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  1. Maybe he doesn’t shave the chin pubes to spare everyone from what it would reveal if he did.
  2. In on “who cares what page” for that!
  3. It’s the semi-anniversary of their last questionable celebrated achievement?
  4. It’s the catch of the day? Sorry. Did not bother with context.
  5. Nah. Just let him abuse his sheep this evening. Sheep’s accustomed to it btw.
  6. To me it’s on par. They are, have been and always will be the most embarrassing thing in Texas. Unfortunately they are not going anywhere (one can always hope) but at least they provide comedic fodder for the rest of us. They are certainly nothing to be concerned about (other than like a dog may be with a flea issue) on any level and should only be regarded in terms of a nuisance factor.
  7. Second sentence should have flagged the sarcasm of the first. And yes, OU still sucks.
  8. Good luck to him. Arch and our new o-line should (better be) about ready for him when he is.
  9. Spoken with the certainty one can only glom with vast experience in winning championships.
  10. Well, even if tomorrow was the first, August 5th is still this week.
  11. I never figured this guy for here. I always saw him as a guy that was always going there, but had to kick the tires a bit before he pulled the trigger due to all the hoopla around us this cycle.
  12. Nope. I was out of the country most of last week (Ecuador). Should have made a better effort to catch up. Got back in time to see the A’s series. Failure on my part to get up to speed upon return. Carry on. I had a basic breakfast of eggs over easy, bacon, pan sausage, toast and hash browns with coffee and OJ.
  13. Wut? Odd take. At least I don’t worry about whether I get one.
  14. This is how you break out of a post all star game funk.
  15. You picked the right username? Nevermind. Read Wahoo as Yahoo. Apologies.
  16. Haha! Well, I would have thought you’d at least heard of it. But yeah. Dayum!
  17. You think your aging yourself? I went to Burger Chef!
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