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  1. If only a few people would die for the greater good then we could be utopia
  2. when did this board become a bunch of fucking pussies wanting the coaches to be fired when the refs fuck us over every game?, not to mentoin hitler saying you can't disagree with him on vaccines.
  3. Hudson Card is good, but I'm much more in favor of Thompson.
  4. Hopefully lhn won't cut away after 30 mins like they did last time, embarrassing.
  5. All we gotta do is show a little class, a little sophistication, and we're in like a dirty shirt.
  6. Are Adimora and Cook both really fn good or is Adimora not as good as he should be, bc I thought he would be the NFL version of Vaccaro by now?
  7. The Courier is tense and suspenseful.
  8. Kill The Messenger is terrific. I don't know how I never watched it before.
  9. Use the app. Sonic is ready with your food when you check in. Chick fil a and Whataburger wait until you check in to make your order. WTF is the point of ordering ahead if I have to wait fifteen minutes after I check in at the restaurant. Oh and the chick fil a by me has gotten very fucking slow, I'm going to start going to the other one near me.
  10. I'll believe that when me shit turns purple and smells like rainbow sherbet
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