed it to be shown to the jury.
  14. Don’t we have any means of capturing it?
  15. Can’t go out when it’s raining.
  16. Good. Don’t waste your time with those gasbags.
  17. Woman walks into a supermarket and buys: bar of soap toothbrush tube of toothpaste loaf of bread pint of milk single serving cereal single serving frozen dinner The guy at the checkout looks at her and says, "Single, are you?" The woman answers sarcastically, "How did you guess?" He replies, "Because you're ugly."
  18. Gotta protect little Suzy Snowflake from all those mean ol’ trans athletes coming to steal her sports crown.
  19. Racist little fuckstick with the intent to kill travels to Wisconsin with a gun he’s not allowed to have, incites violence and succeeds in killing some people as planned; and gets away with it. Total bullshit. I hope the justice system gets it right this time around because they fucking blew it last time. And fuck the police in Wisconsin for not detaining him as soon as they saw him walking around with his gun. Nope, they gave him a bottle of water and sent him on his way.
  20. Where the power doesn’t go out when it gets a little cold outside and you’re not stuck making emergency chili with beans in the dark.
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