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  1. So dumb. Just cut the fat and administrative inefficiencies and increase claim payouts if it comes to that. Easy peasy lemon squeezy. If you disagree, you hate America and FREEDOM.
  2. Aggy is closing in on their would have been 7th consecutive had they stayed big 12 championship. That’s an impressive feat that deserves inclusion in the empty hall of champions.
  3. They’ll be the best 5-loss team after LSU and Gawja. It just means and costs more.
  4. Where the hell have the last few minutes been all season? That looks alright alright alright.
  5. Love seeing career highs set for passing yds in a game in the 2nd quarter.
  6. Let’s continue to play 10 yds back off their awful receivers. Thanks, Todd!
  7. Like clockwork. 3rd and long is a guaranteed 1st.
  8. Really nice job not adjusting at all during the bye week and continuing the bs 3rd down blitzes.
  9. Old white billionaires are a no go but old white millionaires are what this country needs.
  10. On pace for a record-setting feat of 3 losses to #1 teams in a single season. Add it to the wall.
  11. Better that than to pay for an albatross of a contract. Can you imagine if your school was paying a guy $75m guaranteed over 10 years and hadn't sniffed even as much as a division championship?
  12. Did you guys know that Soto just turned 21?
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