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  1. Kelly: Forgive me if you’ve said previously – do you think the 2017 World Series title should be vacated, and what is the primary reason why?Keith Law: No. Revising history is absurd. The Astros won; you can’t unwrite that. And frankly I think people who whine about vacating titles are just being crybabies. Todd: The arrogance of the Astros players, Correa and Altuve especially, is really embarassing. They both seem so out of touch with what happended or just truly dont care.Keith Law: They don’t feel remorse. There is no guilt there, and trying to shame them isn’t going to work. Michael: Fact or fiction. Most teams are cheating in some way similar to the Astros and Red Sox?Keith Law: Most, no. Many, yes.Keith Law: I have heard, without real confirmation, that at least six teams were caught doing something. One of those teams … let’s just say I believe it, but would require evidence to say it, if that makes sense. Tbang: Do you think Manfred does anything else about the astros or do you think he rides it outKeith Law: What more can he do? I think his hands were partly tied by the owners, and he tangled them up completely by handing out immunity to players.
  2. Well, we know that the Red Sox are being investigated for the same thing the Astros have been ravaged for over the last 6 weeks. We know that Dodgers players, for example, have called for player punishments...will they still scream this from the mountaintops when news comes out that their new teammate was involved in a similar scheme? I think that's the "hypocrisy" he's referring to. I don't know anything for a fact - but nearly every writer that covers baseball has conceded that the Astros are very likely not the only team to be involved in such a scheme. That doesn't justify the Astros actions, but it should at least spread some of the general outrage to other teams/players and starts to add to the general narrative related to theis "scandal."
  3. https://blogs.fangraphs.com/top-40-prospects-houston-astros/ Some guys from this list should spend time in RR this season.
  4. I'm skeptical that he can improve his control so much that he becomes a reliable starter, but I certainly hope I'm wrong.
  5. I'm not sure whether you really want to converse about why everyone hates the Astros, but I'll weigh in. I think it is a combination of things. 1) Lunhow et al. rubbed baseball people the wrong way since they took over in 2012. The degree to which they stripped the entire organization down to the studs to rebuild was seen as "bad for baseball." They became the poster organization for "tanking." 2) Lunhow et al. became more unpopular with their nontraditional methods of operations. There was the Brady Aiken thing. They dramatically reduced their scouting dept (essentially replacing traditional scouts with data scientists). Etc. There have been rumblings for years that people didn't trust the organization. 3) They got good. They made the playoffs 4 of the last 5 years, including 3 straight 100-win seasons, 2 AL pennants and a WS title. They knocked out some large-market teams along the way. I know your argument is that the team's success is not the reason that everyone hates them, but I'd argue that it is a reason. 4) The players can come off as cocky, particularly Bregman and Correa. A lot of people disliked Bregman in particular before any of the sign-stealing stuff came to light. 5) The Osuna acquisition rubbed people the wrong way. It confirmed what had been bugging people about Lunhow/Astros for years - that they are cold, data-driven efficiency specialists that lacked baseball morals (whatever those are). 6) The Taubman thing - not so much the doucebag himself acting like, well, a douchebag, but the clumsy attempted cover-up. That rubbed people the wrong way. 7) And finally the electronic sign-stealing thing itself. I think the level of vitriol over the last 6 weeks is due to a combination of all of these things. I think a lot of baseball writers (looking at you, Buster Olney) have been waiting to stick it to Lunhow/Astros for a while (due to #1, 2, 5, 6 above), and they certainly got their chance. And, boy, they did not miss it. I think only a few clubs would have been lambasted to this extent if they were the ones caught; I don't think everyone would hate the Tigers or the Mariners if it came out that they were stealing signs 3 years ago. So yeah, their success has something to do with it. I get the hate. They broke the rule and got caught. But I also think the reaction has been exaggerated and overblown. I think that is because of the factors listed above as well as the absurd volume of coverage it has gotten. It's been the only story in baseball for 6 weeks, and really nothing new has come out since it first broke. Another opposing player saying he is angry at the Astros just isn't really a story, but the writers will be damned if they won't make it one. It has kept everyone's outrage top of mind. I can understand why fans of other teams hate them. As an Astros fan, I can say I was 100% on board with tanking, confused about the Aiken thing (though it worked out well), not terribly pleased with the Osuna or Taubman stuff, and disappointed in the sign-stealing scheme. Not so disappointed that I'll disown the team (as if anyone would give a shit), but somewhat disappointed. That said, I do think the hate is amplified by the listed factors + the absurd and exaggerated coverage it has received.
  6. The constant outrage and sanctimony (and hyperbole) of guys like Passan and Olney and Drellich and Kaplan, who have been pushing out basically the exact same article several times a day for over a month, had nothing to do with this, I'm certain. They had a story that didn't require them to think and they've milked it for all it has been worth. What a surprise that it has whipped everyone into a frenzy.
  7. I guess that's what having "fuck-you money" is for?
  8. DJ LeMahieu entered last season 30 years old, and up to that point had exactly one season in his big league career with a wRC+ above average (100). His career high in HR was 15, and that was accomplished playing half his games at Coors Field. What exactly was this mountain of evidence of his sudden ascension into an all-star caliber hitter? It looks like he started putting the ball in the air a little bit more frequently in '18, and his hard hit rate ticked up a bit too. That's about all I can see. All this isn't to say that his '19 season was illegitimate - I'm not suggesting it was in any way, just that I don't recall anyone projecting him to have the kind of season he had, and there wasn't really any reason to. His projections for '20 are .293/.345/.440 per ZIPS; that looks about right. .
  9. The dumbest thing is that I'm an Astros fan on Helobious's "Yankees are gonna win" thread trying to convince him that a Yankees is player is actually damn good. Nothing about this makes any sense.
  10. Make an objective argument that Giancarlo Stanton "sucks." I'll make one that he doesn't without involving WAR: He has a 142 career wRC+, meaning he's been 42% better at the plate than an average player. Since 2010, that places him 8th in MLB, and that number is about the same as Juan Soto and Paul Goldschmidt. He also has a 144 OPS+. He has led his league in SLG% 3 times. He has 308 HR going into his age-30 season.
  11. I mean, I get that it's frustrating that he misses so many games...but in 17-18 he played in 159 and 158 games and hit 97 HR with almost 12 fWAR. For his career he is 42% better than the average hitter. Not sure if you're trying a reverse jinx here or if you actually think he "sucks"...but when he plays he generally produces at an all-star or MVP level.
  12. Wait, how is Stanton a “black hole” in the lineup? He could very easily be the best hitter in the team.
  13. OK...I suppose it didn't go into the nature of the "allegations"...are we considering refusal to remove a jersey "evidence"?
  14. lol, Dusty Baker basically just gave him the "OK cool, hook 'em":
  15. On the buzzer thing...am i correct that this is only a thing because a fake twitter account said that Altuve and Gleyber Torres used buzzers? Like, there is absolutely no other reason that this is even a talking point, correct? Fiers didn't say this, the report didn't mention this, nobody has video or any other evidence - just a fake twitter thing? This is all you need to know to understand that this entire thing has become incredibly absurd. And of course 86% of people think buzzers happened - because these baseball writers keep talking about it, despite there literally being no evidence of it.
  16. This entire scene is disturbingly easy to visualize...
  17. Wrong. The Astros/Colt 45s have cheated in every season since 1962, and they've already cheated in 2020. Nothing short of execution by guillotine is appropriate punishment for the atrocities they've brought not only to MLB, but to decent society and civilization itself.
  18. Never underestimate the general public's lust for manufactured outrage, a good conspiracy theory and generally believing anything they want to believe.
  19. ...Aaaaaand here are the headlines: How Jim Crane's "aplogoy" became a farce (ESPN) Astros offer few apologies for for now tainted 2017 WS victory (WSJ) After a clumsy apology, Astros must face all that comes next (The Athletic) Like I said yesterday before the PC...no apology will be enough to satisfy all the jerkoffs who have spent the last month literally asking for an apology. So why even give them the satisfaction or fodder for a new round of sanctimonious drivel? They wanted the apology so that they could write about how it was insincere, not enough, etc. It was obvious. The players yesterday repeatedly said "sorry", "i feel horrible", "I regret it", etc...what in the ever-loving shit did these self-righteous cocksuckers want? Oh, that's right, to keep the party going so they don't have to come up with new stuff to write about as spring training is now a few days away. PS - I'm not linking the article because fuck those guys.
  20. Here's a headline from the WSJ: Astros Offer Few Apologies for Now Tainted 2017 World Series Victory Team owner Jim Crane, most players strain to avoid assessing the impact of sign-stealing scandal Here's some quotes from Astros today: But yeah, nice headline..."few apologies"...solid summary.
  21. Cool, so now the Astros/fans have been compared to child abuse/pedophilia apologists, violent rape supporters, and now Nazis. Not because the team stole signs in some baseball games (which is totally legal and mostly celebrated), but because they did it with cameras. But no, by all means, this hasn't been blown out of proportion at all.
  22. Who's to say he wasn't an importer and exporter?
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