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  1. Watching the Jeffery Epstein doc Filthy Rich. What scum bag
  2. Just found out my old drummer has some old live shows we did. He’s gonna try and get them to me digitally. So cool but no idea why I didn’t save that stuff
  3. It was a blast. Nothing like seeing mosh pits break out at your show with original music.
  4. Bogeywon


    I got a high tolerance to for edibles
  5. Thanks! Nope from michigan... like 25 mins from the city. Loved RATM deftones limp bizkit ( not proud of that one but wes the original guitarist was good). No joke we put 1100 people at a venue once also played local bar to crowd of minimum 100 people every show for like 3 years. What a blast
  6. https://www.soundclick.com/artist/default.cfm?bandID=99144&content=songs found this last night and never knew it existed on the internet. This is my bad from 2001. Our singer didn’t make any sense but when we together for like 3 years it was the best times of my life writing and playing as well as performing. Don’t roast me to hard. My gear: PRS custom 24 with 10 top mesa single rec head marshall 1960a cab
  7. Bogeywon


    Just ordered $200 in keef. 20g I believe will report back. Also tried Moon Rock. It’s girl scout cookie weed dipped in hash oil dipped in keef. It’s around 50% thc. I can’t do the pens. I hit them to much and my lungs hurt. Flower is my favorite but love edibles. Problem is it takes between 40-50mgs to get me high. Oh and high
  8. Binged it all in a few weeks. Great show. One of my favorites since probably mad men
  9. Capone was greatness
  10. Rewatching this. On season 1 ep 7 what a great show. Didn’t see a thread thought I’d start one. Love jimmy
  11. Nirvana never mind nirvana unplugged alice in chains unplugged
  12. Did he shit himself is that what’s happening here?
  13. Straturday Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. https://www.musiciansfriend.com/guitars/fender-american-elite-telecaster-maple-fingerboard-electric-guitar/j30082000008000?src=3GOA8KIA&source=3GOA6L1B&CA_6C15C=420003170002331860 good deal on this
  15. Just got mine for Christmas
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