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  1. Is it normal to not provide the instructions to the jury in writing? That sounds completely nuts.
  2. But I want to know who ordered the Code Red?
  3. I agree - just referencing Dana saying last year, that Diaz needs to start instead of Maldy.
  4. This sounds like Dana’s interviews last year when he would say that Diaz deserved more games behind the plate. I’m getting the impression that he doesn’t really have a say in when to pull the plug on Abreu.
  5. This team is so frustrating. I’m tired of seeing the following on a regular basis: - Jose Abreu not getting in front of and knocking down hard hit grounders to first. - Ryan Pressly hanging breaking balls in the middle of the plate. - Alex Bregman hitting 4th or 5th during his normal slow start. If we know he sucks in April and May, let him bat 8th and take some days off. - All of our decent starters spending time on the DL with McCullers having a permanent spot there. - Framber shaking off signs and melting down. Did Bagwell tell him to stop going to the shrink? - Jose Abreu swinging late at another fast ball. - Knowing that Crane won’t nut up and pay Tucker his money. - Diaz swinging at every pitch that’s eye level and a foot off the plate. Take your walks and make them pitch to you. - Joe Espada looking clueless in the dugout. Although he didn’t try and steal an inning with Brown last night, maybe he’s learning after trying and failing about 10 previous times this year. - Other than the Windmill at 3rd base, I’m convinced that the other assistant coaches are worthless. If a veterans swing is fixable, you would think an actual coach could do that instead of trying to pull the ex-Astro out of the stands. If they still have a losing record by the end of June, they should trade Bregman and Pressly for some lottery ticket prospects. At this rate, the return will be low but what else can they do. Framber should be on the block as well as they try to rebuild the farm. Would he bring a Bregman replacement? This team is a beating to watch.
  6. Taylor Scott should be the 7th inning guy and Pressly only pitches when the Astros are behind.
  7. I didn’t bitch about the infield being in quickly enough. It actually worked for once.
  8. A third of Brown’s pitches are middle-middle. You can’t do that at this level.
  9. Agreed - I’m hoping the Biden campaign specifically reminds Michigan voters of Trump’s views of Israel/Palestine.
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