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  1. Well, that's sort of the logical conclusion for cult members, isn't it? You come to your senses and get out before harsh reality comes knocking on the compound door or you keep drinking the fucking koolaid until you enter the void without facing the fallacy of your beliefs.
  2. Yep. If HIV was the “Gay Plague”, this coronavirus is the “Moron’s Miasma.”
  3. What these guys said. Hope he pulls through.
  4. I just found out a close family friend who was also my HS principal just died from CoV in Fort Worth. He was a good guy. Probably one of the last old school administrators that kept a ventilated paddle full of signatures from 30 years of licks on his desk. It’s hitting me a bit harder than it would have without it being covid-19, not sure why. I guess because it’s probably the start of a series of untimely deaths for people that we’re prominent figures at some time in my life. Hello, cannabis, my old friend...
  5. 6s will do whatever you want them to, just sayin’
  6. Cool, glad they were able to be your Wilson and vice versa. Curious, how much of that two hours was spent talking about covid-19 vs other subjects? My wife and I started discussing a vacation when all this shit has passed. Something epic, so we haven’t settled on anything. The idea being this gives us something to look forward to and talk about other than the coronavirus.
  7. I’ve seen vids of Danny Gatton playing the fuck out of one. That’s all I got. Anyone got a recommendation for a good value add on acoustic pickup that won’t break the bank?
  8. In my experience, you just take the loss pussy when there is a disagreement with a mama bear over her cub. If you “win”, you will wish you hadn’t.
  9. Got a kick ass night’s sleep last night with some Mary Jane. Used edibles to not compromise my lungs. I tend to do this a couple times a week anyway, but that may have to become more frequent.
  10. Death will do that to you. Someone who loves the fit of a 339 compared to a 335 is going to get a great guitar at a great price with that one.
  11. That's a good deal. I wish I liked the 339 more when I played it last. I'm a tall, big guy, so it just didn't fit me as well as a 335. Someone who is sized more normally might prefer the size/feel of that 339.
  12. I've fucked a lot of things in my dreams, but never a virus. Kinky. Laughter is good medicine that needs no prescription. My wife and I watched Seth Rogen's "This is the End" last night for the umpteenth time. Present circumstances made it funnier and had us razzing each other. She was like, "You know you're going out like that bitch Channing Tatum" and I was like, "You just want a giant big-black cock demon to appear and make all this worthwhile." Fun end times.
  13. Sounds like you've got some good activities for you and your kids to keep things positive.
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