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  1. That was the funniest dark shit ever
  2. Just saw this thread. My niece plays for Cal. I watched a ton of Water Polo. They couldn't pull it off v. UCLA but they should be back next year. My niece is a junior this year and has started the past two years.
  3. Litig8r

    Getting old sucks

    I'm 64 and have always been engaged in some type of sports. Spent a lot of years running on sidewalks. First it was my knees. I lost about 25 lbs and the knees are OK now, not great but not terrible. Lately sitting at my desk or any chair other than recliner has killed my back. Playing golf or pickleball (yes I do that now) doesn't seem to aggravate it but sitting just kills me. Went to the doctor last week and got some muscle relaxers and some weak ass pain medicine. Advil worked just as good. Went back to the doctor yesterday and got a shot of cortisone and lidocaine. I felt better when I went to the doctor and a little better when I left. Played about 2 hours of pickleball, slept fine. Came to work and sat down at the computer and fuck there it is again. I listen to a golf podcast called Chasing Scratch and they have been discussing one guys back/hip issues and damn if it doesn't sound just like mine. Maybe the hip and not the back. Oh well Rant over, let me go shake my fist at the sky.
  4. You are right. I double checked it last night Twin Reverb looks like this one. https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/65TwinRev--fender-65-twin-reverb-85-watt-2x12-inch-tube-combo-amp
  5. #1. I suxes at playing guitar but I have some nice gear, some of which was gifted to me. I have Fender Twin Reverb deluxe that I just started figuring out after diving into some youtubes. It sounds the best on my cheapest raggedy ass guitar. I need to learn how to dial in the guitars now I guess.
  6. LIV relegation. I recall reading that LIV was going to be like premier league soccer in that if you didn't make the grade you/your would be cut. Has anything like that happened? I assume the major players got a no cut- no relegation deal..
  7. Where did you get the AGN ice cube maker?
  8. Litig8r

    RIP Dickey Betts

    I had a friend/fraternity brother who was a member of hunting club in South Florida. He said one of the other members brought this old beat up looking guy to the camp one night. The old guy had a "little to drink" and my friend was wondering what the deal was. His friend finally asked the old guy, "why don't you play us a few tunes". He said the guy got up and stumbled to get a guitar from the truck and then played the most delicate beautiful guitar he had ever heard. My friend, said, "you may be on to something there, what's your name? You guessed it...DB
  9. Mr. Simpson, "please allow me to introduce myself. I'm a man of wealth and taste."
  10. Well this thread is in LULZ A woman got up and out of bed and stretched and a penny fell out of her privates. She thought it was odd but kept on with her morning routine. She went to put on a pot of coffee and a nickel fell out of her privates. She was concerned but continued her morning routine. She drank her coffee and went to brush her teeth when a dime fell out of her privates. She really was getting concerned and thought if anything else happens, I'm calling the doctor. She got dressed and started to tidy up the house, and a quarter fell out of her privates and rolled down her pant leg. Concerned, she called her doctor. She told him.....a penny, a nickel, a dime an then a quarter. He said " no need to worry, you're going through the change"
  11. Also saw Colter Wall at Waterloo Records and Ward Davis at Stubbs.
  12. I live in the Panhandle (of Florida). We took a group to see Fleetwood Mac at the Erwin. Stayed at the Driskel, got way fucked up, went to the LBJ Library and toured the Texas Capital. Would recommend.
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