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  1. Oooh, that's a good use of Kanye's fame
  2. Man, I just don’t get Frank Zappa. He’s a major influence on a lot of musicians I like but nothing I’ve heard appeals to me. Saw the Grandmothers of Invention at Stubbs, though, and they killed it. But they weren’t really playing FZ tunes. I’m going to banish Miley Cyrus and her flat, geriatric ass to the fiery pit of hell. And bring back Amy Winehouse
  3. Make it a font size less than 280 while you are at it.
  4. Their outward appearance is a reflection of their ugliness inside.
  5. WRONG. I love Charlie Daniels. Fantastic country performer. “Know when to hold em. Know when to fold em.” I love that song.
  6. A follow up to this. Atria opened up for resident guests sometime around June 24th, after cases and hospitalizations in Texas had started to spike again: We did not receive an announcement, and there does not appear to have been a process by which that decision was made that involved residents or their families. The first we heard about it was when we received a mail over the weekend informing us that the facility was shutting back down to visitors as it had its first positive case of covid-19 -- a resident who is now hospitalized. I do believe that there was some announcement that we were not privy to or overlooked, as there is a woman on Twitter who has been clamoring for attention about Atria's reopening since June 24th. Any ideas on how to call attention to this and to get fucking Atria put on notice that they need to do a better job ensuring for their resident's safety or face the wrath of God?
  7. Even Mrs Rand could not have foreseen what would happen when Cletus Shrugged.
  8. I think he has a mechanism by which he can identify hot-button items on things that still resonate with his base. Statues, monuments, public education as free childcare, kneeling for the anthem and other such shit that is meaningless compared to the reality that he’s overseen a pandemic response that’s killed 100,000+ Americans and destroyed the economy.
  9. This isn’t political, but Atria — the senior living apartments in Austin where my mother lives — just announced their first covid-19 case over the weekend. It is a resident who is currently hospitalized. In lieu of thoughts and prayers, please throat punch a denier, hoaxer, down-player or conspiracy theorist today on her behalf. Thanks.
  10. Kanye has been offed like 6 times so far, lol.
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