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  1. I'd take an ass whoopin' for 5 mil. Easy.
  2. This was definitely a thing in the 80's. My mom had a late 80's S10 Blazer that had these branding irons in it. For Sale: 1987 Chevrolet S10
  3. Watched this person come flying into the spot, slam it in park, then get out in a rush to the point of it still running and the drivers door left open. Gotta be something urgent, right? Bonus points for the busted off mirror.
  4. I remember getting in an argument with someone on TOS way back when because I said I liked stamped knives better. I have a german made Wustoff and the cheapy victorinox with the plastic handle. I reach for the victorinox 90% of the time. I just prefer the thinner blade profile.
  5. Over/under on the number of dumbass kids that try to spray this shit in their mouth thinking it's food?
  6. On the sunroof video, I wonder if the drone operator yelled out 'KOBE!' as he released the grenade
  7. This. If Beto was governor and put out a call to conserve, TexAgs would have a thread calling on the collective to open all windows and doors while blasting the A/C on 60 and running a bunch of hair dryers. Sure, some kids or old people may die but it would sure own the libs.
  8. Please espouse on what the "fiscally conservative" GOP would spend that 40b on domestically that would be of great need to the citizens of the US of A. Trickle down tax cuts for the wealthy don't count...
  9. Driveway.com seems to be giving high offers as well.
  10. STR is totally not a problem bro. It for sure has no impact on our current housing inventory shortage...
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