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  1. Exactly. A Fortune 100 isn't going to bring him in to address employees & inspire collaboration. Foreign countries that don't rhyme with 'Russia' aren't going to pay him to validate their global standing & bolster their credibility with banks & corporations. Who's going to pay him to hear "no one has ever been as awesome as me & everyone else is a loser?"
  2. Which brings up an interesting point. The lecture circuit is extremely lucrative for a former POTUS. What company or institution would pay dotard a quarter mil for a speech?
  3. Trump's retirement plan is to sell ugly shirts & flags to racist white trash. He's gonna be king of the trailer park.
  4. Zeke isn't gonna do the stupid Feed Me motion after tripping over his own feet?
  5. This. Some of y'all would bitch if you were hung with a new rope.
  6. From my tech buddy seconds after Street Racer ran in the big touchdown. Glorious.
  7. Gator armed that one. Confidence builder for Dicker.
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