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  1. It’s only 6 points because of the deafening boom that comes from the silent, cavernous drum. Drives opponents crazy.
  2. When will Lake release his top 5 for best friend?
  3. Horns show up to the arena but not to the game. Shaka pulls his best Jason Garrett impression by clapping incessantly and smiling with his eyes. Pokes win by 5.
  4. He can’t come up with a price on M4A because he doesn’t know what’ll it will cost but he knows it’ll be cheaper than the status quo. Ok.
  5. Weird thread to shit post on.
  6. PM Derka and he’ll give you the secret password.
  7. Greg Brown lives down the street from the drum and we’re going to miss out on him. Thanks, Shaka.
  8. Which one of you assholes is going to wear a paper bag of shame over your head at the game tomorrow? I’ll pay you in Best Buy coupons.
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