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  1. Fake news! It isn’t “gotten jobs for” its “given blowjobs to”.
  2. Great, thanks for the advice.
  3. Got an offer on my PRS S2 Studio on Reverb that I'm going to take. Anyone sell a guitar through Reverb before? Any tips/gotchas/things I should do other than shove this thing in a box and toss it in the mailbox?
  4. Yeah, the tremolo on the AC30 is really sweet.
  5. Vox AC30 is my main amp. Do tell 😜
  6. The War against Christmas has no end. We'll score a temporary victory come Dec 26th, but 11 months later, when Christmas is forgotten and you finally think its safe to venture back to Walmart... BOOM! HoneyBooBoo's mom trucks your ass on her way to the toy section on Black Friday 2020.
  7. The Arkansasation of A&M is almost complete.
  8. Disagree. He does not want a full-blown bloody revolution. There needs to be a kingdom to rule.
  9. Yeah, and its an imperfect art. You want to rile them up just enough to support you even if you were to shoot someone on 5th avenue but not so much that *they* shoot someone on 5th avenue.
  10. I kind of like Hillary hanging out in public view but powerless. As long as her name is out there, the conservative machine that spent the past two-and-a-half decades destroying all that is Clinton will focus some of their attention on her, versus targeting the next threat to this shitastic flavor of conservatism. I'm all about the downfall of Trump and the ideology he champions. Anyone playing a role in that, no matter how small, is ok in my book.
  11. Dumb enough to tie her future to Giuliani? The opportunity is there.
  12. Eh, he needs foes to war against to keep his base riled up and behind him. Trump only has power within our current context of belligerent conflict between economic classes, ethnic groups, minorities, religions, etc... I think it will be a lot of angry, apocalyptic talk to fan the flames with no direct action to put it out.
  13. Looking at specs, the P90 version has a maple vs mahogany neck. Everything else is pretty much the same except pickups.
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