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  1. No Laying Up had the perfect tweet earlier this week: The Masters doesn't begin until Verne mispronounces the leader's name.
  2. I like Xander tomorrow if Jordan can't shoot the Sunday round of his life.
  3. If Hideki gets up & down from that far behind the green on 18 this might be destiny.
  4. Glad we agree on what he needs to shoot [emoji6] Hideki's irons are nails. If he pulls this off he might be the worst putter since Vijay to win the Masters.
  5. Xander & Rose dropping bombs. Hideki with a huge eagle. And Jordan pars 13. He's gotta shoot at least 70 today to stay within reach.
  6. Sir Nick with the diamond encrusted get out of jail free card quip. Real recognizes real.
  7. Jordan is gonna scratch & claw his way up the board [emoji869]
  8. Jordan might have just saved his tourney with that shot from the trees left on 8. Incredible.
  9. Does Under Armour really think they're gonna sell any of those hideous caps they're putting Jordan in?
  10. Matthew Wolff DQ'd for signing an incorrect scorecard. He signed for a par on 17 when he actually took a bogey 5. He was going to miss the cut regardless, but that's a pretty big fuck up.
  11. Ahhhh...Reed just chilly dipped it on 7. Then hit a bad putt from off the green. Has a tough downhill putt for bogey. What a shame.
  12. Smooth 68, Jordan [emoji869]. Just where you want to be heading into the weekend.
  13. Jordan dropping birdie bombs is my kinda kink.
  14. Nice lag from off the green for Jordan. Kick in birdie.
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