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  1. A-10s are meme planes at this point. Yeah, the Russians are a bunch of dipshits, but even a conscript sitting in an S-300 trying to figure out what the big red button does is incredibly dangerous for them. Add the fact that it isn't a USAF pilot in there with a shitload of training and flight hours, and...eh... F-16s are more useful, assuming we don't give them totally clapped out pieces of shit. E: Wait, where ARE the F-16s coming from? They're not dragging them out of the desert are they?
  2. Ah the Blinder! lol @ "spontaneous rotation of the aircraft." I also like how it just flipped backwards below 290. What a piece of shit.
  3. One of their planes, I want to say the Backfire (or maybe the Foxbat?), uses some sort of liquid (not the fuel, something else) that ended up being close enough to booze that the base personnel would buy it from the air/ground crews, resulting in shortages. I wish I could remember details.
  4. What's in that wing? Have they said anywhere?
  5. Oh okay so we're going to be watching videos of M1s and Leopard 2s "fighting" T-55s now? That'll be....explosive. At what point do they start trying to save ammo by just shooting through one T-55 to hit the next one back?
  6. Pretty sure every Georgia player on that side ran into the endzone untouched.
  7. Attendance would probably be way down. This is much worse than regular sleet.
  8. I'm pretty disappointed in the quality of the UW shit talkers. It's like reading some shit my dumbass teenage nephews from Colorado would type out.
  9. Haha the CMU - WMU game is being played in a huge snowstorm.
  10. Might as well just put the 3 points on the board and stop wasting everyone's time if the Ravens have gotten to within like 60 yards of the goal posts.
  11. So still not going to be playing for the Steelers next year, or...?
  12. They said on the Craig Way broadcast that Worthy fell down and limped off on one of the fucked up pass plays.
  13. I already had to mute Brando's dumb ass and it's only been 10 seconds or so.
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