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  1. All the King’s Men by Robert Penn Warren in second place, ahead of “Gatsby;” Southern writers just do better. “Mockingbird” for honorable mention. Why do I love headcase, alcoholic Southern writers so? (Now avoiding mirrors........)
  2. Horseshit. Deliverance is quite possibly THE Great American Novel. The Old Man and the Sea won both the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction and the Nobel Prize for Literature. Read ‘em again, man!
  3. So far in the ToC (Time of Covid), I have pickled: Onions-excellent! A revelation in usefulness, and I already drink Gibsons. I never thought of this........ Okra-fine, but better ways to enjoy okra Green beans-best way on earth to eat those dirt-tasting bastards And you can still fry ‘em after pickling. Turnips-OK, but may as well be tofu; do turnips even have a flavor? Eggs-didn’t really like my attempt. Maybe the only way I actually like pickled eggs is 2.5 beers deep in some cinderblock roadhouse with neon beer signs for lighting. Cauliflower-great crunch, a zingy little surprise package.
  4. Surly thoughts on bread and butter pickles? A couple of B&B chips or even sweet gherkins makes a fine little dessert after a chips and beer meal. Where do you find Grillo’s? Never seen ‘em.
  5. But I’m Irish all the way back to County Clare and I prefer chips! Also, jalapeño chips are better—but easy to overdo.
  6. Aren’t they supposed to be lifted 4x4 F250’s, just what every recruit wants to wheel around the maddening streets of Austin?
  7. Beans, cheese, pork, jalapeños? This guy gets it!
  8. Fantastic! I’ll stop saying “fuck” in public and just use “aggy” instead. My wife and kids will be so pleased. I’ll report back on how this goes............
  9. I live in a small Central Texas town infested with aggie. I think that statement is wrong. Hell, they’re looking for great deals on apartment rentals in Collie Station, cause, you know-fake virus and 2 night hotel minimums for games.................
  10. Really? Doesn’t the buck pretty much stop on the university president’s desk? Whom would you suggests gets to decide? AD? Head coach? Legal affairs staff? Get your popcorn futures now guys, this season could turn into a truly epic shitshow. I just hope it’s all televised.
  11. Thanks for the info, and thanks for your dedication to helping educate a way underserved population. OTOH, I’m a little taken aback by the thought of someone tearing into a rotisserie chicken in the window seat! Flights are approaching Guatemalan bus rides in demeanor and behavior anyway, so I’m gonna remember your approach...........every time I’m in the Miami airport, I kinda expect people to come on board with crates of live chickens. Nobody on board knows me, anyway.
  12. That’s outstanding! Were you flying to Paris? Amsterdam? Frankfurt? That much food would hold me to Moscow, at least. Did you bring your own spoon for the pie or will airlines still loan/give you one? Did you get booze on the plane? Have they changed the rules to let you bring your own onboard (liquor, that is-). I’m thinking of vacation. Plans...............
  13. The “patty melt” is essentially rendering me speechless; you’ve changed my. Plans for the whole day.........
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