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  1. Thankfully, this was not what I was expecting in a video of an orifice engulfing a massive object from NowThisNews.
  2. Haven't heads showing up where they shouldn't been going on for about two decades now? I remember being disturbed about the violence on borderlandbeat.com back around the time VY was pantsing USC in the Rose Bowl. What's new and improved with these heads?
  3. Yep. There are a lot of relatively poor, working class folks that have become painfully aware of exactly how one-sided their social contract is. That’s legit. Trump just has a way of connecting to them with wrestling heel theatrics to direct their ire at those who are his vs their enemy. He was pretty masterful at turning the people exploited by the aristocracy and those who would dismantle it against each other.
  4. Yep, find a shop with a wide variety of brands, play a lot and don't forget to ask if the owner/salespeople feel like there are any special acoustics there in whatever body style you are after (dreadnought, orchestra, whatever). If you are in the Austin area or can make the trip, I've found Steve Fulton, the owner at Austin Vintage Guitars, is particularly good at pointing me towards a couple of instruments that will be a cut above the rest when I play them. AVG has a decent selection of mid-high end acoustics from the brands being kicked around here.
  5. I’m a professional nerd and I want a line, too. Maybe a rotated faded flag with one stripe being a series of vertical ones and zeros in ascii terminal green? it’s better than an arboreal butt plug.
  6. That makes me wonder, who did the original revolutionaries borrow their flags and symbols from? If you have to rip-off flags and symbols from another era for your current revolution, what does that say about what you are fighting for? It seems like it might be a tell that there isn't anything of substance at the heart of your movement.
  7. Slumps are no joke. For backing tracks, I would love to recommend guitarbackingtracks.com, but it recently died. You can find a ton on both YouTube and Spotify, though. Shit like "Slow Blues in A" or whatever. If you are open to lessons and can afford it, get some. This guy is who I take lessons from every other week over Zoom. Beyond being a badass guitarist, he's a really gifted teacher who will get you out of your comfort zone and thinking about guitar differently. He's in England at the moment, though, so arranging timing can be a challenge. There's no shortage of qualified guita
  8. I think you all are underestimating the problem here. A good chunk of the 3.5 million truck drivers and 200K taxi drivers in America are apparently Christian Nationalists.
  9. I sincerely wonder what TtomTerrific’s day of reckoning was like.
  10. I like my straps like my women — leathery and wide.
  11. NowThis was the real celebrity death in that thread when all was said and done.
  12. Nope, gotta wait a full 28 days to sell more plasma.
  13. I like that kind of vampy space-rock vibe they have going on. Not sure I can ascertain what is the stick in that mix, but cool.
  14. Was looking at King Crimson tickets, which led me to look at their current lineup, which led me to see Tony Levine’s still on bass for them, which led me down a Tony Levine rabbit hole which led me to Tony Levine playing the Chapman Dick, er... Stick. What a weird contraption. 6 bass strings, 6 guitar strings, one neck and a whole lot of tapping going on. It’s been around since the 70s but was new to me. I can’t imagine trying to grok chord and scale shapes and patterns across that fretboard.
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