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  1. Newcastle game got moved from Saturday to Sunday which ruled out our trip North. That said, trip is finalized now and should be a great time. Sunday - London Monday - Chelmsford, Chelmsford City FC (National League South) Tuesday - Farnborough, Farnborough FC (National League South) Wednesday - Havant, Havant and Waterlooville FC (National League South) Thursday - Portsmouth or Bath Friday - Bristol Saturday - Bristol, Bristol City FC (Championship League) Sunday - London, West Ham v Aston Villa (EPL) Thanks for all of the advice, pray for my liver.
  2. Thanks for all of the advice, booked flights today. Going with a friend to watch soccer at several different levels of the EFL. Will start off in London then head to Chelmsford to see a National League South match. From there we head to a small town to catch a Tuesday night National League game (Boston, Kings Lynn, ???). After that some combination of Nottingham, Hull, York. We end our trip heading North to Darlington and finish in Newcastle for a NUFC Premier League game. Any strong preferences on Nottingham vs. York for those that have been?
  3. This guy has done a ton of shit and almost none of it stealthy. No way will he all of a sudden start playing by the rules or cheating discreetly. It's only a matter of time before he is fucked. If not for the things he has done, for the things he still will do. That may happen 2 years from now so the GQP can use him but this won't end well.
  4. Hot takes can fuck off. This is fairly unprecedented. Is it possible nobody knew what to do? Is it possible the league office hadn't even contacted the game officials that quickly? Is it possible Lauren's hot take was equally about self promotion as it was outrage about the league response?
  5. FSU vs. OU was a beating the other night. Fuck both of those band directors
  6. I have bad news for him, homosexuals aren't interested in that
  7. I suspect you might be correct still. Marvin H Jr isn't going to have 300 yards and 4 TDs tonight.......is he?
  8. 7-0 in first quarter. Please never change, you are my favorite Surly wack packer
  9. Stetson Bennett looks like someone from whom(?) you would buy life insurance.
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