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  1. They want to confirm they have enough seating for you to wait in the lobby 15 minutes past your appointment time while the doc is hitting on his new nurse in his office.
  2. Would pull that one if he didn't live half way across the country. I'm in Texas, he's in Wisconsin...
  3. Did you show her your new Edison player and give her your letter sweater?
  4. Yep, I take my car collision statistics from CG...
  5. Didn't you get the memo? SOS doesn't mean SHIT. I'm talking about the eye test here. Now back to shitting on the Big12 refs.
  6. Our problems may not be unique, but our current City Council wants to model a child care system after Penn State University. They're also standing up a Title 9 office modeled after Baylor. Like it or not, Austin is a pretty unique city, geographically speaking. We're a large metropolis that failed to plan and is left with a bunch of North / South corridors and very little East / West options. We're built up on dense land that's not easily tunneled into, and we have a lot of urban sprawl compared to most cities of similar population. So doing things like converting existing roadways to bike paths or outdoor mall space is freaking stupid, as well as tearing out homes and businesses to provide mass transit to service those you just alienated.
  7. Welcome to the crossover event of the season! Where the refs influenced the eye test!
  8. Nix clearly gave Kirk a pant tent.
  9. Big 12 might be below the Big10 this year. Big 12 has OU and Texas, Big 10 has tOSU, Michigan, PSU, and a few others that are somewhat relevant.
  10. Forcing AirBNB out of town isn't the answer here. I would bet you a bulk of the AirBnB listings are owner occupied units that are rented out during major events like F1, SXSW, ACL, etc. We have a neighbor that puts his house on AirBnB for 5K / night, and I can't tell you if it's EVER been rented, but it's one of those, if they want to pay it, why not? I think the more irritating thing is seeing Chito and Vanessa tweet about how they're modeling HOME or the rail system after Portland or some other random city they've visited recently. The QUICKEST way to piss most people off is trying to shoe-horn some bullshit from a city that's in disrepair into the City of Austin. The longer I watch, the more I turn into Armybrat, watching all the transplants move here and try to turn Austin into the shithole they fled.
  11. Stop brake checking semis, YOU AND YOUR WIFE! And I beg to differ. Rams are mostly pricks for the tow mirrors flipped out and the modded / piped exhaust. Lexus, BMW, and Mercedes SUV drivers are the biggest morons on the road, IMO. You're driving a freaking modern car with bluetooth yet your holding your phone (on speaker) in front of your face while driving and doing your makeup at the same time. All while in the left lane doing 10 under.
  12. Aren't you supposed to use Sharpies?
  13. I think the biggest draw for KSU / ISU was the snow itself. I watched merely to see the teams battle it out in the snow. It could have been Grambling State vs Harvard, I would have watched given the same weather.
  14. That's cute. You think they go to a parlor for their tattoos...
  15. Come on, take it easy on the poor guy. And your mouse. That's a lot of clicks.
  16. MUD trumps the HOA where I live. MUD says STOP WATERING YOUR LAWN, then there's nothing left to mow in a few weeks.
  17. Our freaking microwave has a new feature that's both good and bad: when the timer goes off, it beeps at you for like 5 seconds, and displays END on the clock, and that's it. Most other microwaves beep every so often until you clear / cancel / end the timer, but this one doesn't. So every morning without fail, the END is left on. Gets irritating when I use the microwave clock for time.
  18. Bringing about the new stat: what's the average game length by conference. I feel like B12 games have to be pushing 4+ hours, while other conferences can knock out a game in 3:15. I feel like in the PPV days without commercial breaks, games were sub-3 hours, too.
  19. I mean, the infrastructure alone is going to cause a huge problem. Water and sewer weren't designed for 2x to 3x the number of units in the area. I know there's already plans to redo most of the main lines in Austin due to deteriorating pipes, but this will put a huge stress on the water treatment facilities going forward if it's implemented in any drastic way. I think I watched maybe 2 minutes of it the other day, but the argument that I keep hearing is HOME will lead to more affordable housing. Says who?! It's a grift backed by developers and realtors, and until you find a way to keep people from building luxurious tiny houses on their property and charging a premium, it's going to be the same problem but at a different scale. Scarce inventory, high demand, priced well above the market. BUT, to refute the teacher argument up-thread, yeah, 220K might be high, but a lot of teachers are part of a dual income household, and can afford it. Plus, a down payment doesn't seem to be factored into this. They could be selling a house in the burbs and rolling the equity into a new place, which could drastically reduce the mortgage payments. Only downside is they're paying for 500MM of homeless funding and a train to nowhere in their taxes.
  20. I'm with you on that. I have mine on a timer to shut off at 10pm, but I've got neighbors on the side and across the street that have lights on all night that shine right into the windows, and it drives me NUTS. And our HOA has a policy against leaving lights on like that, but only bothers to police if your trash cans have been at your curb longer than 24 hours.
  21. People crap on them daily, but there quietly doing their jobs, throwing the crazies in county better than most. I'd be curious the arrest rate now vs prior to Covid. Bet it's close these days.
  22. Again, this thread is for Big 12 stats. So take out Alabama, Rice, Wyoming, and rerun those numbers, and you'll see it's a whole different look. Texas goes from 4.6 penalties per game, down to 4.1 just using conference games. Conf only: (Games, Penalties, Yards, Average Yards / game) All: (Games, Penalties, Yards, Average Yards / game) So using a little extrapolation, for the additional 3 games, our opponents were flagged 18 more times, or an average of 6 flags per game. 6 opponent penalties puts us roughly in the higher to middle part of the stats according to TeamRanking: But using the overall season average, we drop to 124, but our Big 12 average would put us roughly 129-130 if we had 100% conference games. So tell me there's no influence from the conference refs again...
  23. It's like there's stats out there that show us what in-conference games look like... Not sure where the heck you're getting those numbers...
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