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  1. How about USC? Have you checked out their BME program?🤔
  2. More like Sardinia than Mongolia. I'll show myself out.
  3. Don't know what else to say except that you have my sincere condolences. I'm so sorry.
  4. I would think any recruiter belittling addiction would be immediately put into the dick file for a recruit's parents.
  5. https://www.google.com/amp/s/collider.com/wonder-woman-1984-steve-trevor-return-explained/amp/ Read this explanation and laugh while doing so.
  6. Dont be fooled. That's just a worn out 38-year-old dude.
  7. Don't think I've ever seen a 3-4 team come so close to being undefeated.
  8. This but I think earlier he had dropped it. Found himself near it during the fight, picked it up, used it.
  9. What is stopping him from dropping it on the ground forcing the others to make a choice?
  10. SC's freshman kicker is named Parker Lewis, eh? No wonder they're undefeated. Seems rather unfair.
  11. Ten 12-team conferences or 12 10-team conferences. Take your pick. That's right, 120 teams. Don't like that you're not in one of the conferences? Work your way in via soccer-type regulation thing. Win your conference and you're in playoffs. Have byes or fill out with extra deserving teams. Don't care. Have playoffs. Fin.
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