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  1. Feels like @Mitch Cumsteen 's wife might have a solution for some of your wife's problems
  2. "I need a vehicle and/or a location for my encounters... If only there was a sign that could help me..."
  3. And Carol Burnett (at least in terms of a golden age of television comedy)
  4. I hated this show. That being said, if they really are the embodiment of one person (split in two), then representing the duality of their opinion on this makes sense. It would also follow, though, that there's not going to be a time where they are both "good" or "bad", only that they can both be "neutral" (conflicted, torn, confused, whatevs) at the same time.
  5. I thought making tractors was the Lamborghini thing...
  6. "And since it would have been an order in his official capacity as President, he would have avoided any consequences" - Roberts SCOTUS Well, at least by Saturday afternoon... Likely moreso, at least for a nanosecond
  7. French foreign exchange friend? Gondolas and downhills, you say? Just don't try to put your testicles all over them...
  8. Username and reputation etc etc
  9. Well, if God gives some people lobster feet, there logically have to be others with guns as appendages, right? That's why they call it a "right to bear arms"?
  10. I found a few graphics/summaries that have been helpful- particularly to email to family who "can't find the facts and don't want to read a lot" (spoilered to avoid longcat)
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