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  1. Let us all know what narrative you feel is fair and just. It’s cool if you want to jump to conclusions. You have your opinion in your mind. It’s anti-Houston, that’s ok. Where else did it touch you?
  2. The promoters/organizers are screwed. Not NRG, not the city, and not the county. HPD and HFD responded appropriately and quickly. This was not a city/county event. There were expectations for security and crowd control and attendance that were agreed to and then ignored by the organizers. Their biggest issue right now is proving to their underwriters that they were within the scope of the policy. Cue Morgan Freeman saying, "they weren't". This was fully preventable. The organizers chose to ignore the issues. And I know one of the casualties.
  3. Scott in ‘86 is the best. Mets knew if they lost game 6 that they were losing game 7. What Framber did tonight was ridiculous. Perfect through 4 at Fenway does not happen.
  4. Framber just had one of the most dominant performance I have ever seen in a postseason. As far as Red Sox and Fenway, well... Worked up there and the company I worked for had a suite that I luckily got tickets to. Field is nice. Stadium is a shithole. Fans are aggies.
  5. If he wants and can get 10 years, then great, do it. He will not get it as an Astro. And that is ok.
  6. Neil Patrick Harris in Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle
  7. Gallant Knight was a house on Holcombe for years. Moved to where Timberwolf was on Bissonnet & Kirby (both places were great and safe). My older brother was in town for the first time in a while and I took him to Timberwolf (he’d never been). We walked in and the dwarf came out of the bathroom on rollerblades and skated to the bar. My brother looked at me and said “well, it can only go downhill from here.” Someone mentioned Vintage (on Kipling), that place was a shithole. Ask Huge. Better question is who remembers Birraporetti’s on West Gray? Hops House on Hwy 6 used to be amazing, as was Big John’s Icehouse (at least in high school). I was served the last Lone Star at Kay’s (/csb). And TK Bitterman’s will always have a place in my heart.
  8. Damnit. If you have daughters and are picking them up. Just reread my post and can’t stop laughing.
  9. Pretty much this. To me a visit to Hunt isn’t complete without The Hunt Store, Crider’s, and sliding down Ingram Dam. A buddy recently retired there, and he has had good things to say about the Southern Sky Music Cafe in Ingram. Apparently they are getting some good musicians to come through. If you are picking up girls, you can always make the trip over to James Avery (if that is still a thing). That was always my least favorite part when we picked up my sister.
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    Goodbye and good luck
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