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  1. No shit. From the guy who begins almost every outrageous lie with "many people say..."
  2. Yesterday my dad sent me a text (this is a huge development;until he finally an iPhone last year not only was texting he blocked all incoming texts to his phone to save on data charges). The purpose of the text? To alert me that he'd sent a mailer via ups with a scheduled delivery date of this Sat. He included the tracking #, and asked me to confirm receipt. Which, of course, he'll be aware of since he's tracking the shipment as well. What could be so important, you ask? I can tell you without looking since this has been going on for the past 15 years. The padded envelope will include our xmas card and a $100 Amazon GC. In turn, we will send them $100 in restaurant GCs. Despite my questioning repeatedly over the years the absurdity of us doing this, the tradition continues. My middle sister received the same text. Our oldest sister is estranged and has been cut off due to her finally having had enough of his toxic, lying wildebeest of a wife trying to meddle in her family's life. I often think she's the lucky one, but since I'm his only son & executor I've gotta carry a different load.
  3. It's been done (sorta). The Wiz. Horribad. Maybe I should have made the topic "directors you would trust to remake a classic. " Christopher Nolan is a guy I'd trust with about any material. If he said he was tackling Stalag 17 I'd genuinely be excited. But it would be a radical remake. I can't see him infusing the movie with the type of humor that Billy Wilder so wonderfully & effortlessly wove through the film.
  4. Name 'em. Your untouchables, plus one classic that deserves to be reimagined. Can't be done Citizen Kane Casablanca Raging Bull Reimagine Rear Window The Coen Brothers would absolutely nail this. As amazing as the original is, they were born for this.
  5. Does Bailey have enough leg? Edit. NM. Thought they were gonna have to try a 57 yarder. Nice play to Diggs to get in range.
  6. Booger McFarland at his worst on the replay. "These are the types of plays that historically go against the Vikings, the Minneapolis Miracle, things just don't seem to go their way."
  7. That's the craziest pick six I've ever seen! SKOL!
  8. Vikes are really missing Thielen tonight.
  9. Steve Van Zandt as Jerry Vale was a neat little cameo.
  10. Just laughed in his face & said "bullshit." Seemed to do the trick.
  11. Aggy at my pub just said the reason why LSU is kicking their ass is because aggy is exhausted due to sec schedule. Texas was only competitive w LSU because game was early in season. Wash. Rinse. Repeat.
  12. Is there a coach on earth who wouldn't trade WSU for FSU? I mean, I know Leach is fending away offers with a stick and all, but you don't just leave a place like Pullman WA unless...you know, you want to advance your career.
  13. Those tits are almost enough to make you not see her Sam Bradford eyes
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