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Next Roadtrip: Guys, I got this...


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16 minutes ago, Evil Bill Obrien said:

Imagine how horrific it would be to be the one cleaning those bottom roomettes after a trip...huge TV and a reclining couch thing gotta be so sticky by the end of any journey of reasonable length...


randy marsh talking GIF by South Park

Pretty sure the CO poisoning would negate any complaints being filed.

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Reminds me of a rig I encountered in Africa, 1973. Big-ass bus with "Das Rollende Hotel" on the side, fulla Germans, pulling a trailer with kitchen and bunks. Bunks were three-high. Was hanging at a camping spot in [REDACTED] one evening, that thing pulled in. Doors opened all over the place... bus, trailer... folks piled out, pulled out the biggest goddamn pot I ever saw, set it up on a tripod, built a fire, started throwing veggies and whatnot into the pot. Invited everyone in the place for supper. Was one of the best meals I ever had - the 1/2 gram hashish cookies they handed out mighta had something to do with that. They were on their way home from a multi-week trip from Munich to Cape Town. Good times.

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