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  1. This is a better look at my PRS Vine
  2. The Monterey Hendrix strat I bought for like $900 is up on reverb for $1800-2500. eBay about $2200 👀👀
  3. https://www.ebay.com/itm/254902526555 this cab is cool looking. I would drop vintage 30s in it. How much should I offer?
  4. As soon as I have room.... it will look like this
  5. I’ve seen things like this but they at like $2500 and up
  6. Bull Durham “you’re a cock sucker”
  7. Lol! My custom 24 is my go to. I can get any tone out of that thing. I can make it sound like a strat or a Les Paul.
  8. I’m in love.... I’m a PRS super fan.
  9. What kinda wood on the neck of the PRS? Both beautiful
  10. N sync back when they were big. Stood in like for Justin timberlakes first album....
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