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  1. Indeed I just got off a zoom happy hour. Pence looks like he's dressing from the Sear's young men's section.
  2. Bad distraction here, but has Pence hired the worst tailor on earth to ensure his suits fit even worse than Trump's?
  3. Dammit, I never wanted to see that Pussy defeated.
  4. Some people carry cash in their shoes or inside of their bras, I'm assuming?
  5. That'll be either the name of an emo band or an Austin microbrew by next Thursday.
  6. 3M CEO clapping back at POTUS and Fox News. Expect more of this as dotard continues to step on his dick. 3M CEO Mike Roman having to spend time to defend against Tucker Carlson questioning the patriotism of the company for selling N95 masks to Canada and Latin America.
  7. Never forget, Abbott sent the Texas Sate Guard to monitor Jade Helm. THAT'S the level of idiocy we're dealing with.
  8. I'm torn on this one. The album changed music for a decade +. Cast off title. Which is an homage to the punk, we don't give a fuck so what's the point attitude. It's the cheeky kinda title that the 'mats did a decade-plus earlier with 'Tim' or 'Pleased to Meet Me.' I get it, but I don't.
  9. Big gust of wind is tearing through this presser. Dotard Vein McNarcisist replies "and my hair's blowing around. And it's mine."
  10. Sunday morning after walking the dog I realized that I would push a crippled child down the stairs just to be able to go to a local local taqueria for some chorizo migas w/ verde sauce and fresh tortilla chips. So that's way up on the list.
  11. Now THAT'S what I'm talking about! Although rap has never been my thing, that album came out like an atomic bomb on the pop music landscape. PE let you know from the get go they were going to shake things up. Great submission.
  12. Cuomo just now: "I am not engaging the president in politics. My only goal is to engage the president in partnership. Lead by example. I am not going to get in a political dispute. I am not going to take the bait. I'm not running for president."
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