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  1. Arsenal still need someone in midfield who can do what Santi did in terms of pulling the strings and dictating the pace of play. Mikhitaryan and Ozil are both final ball players but Arsenal need the kind of midfielder who can orchestrate an attack, and that's not really something either of them are suited for. Until they find someone like that I don't see them getting top-4. IMO Mikhi and Ozil are redundant to have on the pitch together, but the right manager could make it work.
  2. The pass was disgusting. The finish was maybe as good, with how he froze the keeper and chipped it right over him. Great and fitting way to end the season on our final kick of the ball.
  3. ✅ Most points in a season (97) ✅ Most Goals in a season (105) ✅ Most wins in a season (31) still can get to 100 too. Pretty good year.
  4. I'd like to see us go to the hybrid turf systems, like Desso GrassMaster that is used in pretty much all major soccer stadiums in Europe as well as by The Packers and The Patriots. You get all the benefits of the drainage and lower water costs of artificial but on a softer and natural surface. I don't think it is a coincidence that it seems we have had to deal with more injuries since we switched to artificial. I think 100% artificial FieldTurf like is in the stadium right now is just a lesser product. Good for when you're on a tight budget and cant afford high maintainance costs, but we have enough money to maintain a quality field.
  5. Phil isn't going anywhere as long as Pep is around. Pep is a pretty massive fan of the kid. Too bad Pep wasn't around for Marcos Lopes, who has been amazing for Monaco this season. Hate that we shipped him off at the first opportunity.
  6. He is also starting Martial. What happened to his bus? Now that the rags don't have anything to play for they're going to finally start actually playing?
  7. Saxon Pub on South Congress is still dope. I love The Elephant Room, but not everyone is into jazz so it's not for everyone. If you're trying to impress people you work with, or just have some good drinks in a more low key spot, you can book a table at Midnight Cowboy. It's pretty fun to wade through the ratchet on Dirty 6th then go through a the hidden door into a speakeasy and pay quite a bit of money, close to NYC prices, for pretty good but not mind blowing cocktails. Easy Tiger on 6th east of Red River is great and not full of the shitty 6th people. West 6th is alright but I wouldn't call it great fun. Good talent scouting, but also full of douchebags and frat bros who cant come to terms with the fact that they're not in college anymore.
  8. So the 1792 was too high rye for my bourbon tastes. I've got rye for when I wanna drink rye. I'm gonna make it my mixing bourbon. Went to a small neighborhood spot to get something better and they had 4 bottles of Buffalo Trace on the shelf. I snagged two and was talking to the cashier about how various cheaper bourbons are becoming a pain in the ass to find, and how sub-$35 bottles are being reserved to a call list. He ended up letting me buy the one bottle of Weller 12 that they had in the back that someone forgot to pick up when they called. That's a pretty good score IMO. It's been a minute since I've seen Weller 12 on a shelf.
  9. Mack is a legend and one of the best to ever coach here. We are lucky to have had him. That being said, I was ready to see him leave at the end and stand by those feelings. As good as he was, he created a soft and entitled country club program with no sense of competitive drive and consequence, and that was the biggest source of the issues that have kept us back the last 5 years. Mack's solutions after Colt went down vs Bama (and really since 2006 with the lense of hindsight, we just had Colt being a big band-aid) were like taking MDMA to cure cancer. Sure, you probably feel pretty good but you still have a tumor festering inside of you and sucking the life out of you. Not to start a Charlie debate, but him gutting the program and creating the roster pit which we're finally about to crawl out of was probably a pretty good solution, and we needed to be de-Mack-ified.
  10. Now we just need to win our next 3 to beat the points record. The remainder of our fixtures are against teams with pretty much nothing to play for. No relegation battles until So'ton at the end, by which point they'll know where they stand. Swansea this weekend is the toughest one for us, but I think they'll see this game as the one they can afford to lose in the run in since they're 5 points clear of 17th. The rest of their fixtures are much more beatable, barring Chelsea who might be still fighting for top-4 but probably not unless Tottenham lose to Brighton on Tuesday.
  11. "Small Batch", 93.7 proof. I'm guessing its the standard 1792 offering. I just didn't have a bottle of bourbon in my cabinet, so I needed to buy something. Since Buffalo Trace was off the menu I went with this one.
  12. Nope. Spec's, Twin, Total Wine, and multiple local spots are all out of Buffalo Trace when I've gone. Maybe I've just been having the worst luck. They have the section marked off but its just empty. I grabbed a bottle of 1792 on recommendation most recently, but I haven't opened it yet. Been drinking rye.
  13. I'm pretty happy about it. Would have been better last weekend, but that isn't gonna keep me sober.
  14. I guess I can start celebrating now, lol. Man, how do United have that 2nd half that they had against us then turn around and play like that today vs WBA.
  15. I've been hearing a rumor that Buffalo Trace and Eagle Rare are gonna go wholesale only in Texas, which will make it even harder to find in liquor stores. Sort of explains why it's been sold out at every liquor store I've gone to looking for it in the last 4 months. I fucking hate when bars and restaurants buy up all the good shit and leave the retail market stuck with Jack and Jim swill. Soon I'll be forced to pay $10 for a pour of Buffalo Trace because they'll be calling it top-shelf since you cant find it in liquor stores anymore.
  16. Torchy's is pretty overrated. Mediocre tacos for way too much money. Uchi is good but it isn't even the best sushi in Austin, much less in the country. I prefer Tomo. Masa in NYC is supposed to be godlike, but I can't say I've been there. I think its the traditional "Best Sushi in America" thing. Uchi puts a lot of work in their rice I guess, but their fish is just average. I guess they're creative with their rolls but their Nigiri is below Tomo, Musashino, Komé, and also Hanabi. County Line is just ass quality barbecue. Pok-e-Jo's has better bbq than County Line. Rudy's is decent for a gas station Q place outside of deep East Texas. Something about rural East Texas where you can pull up to a shack that looks like it's about to collapse which is attached to a potentially abandoned gas station and have the best meat you've ever tasted, but this thread is about overrated food, not expectation defying food. For controversy's sake, La Barbecue is pretty damn overrated. It's decent barbecue, but nothing I would wait in line for. Especially recently where the quality has been downright shrugworthy.
  17. Manhattans are great. They're my go-to at home drink because they're real simple and easy to make but I can't order them in bars. I like my Manhattan super old school with equal parts vermouth and rye but most bars use such shit vermouth that if you use more than a rinse it'll taste like shit. I keep a bottle of Carpano or Cocchi vermouth just to make myself Manhattans. If you use something like Martini & Rossi sweet vermouth or the stuff that's $6 per bottle at Spec's with a 1:1 Manhattan recipe it'll end up tasting like a pretty stale in my experience.
  18. City will be probably be champions next Sunday. We're on 87 and United's max possible points is 89. So we have to take 1 point or less across the final 5 games while United win out to have lost the title. If City only get 2 points and United win out they have to make up a 30 point goal differential, which would be practically impossible. Though I'm not going to celebrate until it's official. Already got an egg on my face from celebrating the title at halftime of the derby.
  19. 3 points from confirmation. Next City win or United loss guarantees us the title.
  20. Wolverhampton play an entertaining brand of football. I'm looking forward to seeing them back in the Prem. Too bad Robert Plant doesn't live in Austin anymore, because you would probably be able to catch him at a pub watching a Wolves match, since that's his team. He used to frequent Fado to watch Wolves and rugby matches.
  21. I love it when players forget that you can't be offside from a throw or goal kick. Ederson had this amazing assist for Benfica from a goal kick last season and has come really close to getting an assist for City a few times this season.
  22. Check out this from the City v Liverpool match. Perfectly encapsulates why Liverpool were so easily able to control the game in the first half. City were so narrow with Gundogan playing where Sterling and Bernardo usually play that they practically pocketed their own midfield. Pep over-managed the his squad to start with the decision to put an extra man in midfield without taking off Sane for someone better centrally, and Klopp responded perfectly by condensing his team instead of trying to keep things open.
  23. Just an absolute joy to watch. Ronaldinho should be listed as a definition of "flair" in the dictionary.
  24. It was basically The Texas Conference with Arky being the only out of state team. Had no major media footprint and wasn't sustainable when TV money became something that mattered. Fun to look back on in a nostalgia sense. Especially because we won it twenty-five times. The Big XII is going the same way, especially with people dumb enough to want to add teams like UH and BYU who would offer nothing financially to the Big XII.
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