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  1. Not sure why no one has shared the clip of Deshon Elliott? at Baylor trying to throw his dukes up.
  2. I’m going and using a Baylor grads season tickets, some of which won’t get used. It’s not so desired that people are going out of their way or changing weekend plans.
  3. The Texas 8-4 moniker lives on, which is my preference. While I'm not certain that even 6-7 wins this year creates the sort of urgency needed to raise about $80M to cut bait and hire someone new, I'd rather not chance A&M playing the new hire lottery and ending up with a competent coach and staff. I'd like to see their recruiting classes lose some steam beforehand.
  4. Evan Stewart not dressed out, Noah Thomas dinged up and already out of pads. Bison tits now rolled up and injured. I’m sure that’s not an issue though.
  5. Noah Thomas dinged up and walking to locker room. Evan Stewart not dressed out. Are we already seeing dissatisfaction?
  6. 28 yard pitch and catch on ULM first play lol.
  7. Enchubben


    Cobos downtown Houston on Rusk. Get the birra tacos; fantastic. Lots of parking during the week.
  8. If I’m Traylor I take the job, but not for less than $12M a year for 10 years guaranteed.
  9. Heckling and being a complete asshole to opposing baseball players whilst not getting asked to leave is an artform and should be celebrated as such. Fine line between too aggressive and distasteful - probably helped that your crew made up a majority of the fans in the outfield. Our diamond club tickets back then would oftentimes go unused.
  10. What position does he play? In that pic with Sark it makes me think he should try basketball.
  11. Yea that one stuck out to me too. 5-7 in year 1 and 8-5 the second year is about as opposite as you can get from 8-4 in year 4 and 5-7 in year 5. Fucking clown.
  12. So the fit for me was great with the XL. If you’re in between sizes, choose the bigger of the two. I ordered the glance and the go short tees. While both would work for activewear, the go short looks to be better for intense activity and sweating while the glance looks and feels more like a traditional premium tee fabric. 15ONFIRST Was the promo code
  13. I was able to find a promo code online for free shipping and 15% off. let me see if I can dig it up. My first couple shirts arrive this afternoon and will report back on fit. I'm right in between a Large and XL and went with XL. @MontereyMXmuthafucka
  14. I noticed she conveniently left her weight off her note page. I’m assuming she would fit somewhere on one of the DL’s.
  15. yea i agree on aggie. They suck on the road, but Miami has as close to zero home field advantage as there is in CFB, and it's an afternoon game. Gave the points in 1H (Aggie -2.5) and ML.
  16. I must be the minority. I don’t really know why, but SEC humor and their shorts are just simply not funny to me. It’s not the content necessarily, it seems like it’s the delivery.
  17. Card sucked and card extended several drives with his feet can exist simultaneously. Quinn used his feet more against Rice Saturday than I recall all last year and I’m simply pointing out that if our run game is slow to get going, (and I see no reason why that won’t be the case) then I hope he takes off when it’s 3rd and manageable.
  18. If I recall last year correctly, card extended drives and had several great runs. We need the qb run game on Saturday as well, hopefully Quinn’s legs can get us several chunk plays and his diet and haircut beat fruit.
  19. Hopefully we can return the favor and knock one of their qb’s out of the game prematurely.
  20. When I think about two historical powerhouse storied programs playing in the Allstate Crossbar Classic, Alabama and Texas both come to mind first. That’s what’s so special about the Allstate Crossbar Classic. Wish I could attend the Allstate Crossbar Classic with my friends. Allstate Crossbar Classic.
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