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  1. Yeah, the dude was filled with demons. Fuck cancer, but everyone who ever met or worked with the guy figured him an overdose waiting to happen. And you're right that his other works were very different in sound & scope. The heavy influence of his substance issues filled most of his immediate follow up work. Dirt Floor is very listenable. Just a lo-fi, two-track analog recording of Chris, his guitar & boot stomping out the beat. Think an album's worth of Phone Call from Leavenworth off LWTL.
  2. Still the best debut album from an absolute unknown I've ever heard.
  3. I'll be saddened by the passing of my musical heroes, but the beauty of it all is the music they've made over the past 50-60 years will never go away. I'm extremely thankful that at 70 Bruce is still putting out high quality & relevant work, but he's used up a great deal of the runway already. Dylan will be the biggest loss, IMO. Paul changed pop music, but Bob changed all music. And maybe more than that.
  4. My take is that this is going to be a celebration of who The Band was at their best, and a reminder of their strengths & love for one another. The booze & drugs & personality conflicts may be touched on slightly by those familiar with the circumstances, but only Robbie & Garth are left to attest to all of the details, and Garth doesn't appear to be talking. With a title like "Once Were Brothers " it sure doesn't appear that Robbie intends to shit all over the memories of his friends. I suspect at almost 77 Robertson is hoping to remind the world of how great they once all were & atone for his own mistakes that contributed to The Band's demise.
  5. So in. If there's a musician more into the moment than Levon Helm performing 'The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down' during the Last Waltz I'd love to see it.
  6. There will be teeth gnashing and pearl clutching when the GOP senators running for election win 98% of their re-election campaigns. Because law, order & the constitution don't add up to a hill of beans in this world of team (insert letter here) politics.
  7. Rodgers won't want to come out for the 2nd half. Can he get his new head coach fired by the 4th quarter?
  8. Is Rodgers still a bitch? Sure seems that way.
  9. Stevie Van Zandt is promoting the idea of individual songs being elected into the TnR HOF. I think it's a great idea. These wouldn't be the huge hits by the big stars that are already in, but think your one hit wonder or a single song that was a massive influence by a band or artist that otherwise wouldn't get in. I have hope that Warren Zevon will eventually be inducted, but if not Lawyers, Guns and Money should damn well be in.
  10. I'm starting to think that Jan greased the skids for Jon Landau just so Bruce can give another induction speech (he's given great ones at previous RnR HOF ceremonies).
  11. RIP Mr Peart. Due to overexposure and overplay on the Minnesota airwaves in the '70s, Rush was a band I just never developed a great appreciation for. There were many basement parties at friends' houses where Rush was the only music played all night. Definitely respect their work ethic & output. They never disappointed their fans.
  12. Because the winner gets a million bucks and both runner's up get $250k. Strategery is in play. I mean, none of them are hurting and they're all guaranteed a quarter million, but points vs dollars can change their betting strategy.
  13. Brunette with frosted tips, actually. And fake tits. Was pretty cute years ago when she bought 'em, but now she's expanding to the point that she'll need another cupgrade to make things proportional. No doubt she's a Trumper, but part of this may be an ass kissing act. Our global director has made several overtly pro-Trump statements in the past so odds are good she's putting on a show to get some brownie points.
  14. Presser is showing in our break areas at work. Closed captioning only on the monitors so I couldn't hear him mangle the English language. As I walked past I saw a colleague I'm meeting with this afternoon. She had tears in her eyes while watching the TV. I asked her if everything was ok. She said "I just get so emotional when our president speaks. He is sacrificing so much for us." I know there are 63 million idiots out there, but I'm still stunned when I find one in the wild.
  15. Whoever it was who prevented Trump from going on TV last night to address the missile attacks should be given a medal. His impulse would be to rant, rage, lie & make this already dangerous situation infinitely worse. I just hope like hell someone not named Stephen Miller was up all night preparing his remarks for today.
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