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  1. Curious if there is any legal exposure to HEB if one of their employees caught covid at work and later died.
  2. Got my first Pfizer vaccine today and was asked no questions, didn’t get my id checked and was given a vaccine record with blanks for all info that might identify whoever was vaccinated. I’m tempted to go get more vaccines and sell these records to conspiratorially minded anti-vaxxers on eBay.
  3. Well, Trump cancelling Grandma permanently is how Biden got elected. I guess we’ll see how long voter’s attention spans are.
  4. Get the first Pfizer shot on Friday here in Colorado.
  5. The internet is simply an information delivery platform. It requires information publishers and and an audience of willing consumers to be anything. Now it is a very efficient and democratic platform -- literally anyone can reach anyone with a message and be largely divorced of the consequences -- but the reality is that the internet is just an amplified projection of what the fuck is in the human head and heart. And whether or not anyone gives a shit to tune in is also determined by what the fuck is in their head and heart. So no, you can't do anything about it. For better or most like
  6. One thing I think this alludes to is that we're all getting pushed to a side and the bell curve of centrists in the middle is getting inverted. How many times has someone here said, "The GOP is dead to me until it rids itself of Trumpism". I've said it more than once. It's not that I'm a huge bleeding liberal. I voted for Bush I and Bush II once then McCain in 2008. That's 3 of my 8 presidential votes cast for Republicans. Yet I can't see myself voting for them ever again until they burn to the ground and reform away from the positions they currently support. If <------------------
  7. I don't see this having a positive impact on anything other than test positivity rate and perhaps hospitalizations and deaths. There won't be a positive impact for businesses. They are going to have roughly the same number of people walking in the door, but now that customer population will be skewed towards the group that will not be wearing masks 100% of the time. If I were in Texas, it would certainly kill my desire to support businesses by ordering takeout or whatever.
  8. Lol, want to collaborate on something belligerently stupid, @sidis?
  9. If it has to be a guitarist, Noel Gallagher probably deserves the spot.
  10. Let's just go ahead and throw the bassists a bone and put Roger Waters on there.
  11. I would put this on the list and say that the last four minutes or so (the Würm part) was the first grunge song -- about 25 years or so before anyone ever coined the term.
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