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  1. If you’re worth more than $2 million, you pay tax on your unrealized gains on the way out.
  2. Not only that - but neither of his calls achieved his goals for the call. The Ukraine call didn’t result in Ukraine announcing an investigation into Biden, and the Georgia call didn’t result in finding an additional 11,000 votes. Trump is the ultimate loser who has no idea what actual success looks like.
  3. It’s pretty obvious that she will do anything to be First Lady. Hell she had sex at least 3 times with a man who eats pudding with his fingers and wipes his snot on strangers.
  4. Oracle technically moved their HQ to Austin but they didn’t make any employees move. I’m curious how many actual HQ employees sit in Austin.
  5. To avoid debate, the rules of the Senate require unanimous consent. Accordingly, 1 Senator can not provide consent and then the bill has to go through the normal process allowing amendments and time to debate.
  6. McCarthy will need D votes to pass a budget this fall as well. When he starts making additional requests this Fall, Biden should tell him to go fuck himself. The Rs in the House are simply incapable of governing. They should be permanently sent to the kids table in any negotiation going forward.
  7. If I could only have 1 sandwich for the rest of my life, it would be the Italian from Delaware Subs. Perfection.
  8. I don’t think this is correct. They tried to temporarily replace her and needed 10 R votes to overcome the filibuster. Per HRC’s comments last week, if she was replaced, they would need 10 R votes to sit her replacement on Judiciary. At this point, their only option is to wheel her corpse out and tell it how to vote. If Schumer was smart, this would have been addressed when she decided to run again in 2018. He should have told her and her staff that it’s OK if she runs, but she will be the ranking member on the Dog Catching and Flower Arranging Committees. Unfortunately Schumer is a moron without the spine to do what’s necessary.
  9. Are we sure they had the votes? Would Manchin and Sinema gone along? Was this subject to the 60 vote threshold in the Senate?
  10. Of course not, if they could predict commodity prices next year, then they wouldn’t be working at Chevron and would be posting on Surly from their private island in the Caribbean.
  11. They are paying $7.6 billion and increasing free cash flow next year by $1 billion. The press release mentions they are paying $7 per barrel for the probed reserves and it’s in acreage that CVX already knows well. Wirth is an excellent CEO who understands M&A. PDC’s equity can be bought at a discount as the market doesn’t like the materiality of the Colorado acreage given the local political climate; however, that’s not an issue for a company of CVX’s size.
  12. Are we sure Lt Dan didn’t roofie Phelan?
  13. I’m not sure about that area. I generally look at hunting acreage in South TX and sometimes see minerals available. However, it always comes at a price.
  14. You can get minerals from some landowners it be prepared to pay.
  15. But that’s the thing, I would assume 95% of voters already know if they are voting R or D. Based on the EC, there are only a few states that matter and in those states a few votes either way might make a difference.
  16. Do we think a default plays well to voters in the few swing states that exist? I’m not sure. Based on the trends, I think a default pushes the moderates in those states to vote for candidates that appear sane. If Trumps the candidate, I just don’t think it matters as the MAGA House Rs will be blamed for any default.
  17. That’s right. I’ve been looking at this for a while and the pricing on used diesels is crazy. I would rather pay 10k more to buy new and know exactly how it’s going to be maintained. Also, I’m too cheap to spend the money for all the interior features so I’m not looking at a Platinum/King Ranch.
  18. It will be a 3/4 ton.
  19. I’m going with something new.
  20. So I’ve decided I need to upgrade to a diesel truck. The main use for the diesel will be hauling a small tractor between a couple of different ranches. Hopefully I will also be able to convince the wife that taking some RV trips will be fun as well and with no kids, no need to travel with an extra tent. I’m certain that the Surly Truck Nuts have an opinion on brands and what to look out for. I’m planning on test driving the Big 3 and seeing which I prefer. Thoughts?
  21. Nobody is going to come close to 125 pitches in a start.
  22. I think he plays the Marwin role. Gives various regulars a day off and plays 4/5 days a week in different positions. Hopefully he’s figured out how to be an average major league hitter.
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