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  1. It’s time for the kid to start hitting with RISP.
  2. Peña looked like Willie Mays Hays trying to steal second.
  3. When’s Javier eligible to come off the IL? I agree that the pitching situation improves once we get Framber and Javier back. That means Arrighetti and either France/Brown come out of the rotation which would be huge. Absolutely agree on the lineup. What they do with Abreu and Singleton will tell us a lot about the intelligence level of the current organization. I’m extremely concerned that it’s going to reveal that Reggie Jackson and Jeff Bagwell are booger eating morons. Also, when will Josh Miller tell his pitchers to stop wasting a pitch by throwing 2 feet outside the plate? It seems like all of the Astros mediocre pitchers get 2 strikes on a hitter and then throw 1 completely non-competitive pitch which evens the count. It’s an epidemic among this staff.
  4. 2 years ago, the Astros had the best pitching staff in baseball and now, it’s possibly the worst.
  5. They take a lot of bullshit aggressive positions as a firm and try and wear down the tax authority with their BS. Within the tax community, their reputation is fairly poor and they have significantly biased tax authorities against most taxpayers trying to settle legitimate disagreements fairly. Its amazing how big a business one can build on sales/use/property taxes across this country.
  6. There will not be any debates this election. Neither side wants one and they won’t agree to the rules etc. We will see more of the SOTU Biden going forward.
  7. I started looking at 2024/2025 free agent lists in the second inning tonight.
  8. Chase Mortgage Broker called me back and it was absolutely stupid. Chase never updated the address for the prior owner and when they called to mortgage their current home, Chase just rolled with the address on file. Just completely stupid.
  9. Our staff is the worst in the majors in the 1st inning and the 8/9th innings. Not a good combination.
  10. I thought JP was trying to get ejected after that HR. He should have called the ump a cocksucker.
  11. He’s not even quad A anymore. That shit gets hit hard in double A.
  12. Can we trade for Jordan Lyles? I think he can get out of the first inning.
  13. I just received a pre-completed mortgage application from Chase Home Lending via UPS today. However, it’s in the name of one of the prior homeowners and I obliviously didn’t request it. I’ve owned this home for over a decade and assume someone is trying to commit fraud here. I looked up the Chase mortgage broker online and just left a voicemail that this is fraud. Anything else I should do?
  14. I don’t think it’s true. The juror that was dismissed after the Fox News report was originally going to be Juror #2 before the full jury was seated. She asked to be withdrawn due to the personal information shared and the Truth Social user was seated with the full jury as Juror #2.
  15. My trash and recycling pickup are on time these days and I just received a nice credit on my water bill. Lina can wait a few days. He’s getting shit done.
  16. This team has been horrible in all clutch situations this season (pitching, hitting and fielding).
  17. That’s not true. The Senate absolutely had the opportunity in the second impeachment trial to be done with Trump and they lacked the courage. Unfortunately Trump controls the R primary voters and they know it.
  18. Espada’a not the issue. The only change he could make is benching Abreu. He’s moved him down in the order. He’s played Singleton more. I would have played Caratini at first instead of Singleton. It’s truly a crime that Singleton was still on this roster at the start of the season. Abreu provided fool’s gold with his performance after coming back from the IL. He was always going to be here in 2024. Sticking with Singleton as the primary backup was not a defensible decision. The back of the bullpen has been absolutely terrible to this point. You have to assume Hader and Pressly will get better at some point this year. If that doesn’t happen, the season’s over anyway.
  19. Why is Espada pulling the infield in with no outs in the first? It didn’t matter but it smells of desperation.
  20. Headed to DC tomorrow and will see the Friday and Sunday games. When I scheduled this trip, I did not think the Nationals would have a better record than the Astros. Hopefully they can turn this season around starting tomorrow.
  21. Montero, Seth Martinez and the South African
  22. If Abreu can be moved down in the lineup, Pressly can lose his role as the 8th inning reliever. If he can prove he doesn’t suck in non-leverage innings, he can earn his spot back.
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