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  1. I tried googling and couldn't get an answer. Is there a particular time of year the seaweed is more prevalent or is it just luck of the draw? I was at Moon Palace last October and the shit was everywhere. It was such a cock tease looking out from my room and seeing perfect water 2-300 yards off the beach.
  2. IMO, it will only get worse under 'medicare-for-all' once people think going to the doctor is "free" unless penalties or restrictions are put in place. I had a family member who is a poor that was on medicare while pregnant and would go to the ER every couple weeks with the excuse "I haven't felt the baby kick in a few days" so she could get free sonogram photos
  3. I'm going to Vegas beginning of June for a conference but I'm boring and don't drink or gamble so I need some suggestions of other things to do. Conference is over on a Thursday so I'm thinking of staying out there and flying back Sunday instead. I'm even open to renting a car and traveling those 2 days.
  4. I really don't understand what is going on with SPCE. I bitched out and didn't buy more calls Friday afternoon worried about a pullback after the long weekend. They're only up like 250% at the moment 😭
  5. Plus it's a 6 month head start on S&C
  6. Some gems from one of their posters, AlphaBuckeye06, who has like 30k comments on their board. Someone commented that they'd still boot them even if acquitted because of the circumstances of the incident. Another person posts about how shameful it is how so many people are just worried about losing players instead of the victim/incident.
  7. Ehh, it wasn't hero worship, he was pissed she brought it up because black people are supposed to stick together. Snoop seems like the type who thinks OJ is innocent and Cosby was railroaded by a bunch of hoes.
  8. How does cow shit compare to paper mill? Out of all the smells in southeast Texas, that was always the worst.
  9. Unless WHO is going to make them stop fucking with/eating the local rabid wildlife, it's kind of a moot point.
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