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  1. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.hollywoodreporter.com/amp/heat-vision/joker-sequel-works-as-todd-phillips-eyes-more-dc-origin-movies-1256255 this pleases me if true
  2. So today a caller called into Howard and asked what being in open E tuning was and Howard explained it. Then he went on to say how he couldn’t hear Chris singing but after the performance said how good they were lol
  3. wayne at Sweetwater knows I want a gold top so he sent me this demo. Has some scratches on back that I can’t even see. Thoughts? https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/LPS5PGTNH--gibson-les-paul-standard-50s-gold-top?cond=LPS5PGTNHd10
  4. it caused a traffic jam on the a major Michigan road I was on today. so stupid
  5. took our 14 year old pom to the vet and they told us what we already knew shes blind. poor girl but they said she fine other then that
  6. hope they come to Michigan. saw them once back in 97 or 98 I was a soph in HS. I will spend the money and do VIP on this if they come here or close enough to drive
  7. agreed. but hes gotta get that nose fixed things a mess. unless he uses that as a reminder as to how bad it got
  8. Saw it last night. Loved it great movie
  9. This makes me happy for the kids but sad over all. Recruiting is going to be a mess. Also EA letssss goooooooo
  10. I’m in I still like the show
  11. Big fan of post Malone. Just got into his music about 3 months ago and his new album is really good. him with ozzy
  12. Fake ass movie. Rudy is a pos from everything I’ve read and he was offsides
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