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  1. I’m ok with Biden wearing a hearing aid. I’ll get pissy towards him after he’s responsible for a botched national response to a pandemic that kills more than 200,000 Americans. You know, Like Donald Trump is responsible for the botched national response to a pandemic that has killed more than 200,000 Americans.
  2. Trumpkinbrain: Biden won’t pee in a cup just like every other Presidential candidate hasn’t? He must be hiding something awful! Also Trumpkinbrain: Trump won’t release his taxes unlike every other Presidential candidate? Ok, cool. MAGA!
  3. I’ll leave it to the viewer’s interpretation which is Trump, which is Biden and which is Chris Wallace.
  4. I’m not saying their feelings were legitimate, I’m saying their feelings were manufactured by Fox propaganda.
  5. I’m pretty sure how you feel now is how that 35-40% felt in the Obama years while drinking from the Fox sewer line.
  6. "Do you think the government should do more or less?" is kind of a silly question. I think government should do more to: provide a quality baseline public education combat foreign election interference remove profit as a motive in healthcare include pandemic preparedness in the constitutional mandate to "provide for the common defense" Be a shining example of democracy to the world I think government should do less to: undermine our own elections involve us in foreign conflicts unnecessarily put kids in cages cozy up to despotic totalitarian regimes
  7. I wonder how much I could get ebaying my vote for either Gardner or Hickenlooper here in CO?
  8. Sure, that fits right in line with the realization of the Idiocracy prophecy.
  9. I kind of like the cascade of shit strategy where a new load drops on Trump's head just as he's wiped most of the previous load off. It is highly fucking appropriate given that it is how he has treated the majority of Americans since his election.
  10. As the dumbest mother fucker on this board, I'm pretty pissed you don't recognize that I'm smarter than 81% of the population.
  11. What the last 24 hours will amount to: Sane people: OMG! Trump has been committing tax fraud for decades that leaves him paying less in taxes than a homeless street urchin! Trump supporters: OMG! Biden won’t pee in a cup!
  12. Trump's Kamikazes who will live forever, shiny and chrome... Somewhat relatedly, it is interesting in to ponder Bowie's "Heroes" in the context of these times. Works on a whole different level when applying them to Trump and his cult following. I am surprised he isn't using this to warm up the crowd for his rallies. I, I will be king And you, you will be queen Though nothing will drive them away We can beat them, just for one day We can be heroes, just for one day And you, you can be mean And I, I'll drink all the time 'Cause we're lovers, and that is a fact Yes we're lovers, and that is that Though nothing will keep us together We could steal time, just for one day We can be heroes, forever and ever What d'you say? I, I can remember Standing, by the wall And the guns shot above our heads And we kissed, as though nothing could fall And the shame was on the other side Oh, we can beat them, forever and ever Then we could be heroes, just for one day We can be heroes We can be heroes We can be heroes, just for one day We can be heroes
  13. And to think, cheating on his taxes is only like the 54663rd worst thing he’s done over the last 4 years.
  14. Calling it now: Biden will have one very bad debate performance after his pre-debate meal is spiked by some upper-level Q-anon director who happens to be an entry-level catering service employee IRL.
  15. Also, all the angst over the danger that awaits with liberals in solid control is misplaced. It’s a theoretical problem that does not hold up against the very real problems we are up against now with hard right conservatism holding the reigns of power. To fall victim to the “evils of socialism”, we would first have to move away from our government’s hard right position, lose the “evils of fascism” and pass “healthy government of moderation and equal representation.” There’s no way to get to a sweet spot in the middle without moving left. Once that momentum is established, consider how to stop before the pendulum swings similarly way too fucking far to the other side.
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