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  1. Love this reference haha. My baby-ass had to google the name.
  2. Bullshit, you can even see the sigh of relief when the crowd cheered. It’s the late calls that’ll impact the game if any at all.
  3. Yeah, I know as a fan I won’t care as much about Tech football, but honestly since Leach and seeing how the admin deals with success that is bigger than the university it’s just been a slow death back to mediocrity and hoping for a toilet bowl. Then basketball got great for a little while, but we couldn’t even keep the coach with a blank check and keys to the city. Tech’s best possible outcome is becoming like Boise State, boring town with nothing around it in a shit conference who has to use gimmicks for views.
  4. So the sleeper candidate is Dan Campbell? Though he’d be lucky if his alma mater thought his resume to be good enough to come back.
  5. From someone watching who doesn’t like either team; you’re wrong. Texas looks pissed as hell out there, as does OU. Venables will fuck this up don’t worry.
  6. Man, you’re def watching with some burnt orange glasses on.
  7. Why is that not defensive pass interference again? Did the DB look back?
  8. Sorry for the ignorance, but what is Harvey’s?
  9. Damn, already derailed to a vaxxer vs anti-vaxxer thread. Can we pick another topic to hate on Aaron Rodgers for?
  10. Tech has always struggled against Colorado and teams who have yellow and black as team colors for some reason.
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