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  1. The lovely lady who insists on double parking her dually at daycare, and sitting in the parking lot on the phone for 20 minutes idling, all the while filling the playground with diesel fumes. I drove a diesel for 4 years, and knew DAMN well you can shut it down and restart it without causing detrimental damage. Also, the 360 and Courtyard stoplight. If you're heading east turning north, stay the hell in the left lane, leave the right lane for those turning south, as that light only goes green every other cycle. Quickest way to get me enraged!
  2. He was clearly testing out the headache rack.
  3. Man, taking a trip down the imgur wormhole...
  4. Was thinking the 6th street exit northbound
  5. icwydt I'm guessing this is why 96% of Subarus sold in the last 10 years are still on the road. What about their drivers?
  6. So how did the phone call go? Did she admit she can't park and offer you her apologies?
  7. It's a Cobalt, so I'm assuming an inboard / outboard setup? Weird flex in that pic for sure.
  8. Park it in the back of the lot or in a side lot. Don't piss off people and park in compact spaces, especially when you're running on paper plates that are over a year expired. You'd think a family of lawyers would know better than that...
  9. Maxwell made my crap list. Bunch of scum salesmen there that want to force you into financing their crap, not to mention hiding facts on used vehicles (went to them for a used truck they had listed at a good price, only to be told that price is only offered while financing, and trading in another vehicle, but was not specified online at all). I have been using Covert for most my stuff, tried Maxwell last truck I bought, and will be going back to Leif Johnson or Covert for the next one.
  10. He was offered the position of Middle School recruiter for Penn State?
  11. Apparently, Pflugerville HS uses Kentucky's fight song. Someone already did the homework for us: https://www.6atexasfootball.com/forum/off-topic/366141-texas-fight-songs
  12. Not certain, but I'm pretty sure it says...
  13. Man, that tray irks me. Wastes so much room in the drawer. And the flat heads vs philips aren't arranged in any useful order.
  14. Sounds about right. Glad my kids weren't doing that remote learning crap during Covid. The oldest should start kinder in the fall, and the youngest, well, I've got a few years before I need to sweat too much with him.
  15. This is what scares me most going forward. I did everything one could possibly imagine (short of illegal prons) on computers growing up, but was the technical guru of the house, so knew how to hide it well enough and my parents either didn't know or didn't really care. Now having two of my own, I can at least lock down the internet at the house using a decent soho firewall with web filtering (but isn't cheap). But hearing how you can set up app proxies on many current OSs (essentially, have an icon on the phone for "calculator", but it launches a hidden instance of Instagram or tiktok), I'm worried about how clever my kids will be and how far they'll go to keep up with their peers.
  16. That's the Ram's wife that drives that, in all her athleisure wearing glory. Does the same crap her husband does, idling the diesel outside the kids playground while they're outside. Hell of a fleet for owning a house on a quarter acre in Spicewood.
  17. Guess who brought their pavement princess to pick up the kids today. Also, truck has had paper plates for a year now, not registered.
  18. The best and brightest move away pretty quick.
  19. I don't know what's worse, this car, or the car parked in front of it. Not sure how a bama fan can afford Central Market.
  20. The acting prowess demonstrated on the first recommended link (starting around 2:20) definitely makes me say Holy S...
  21. Replace that N64 with a PlayStation, and we're in business!
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