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  1. I'm the guy who went to the Water Tank and snapped the pic of her with Tommy Bahama. She shook my hand. It was the lifeless, dead fish shake you'd expect to feel if you wanted to give a hand job to a week old corpse. In 12 years she may be governor of Texas.
  2. I know he's trying to walk on to the Longhorns this season. If Herman can't find a ST spot for him he's out of his mind. Nate Boyer should be teaching him how to be a long snapper as we speak. And for those who are questioning how incompetent his defense was, just wait until the final episode. I don't know if my wife was more livid about the words that came out of her mouth or the outfit she wore in court.
  3. Yeah, the young lady who was a sexual assault victim and advocate would not budge from her stance that Greg was guilty. No evidence would convince her that the children were not assaulted by someone other than Kelley.
  4. Nope. The more I think about it the more it seems that the owner of the daycare (Shama McCarty) directed the Kelleys to hire Patricia Cummings as Greg's defense attorney because she had defended at least one of the McCarty sons (the documentary shows that 3 of them had criminal records) to ensure that Johnathan wouldn't be investigated. In Greg's trial Cummings never once introduced the possibility of another male suspect living in the house. Johnathan was already going off the track and -oh yeah- IDENTIFIED by name by the 2nd victim during the interview with shitstain detective Daniels.
  5. And his attorney (Patricia Cummings) represented his brothers in other cases . Im not saying they're related, but every time it was brought up that "hey, Johnathan looks like a smaller version of Greg" Cummings responded with "we're not going there." But detective Daniels conducted one of the laziest investigations all time.
  6. Per the documentary, the detective in charge of the investigation (Daniels) never went to the house where the abuse allegedly took place, nor did he investigate or interview any other possible suspects.
  7. I can hear Flight of the Valkyrie blaring in the background. Or Kid Rock.
  8. You're right. And we will. Mayor Corbin Van Arsdale and the CP city council will be contacted. I admit that we don't go to as many council meetings as we should (usually attend meetings regarding park/green space development) but that has to change.
  9. I started a thread about the documentary in Movies and TV. Should've checked here first. Still on duty Cedar Park detective Christopher Daniels can eat a hug bag of dicks. We citizens are going to pay out millions to Kelley due to his "investigation." Chief Mannix retired early but is still named in the suit.
  10. Just finished the series. I hope some of the lawyers on here watch it & have a chance to chime in. As a Cedar Park resident, I followed this case fairly closely over the years. But to have revealed the various levels of incompetence & borderline corruption from the Cedar Park PD to the Williamson County DA and beyond is just mind numbing. It played like an all-star team of self-serving, career opportunists looking for their next gig. In the cases of the inept defense attorney Patricia Cummings and former Wilco assistant DA Geoffrey Pruyear it certainly worked to their advantage. But in the end detective Christopher Dailey wins the big prize. Somehow the idiot is still on active duty at CPPD. And us citizens are likely going to be footing the bill for the lawsuit Kelley brought against Dailey and Mannix. Dailey actually gave the answer in Kelley's writ hearing that the purpose of a police investigation was to "present a case that can be prosecuted." What a hero.
  11. Kudos to the filmmakers for explaining the appeal process and the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals. They've done a good job explaining all of the moving parts.
  12. This is outstanding. Wilco DA Jana Duty was such a tool. And (retired) Cedar Park police chief Sean Mannix is collecting a pension for being an incompetent fool.
  13. Is his new contract incentive laden? Maybe he gets an extra $500k if he avoids embarrassing the school in a calendar year? Excluding on field embarrassment, of course.
  14. I'm all in on this. I hope it exposes the bullshit actions of the Cedar Park PD and their "investigation."
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