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  1. I would speak to your physician about that. If anything, evidence shows poor quality sleep can lead to obesity. Perhaps you need to make some adjustments to your CPAP or look at another model.
  2. Bodhi


    Those are all great spots. Picture of rig?
  3. One of the biggest gravel bike races in the US, maybe the world, took place this past weekend. It is an absolutely brutal race attracting some incredible talent globally. Valtteri Bottas finished 33rd in the men's 100 mile race. That is an insane result against some elite amateur cyclists. Trying to train for that in the middle of the F1 season is also mind-blowing.
  4. Probably a lot of good deals coming up for racks on Father’s Day. I have the Thule T2 XTR and happy with it. Very solid, stable, built in locks. The nice option, I believe, with 1-Up is the ability to add additional racks onto the 2 bike setup. This would be a nice feature when I carpool with people and need room for 3-4 bikes.
  5. Memorial Day weekend check in, hope some of you are riding too. I've been fortunate to ride a lot of good MTB destinations in Colorado the past year, Buff Creek near Bailey is the best to date. Beautiful scenery, well maintained trails, a ton of flowy fun. The first 4.5 hours today were the most fun I've had riding. Unfortunately, we rode 6 hours including ~3800' of climbing. The last hour was miserable and pushed me to my limit. "Come ride part of the race course with me" really meant lets ride 90% of it.
  6. Any details on the crash? And yes, heal up quickly.
  7. First trip to Fruita this weekend. Spent my time riding and enjoying parking lot beers at 18 road. Really great trails where 30 minutes of easy climbing lead to 15 minutes flowy descents.
  8. Bodhi

    2024 NFL DRAFT

    Without premature balding we might not have Tesla or Amazon. Elon and Bezos had to be partially driven by pulling hot women.
  9. Bodhi

    2024 NFL DRAFT

    Showing signs? Thats just aggressive balding. Luckily he is rich. Just get hooked up with Elon's guy. Also, it doesn't seem to be impacting his dating success.
  10. Bodhi

    2024 NFL DRAFT

    At least he won't remember who they took in the morning
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