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  1. I am well aware of the fact that the No. 1 alabama crimson tide is making their way to austin this weekend with arguably the greatest coach in college football leading them into DKR. I am well aware of the fact that the reigning heisman trophy winner is on their team and has ample weapons to throw to. I am well aware of the fact that Texas is almost a three td underdog at home for a game that will be nationally televised. If you're using that as evidence that Texas not only won't win but wont compete this saturday and are asking those around you to manage expectations. well Here's why Texas is going to win: -The Bama defensive line is stout, there's no questioning that, but if anything we've learned through recent years of 1) UT fotoball and 2) Kyle Flood that Texas plays phonebooth games decently well. The last time they played a phonebooth game, they won over KSU where all the quarterbacks on the field had hard ceilings. Is KSU bama? no. Are players like Hayden Conner, Kelvin Banks, and Cole Hutson better served by going forward? Yes. Then you add in Bijan Robinson, who's going to spray mustard all over the crimson turds. -Quinn Ewers is going to ball out. If you don't believe this, then I have little else to say. The last time Quinn was in a situation like the one he faces Saturday, he led Southlake Carroll over Duncanville. I know it doesn't translate cleanly, I dont give that much of a fuck, but this is a winner at quarterback. A winner who can pass the fucking football better than anyone we seem to have had in the past decade. Get on board. -This isn't the best Alabama offense. Bryce Young may disagree, and sure, whatever, fine. Compared to previous Bama offenses, they are 1) not as explosive 2) not as dominannt in the trenches and 3) utilizing a good, not great RB room. If anything, this will be a bama offense that tries to move the ball down the field in a process rather than in one play. That means more margin for error for Bill O Buttfuck to buttfuck their offense. Give me DeMarvion on Fatu all day, he's a Fatu fuck. -The Pole Assassin is on our side. If she is with us, who can be against us? Plus her husband is going to help us on special teams, an area that isn't a huge weakness for Bama like it was on Saban teams of years past, but one that is weaker for them because we made ours stronger with Gia Monkey's stepfather. -I dunno about Dallas Turner and Will Anderson. I can only pump so much sunshine. This is an irrational board that does irrational things on an irrationally regular basis. We are beating bama. Join or die. Hook 'Em.
  2. "Famous" "Longhorn twitter" "accounts" do a great job of reading things on a message board and posting it to their meager following.
  3. We are going to re-train recruits how to interact with coaching staffs. Once they realize they hold all the cards, it’s game over for major programs. We will make sure they utilize every aspect of their name, image and likeness.
  4. i wouldn't blame anyone for punching their dicks over the 4-7 spots in this lineup. i think it';s worth noting how well douglas hodo, eric kennedy, and ivan melendez have fared thus far, especially the first two. those guys have not maintained these type of stats in their careers. they're doing so at 1-2 at this point. ivan came around like any sane person would have recognized i think this double midweek stretch will be important just for lineup building. confernce play isn't too too far away. i think mitch will turn it around but he needs a quick seat just for his own head. and if he can't get it together.... there's murph what great problems to have
  5. He should transfer to Texas and play QB
  6. the next person who posts a mac engel column is getting negged
  7. Sweet, my other favorite recruiting topic, racism. It istn going to work. I feel confident with Denver.
  8. Crowder's social media persona makesh im a major net negative for the program
  9. Shit, O'Sullivan showed ON-field issues this weekend.
  10. That's not much more than what he currently makes at his alma mater with an easier path to successes (whic h he has already traversed)
  11. Any name on that list has baseball left to play.
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