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  1. I'm pretty close to pulling the trigger on an Ooni Koda. Debating between that and the Fyra. The reason for going with the Fyra would be to get the flavoring from the wood pellets, but people have mentioned that the pizzas cook so fast that you wouldn't really taste the difference. Anyone have experience with both?
  2. He did one for Home Slice awhile back. Unfortunately he was not a fan https://onebite.app/restaurant/home-slice-pizza-austin-tx-dd87540e/review/8d46bd26-f878-4073-9331-219105987127
  3. I'm trying to stay there for the month of August. It's just been difficult finding pet friendly places within my budget, though.
  4. I highly recommend Pine State Biscuits for breakfast. Blue Star donuts is also pretty good (don't go to Voodoo) Salt & Straw has the best ice cream I've ever had. Plenty of good breweries. I haven't been to Breakside, but some folks from there opened up Meanwhile in Austin and all their beers slam so I'd bet it's solid as well Pok Pok was awesome. It's too bad they shutdown
  5. I don't really have a brand preference. But I'll typically go to HEB and get the PB that you can grind there
  6. I thought Max snagged it from him at the end. But I just saw that they took away Max's fastest lap
  7. I went to the one off of Riverside around 3:30 yesterday. They were out of meat, dairy, and frozen foods, but they had produce and their shelves were pretty well-stocked with most other items. No lines either so I was in and out quicker than I expected. Should have more than enough to hold me over until things settle down a bit.
  8. I'm working with almost the exact same figures as you except I have a slightly worse rate on my current mortgage. I messed around on better.com and saw I could lock-in a pretty great rate, but the estimated closing costs seemed rather high. I'm a complete moron when it comes to this stuff but hopefully @UTPhil2006 can tolerate me
  9. Not a ton of good recs for Flagstaff, but I'd actually say Pizzacleta is one of the better pizza joints I've ever been to. Get a Tower Station IPA to along with it. MartAnnes is a decent Mexican food spot with good portions. Macy's is probably the best coffee spot in town
  10. Pickled jalapenos stuffed with peanut butter
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