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  1. This is the tv my gamer buddy has. Says he loves it. I need at least a 70 so since they don’t make one in that size should I wait to get it when it does?
  2. OMG OMG OMG I’m a Noel super fan. He’s one of my favorite song writers! This is awesome
  3. Fucking was gonna hook up my series x but my stupid fucking tv isn’t 4K and from what my gamer buddy says it’s pointless cause I won’t see a difference in much. Now I need a tv
  4. The riff reminds me of some Royal Blood stuff which is good because Royal Blood is the tits
  5. Gotta do it some time. I think he’s really funny and he will be fine
  6. That’s it! Loved that movie! Ed’s dad was great in that
  7. Brothers McMullen? Or the 2nd one they came out with where the dad from Fraser was in it? Can’t think of the name but that was a really good movie
  8. Bogeywon


    That’s what I’m saying about consistency. Even their newer album have badass riffs on them also the drums are legit
  9. Agreed! We should get to get together and touch head stocks or something
  10. 2019 standard. My Christmas present to myself
  11. Bogeywon


    I really like ohms. Opening track is my favorite. After covid I’m going to like ninehundredtrillionbillion concerts the year it’s safe
  12. Bogeywon

    Mad Men

    It would be awesome if she started as a copy writer working for Peggys firm. Sally could grow into being like don in pitches over the seasons.
  13. 2003 cobra. I was selling cars at the time and we had a convertible and a hard top. I sold the convertible to a 18 year old kid that showed me his bank accounts and I made him cancel a gym membership to show him he could afford it. Thing was probably repo’d 3 months later (don’t care got paid).
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