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  1. We’re in the top 5 for sure because of the big 12 schedule. If we had to play an SEC schedule we’d be lucky to make the top 25. Suspect defense.
  2. “I can imagine what can be and be unburdened by what has been, ya know?” Put it on the tshirts
  3. Yea anyone saying Harris is easier to beat for Republicans is full of shit. Having Biden withdraw is the politics version of splitting queens against a 6. You’ve turned a sure W into a potential loss due to the unknowns of what’s gonna happen over the next few months.
  4. Biden is gonna be pissed when he finds out he’s withdrawing from the election on the 6pm news.
  5. The problem is there is a fine line between - he's not fit to be president for the next four years, but he is fit to be president today. It's not insurmountable but people are going to wonder. And if the candidate is going to be Harris, don't you want her to have the experience and be able to say I've been president? Or maybe democrats want her to separate herself from Joe's presidency perhaps, lots of calculus here.
  6. Agreed. I look at mine maybe annually? only to make sure my firm's contribution makes it in there and in the correct amount since it is setup to reallocate automatically based on years before retirement.
  7. The truth is that the health of the "economy" isn't one or two singular measures, so he probably doesn't need to. I don't know the exact number, but I would guess only a third of Americans have an IRA or 401k (or otherwise directly benefit from a 40K DJIA) and so increases in the stock market prices don't impact a large swathe of potential voters. What those voters do notice however, are increases in costs at the pump, grocery store etc. which did become a significant issue for them over the last 3-4 years.
  8. IMO her being the first female President as result of Biden resigning actually hurts her (or another woman for president) for the election in November. The "novelty" of the first woman president will be diminished if Harris already was one for several months and is less of a talking point for the election.
  9. Ha! This actually ended up being a fair comment. It’s gonna be close.
  10. Factually true? lol Show me the quotes because what you’re saying are truths are just conjecture and opinion. Specifically show me where trump called for Hillary’s execution. That he called all immigrants vermin. In regards to the hogtied image, I’m assuming you’re referring to the video of vehicles following the Trump motorcade one of which had that painted on the tailgate? Trump sharing an image of it is a far cry and twisting of what the actual video was. Crazy thought here, but is it possible you might have bought a little too far into your cult?
  11. And I’m waiting on seeing rhetoric on the level of what MSM has been posting for years against orange man to condemn.
  12. Both sides 🤪 But sure all of that language is idiotic when it’s not founded in reality (which is pretty much all of it) regardless of who’s spouting it.
  13. Malarky. Seeing all the democrat politicians switching their tunes to wishing satan/Hitler/ the existential threat to democracy and our constitution etc. a speedy recovery sure is something.
  14. Now reports he also had bomb making materials at his home in addition to his car.
  15. Now reports that the shooter had explosives in his vehicle as well.
  16. Yea I thought it was 3 as well. One hit his ear, one killed the guy in the crowd, and a third hit a lady’s arm/hand.
  17. Because it’s such an epic failure, you’re going to have people wonder if secret service agents were motivated or that this was an inside job. To be clear that’s not MY opinion, but I can see why people would think that. Unfortunately those people just don’t understand how incompetent federal workers are.
  18. If I’m them, I don’t meet with the public until I’ve gone back through the entire security plan and diagnosed the issue(s). The head of secret service pushing for diversity hires in an interview I’m sure will be questioned and is going to be a distraction, and all of this of course leaves a lot of room for conspiracy theories. We are literally a slight head turn away from the end of our nation as we know it. I think that’s something everyone should be really concerned about. I hope they triple down on security for both candidates going forward.
  19. I don’t think much can be taken away from the shooter either being registered as a republican or making a donation to a liberal PAC. I do find it odd that there isn’t more information out there on him yet or available on social media, however. The hearing with secret service should be interesting. I’d like to know how the easiest and best shooting position towards the stage was allowed to be completely open to a man with a rifle and even with warning and advanced notification they didn’t take the shooter down before the shots.
  20. Totally staged. Just like Biden’s mental faculties and brain farts. Totally.
  21. Sad to see but this is what happens when there is a marginalized radical part of the population that has been convinced by the media that Trump is the boogie man.
  22. Blood on his face, definitely been shot. Trump is 100% getting elected because of that.
  23. I said fuck it and bought on Amazon along with a couple games and controller since that’s running through my Amazon cc that gets 5% back. Ordered the football game and MLB the show through Best Buy and picking up next week. Ready to relive my teenage years next weekend.
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