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2023 Seattle Mariners Thread

Biff Tannen

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48 minutes ago, shadow_operative2.0 said:

I had to go to the Rockies' broadcast because that interview was so damn painful. 


46 minutes ago, Biff Tannen said:

That was interesting for sure

It took a couple of turns.  At first, he was sounding like one of the guys from Pioneer Square wandered up to the booth, but once Sims got him talking about his career, it wasn't bad at all.  

And I honestly think Drew Goodman is the worst PBP guy in baseball, so I would have stayed with Pioneer Square dude anyways.

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40 minutes ago, shadow_operative2.0 said:

5-2 winners. 

Holy shit, that was my first game in person with the new rules.

I got home and was sitting in front of a TV in Leschi before 10pm.  I really felt like I should have just sat in the stands for another hour.  Maybe each team could send a couple of guys out on the field to entertain us by pulling on their batting gloves, adjusting their cups, and lobbing throws over to first.


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I listened to a couple of innings, and I didn't think she was too bad.  She seemed to know a lot of details about the players, and was kind of funny. 

But that announcing team was definitely not the starting lineup.

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