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  1. Why San Francisco, specifically? Why not, say, Austin, TX for example?
  2. It’s like if someone asks you, “You want to smell something gross?”
  3. Yeah, he was just trolling. The US didn’t have anything to do with the accident. He thought he was being clever but he was just being careless and stupid.
  4. Every accusation is a confession. He means the exact opposite of what he’s saying. When he says, "You see institutions being infected with ideology at the expense of facts and reality," what he really means is that he wants to teach ideology rather than facts and reality. Students shouldn’t learn to think for themselves. The ideologues, the right-wing politicians and the mystics, will tell them what to think. Classical education is under attack from the right; has been for decades. The GOP is the party of “alternative facts.” “What you’re seeing and what you’re reading is not what’s happening.” Truth is whatever they say it is, not what is determined by facts and evidence. It’s a con game.
  5. Did you hear they planned a demonstration in front of FBI Headquarters but no one showed up? True story.
  6. Probably about the same as that gif. Now post the Mark Cuban taking notes gif. Can’t get enough of that one.
  7. I’ve heard that excuse floated. I don’t think it gained any traction. It oooks even worse if Trump just had documents classified Sensitive Compartmented Information just lying around where any lackey could pick them up and pack them off to Florida. What I want to know is how Trump managed to take those materials out of a SCIF in the first place. That’s not supposed to be possible.
  8. That suggests a good campaign slogan. “Down with Walker!”
  9. Pretty scary to think about when you consider that Rick Perry once headed the Dept. of Energy, a dept. he wanted to eliminate (but couldn’t remember it during a debate), and who didn’t know until he became its Secretary that managing our nuclear arsenal was one of its responsibilities.
  10. Is the DA going to actually do something about it this time?
  11. He was right. It will be a lot more than one second.
  12. It already is. Bad times for the French wine industry.
  13. Yeah, but does it smell like Gwyneth Paltrow’s vagina?
  14. What is Salatoris thinking? Never mind. I can’t believe he considered attempting that shot as long as he did.
  15. There may be members of the rank and file who are on Trump’s side. But the generals aren’t. They assured Congressional leaders after the election that the military would take no part in helping Trump illegally hold on to power.
  16. You made the assertion that something should’ve happened within five days. The burden of proof is on you to demonstrate that that’s a realistic timeframe based on historical evidence. No one can prove a negative. You have to prove that sometimes in similar situations things have happened within your specified timeframe. Garland released the warrant and the receipt. That’s something. What were you expecting would realistically happen by now?
  17. For reference, here’s a 1955 article from Fortune magazine that discusses how top executives at the time lived, back when they made 10 times what the average worker made and not 300 times as much like they do now: https://fortune.com/2012/05/06/how-top-executives-live-fortune-1955
  18. The fact that he raised taxes after promising, “Read my lips: no new taxes,” certainly didn’t help. But getting out of the Gulf War, when he was enjoying high approval ratings, really hurt. That left Clinton free to focus on, “It’s the economy, stupid,” as the economy was slumping and unemployment was on the rise. After Reagan made massive tax cuts that favored the rich, then went on a deficit spending spree, he raised taxes five times. He still introduced the era of massive federal debt during times of relative peace. His first year in office saw the national debt surpass $1 Trillion for the first time. He also introduced the era of rising wealth disparity.
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