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  1. Look how much everyone hates us! That means we are winning! Or that you are a bunch of fucking assholes.
  2. Excellent! Now let’s apply this same consequence to the gross corruption and mismanagement occurring at the hands of our President.
  3. How sad. This is why you need checks and balances. One person in control makes for an easy opportunity of corruption or mismanagement.
  4. Yep, as a non-believer, I can’t think Trump is the anti-Christ. But a lot of his power stems from the manipulation of believers, so if this were to make them question their “false idol”, that’s a good thing. I’m sure it won’t, but hey, good on the author for the attempt.
  5. The fall of the 4th Reich was somewhat anti-climatic.
  6. I’m not a believer, so to me it’s like Trekkies arguing over original cast vs next generation. Trump is vile — no religious context necessary. Edit: thinking about it more, Trump’s evangelical support means there is religious context whether it should exist or not. If that article helps some born again Trumpists to lose their new religion, then praise be to that author.
  7. Just a lot of religious folks hand-slapping over the passage interpretations with the more evangelical MAGA types calling it fake news. One woman I know asked if they mean the quoted bible passages, which earned some indignant, un-Christlike responses. Its a fairly glorious train wreck.
  8. I have no idea if this article is worth a crap theologically/biblically, but its freaked out a bunch of my social media circle and sparked some debate among them who are religious -- some who love Trump and some who hate him -- about whether the quoted bible passages are fake news (lol!). https://www.benjaminlcorey.com/could-american-evangelicals-spot-the-antichrist-heres-the-biblical-predictions Contents spoillered below:
  9. Is it if the trial lasts a week without atrump being removed?
  10. I think the discussion needs to start with last year's senate report and actions stemming from it https://www.pbs.org/newshour/politics/senate-report-all-50-states-were-targeted-by-russian-interference-ahead-of-2016-elections https://www.npr.org/2019/09/20/762499808/senate-breaks-logjam-on-election-security-cash-but-activists-say-more-is-needed All you really need to know: And after everyone started calling McConnell "Moscow Mitch":
  11. Edit: Apologies for the original post that didn't make it clear that r/teh_donald thread wasn't current. Just pointing out that callouts to target surlyhorns for trollish, thread-shitting disruption absolutely happen and are likely happening now given the latest wave of bullshit chaff being cast out here that coincides with the start of Trump's impeachment trial.
  12. Reddit: Hey, this is bullshit, you need to know its bullshit, but you can go ahead and click if you really want to be spoon-fed some bullshit. You have been warned. Normal People: Uh, yeah, no thanks. Trumpkin: Smells delicious! *clicks away*
  13. I'm sure he has a penis, but her strap-on is bigger.
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