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  1. Damn, already derailed to a vaxxer vs anti-vaxxer thread. Can we pick another topic to hate on Aaron Rodgers for?
  2. Tech has always struggled against Colorado and teams who have yellow and black as team colors for some reason.
  3. That’s a good point, but they’ve more recently made the playoffs.
  4. Yeah, having your unsuccessful juco coach son run the practices tends to piss off the players.
  5. Tech is just sloppy and uninterested. I was at the last game against OSU and even on senior night the entire team and coaching staff just looked dejected and like they were just going through the motions. It’s a talented team, as evidenced by the close games. They just start the games hot and then just don’t have the heart to actually play good defense and finish. Rectum Tech
  6. Tech bricking on early shot clock NBA range 3s while allowing WV to get all the offensive rebounds. I’m just ready for the season to end.
  7. Hahaha, sound like that guy (along with Randi) is borderline. Lamesa guy will likely be one of the first screaming, “We got him back! We got him back!” During Beard’s departure there were also restaurants offering him free food for life. There’s rumblings that some of the BMD are trying to get Beard to Tech, but the regents have to approve (which likely won’t happen given that West Texas pride).
  8. I just googled this and was not disappointed at all haha
  9. Clickbait. Beard is likely just going to sit out a year, let the heat die down and then sign at some struggling blue blood.
  10. Yeah, I know. I’m not an idiot. It’ll end up being some rando who keeps the status quo of almost just barely getting “there.” Tech is quickly being the new “maybe next year” A&M
  11. I’d take Beard back on a heartbeat. With the conference realigning and baseball being the only good sport left it would be nice to have Beard back. Attempts at burning it down on the way out didn’t really occur from what I remember unless you’re counting taking asst. coaches and players choosing to transfer; both of which ended up not mattering as much as we thought it would. I’d rather be a winning “classless clown” than a pious loser.
  12. I mean a Raider is a huge risk taker so it only makes sense that our coaches are also
  13. Well Adams is currently suspended amid a racial slur allegation. https://www.lubbockonline.com/story/sports/college/red-raiders/2023/03/06/corey-williams-named-interim-texas-tech-mens-basketball-coach-following-suspension-of-mark-adams/69978505007/
  14. Too bad the cancer on Tech’s team is metastatic 😑
  15. Very good points. You’re right about the National Championship thing, and I didn’t think out the coaching timeline I didn’t think that far into it. The obvious argument is number of trips to the NC, but nobody remembers the loser haha. Venables doesn’t seem like he’s going to be the answer, I never got the feeling that he was HC material. He reminds me a little of Coach O. He may have a random amazing year because of the recruits and the coaches around him, but he’ll end up crashing it into the ground.
  16. Yup, and UT will be the Michigan of the south. Constantly talking about potential, money, tradition and prestige while OU (or in Michigan’s tOSU) continues to have more conference and national titles. Thought to be fair, being able to keep a kid disciplined in Austin, especially a 4-5 star, has to be damn near impossible. Here come the flurry of downvotes haha. Craig James did kill 5 hookers and the unsubstantiated west Texas hubris will keep Tech mediocre at best. Being a Tech fan just sucks 🫠
  17. There used to be a trope about “Typical Tech” on the old boards that makes old tech fans skeptical
  18. Dude, have you seen Chris Beard? I’d take him back as a coach in a heartbeat I personally think that crazy fire can be useful on the sidelines.
  19. This is the exact same stuff that used to go on at raiderpower
  20. Hahahaha, so where does Dan Quinn coach next year?
  21. Dude, Gronk just says a bunch of people’s names and position on the team. There’s no analysis at all lol
  22. Kelce should be at that table
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